Lawyer vs Advocate: Difference and Comparison

In the general sense, both the terms Lawyer and Advocate are utilized as equivalents of one another; however, after doing a miniature examination, we discovered some key contrasts between these two words.

The distinctions of people having a place in the lawful field dominate some other individuals present over. Here the part of a legal advisor and an advocate is normally used in the courtroom.

These are simply the people who rehearse and outfit according to the circumstances they manage on different fortuitous grounds.

Key Takeaways

  1. A lawyer is a legal professional qualified to advise and represent clients in legal matters, including drafting documents, negotiating settlements, and preparing cases.
  2. An advocate is a lawyer representing clients in court, presenting cases, and arguing on their behalf before a judge or jury.
  3. Although both lawyers and advocates are legal professionals, advocates specifically focus on courtroom representation, while lawyers may engage in a broader range of legal services.

Lawyer vs. Advocate

A lawyer is an individual who is practicing law. A lawyer cannot speak with their clients in the courtroom. Lawyers give legal advice to their clients. The lawyers also prepare legal documents. An advocate is an individual who is a law expert. An advocate can speak in the official courtroom. Their pay is high compared to lawyers.

Lawyer vs Advocate


Comparison Table

Parameters Of ComparisonLawyerAdvocate
How are they defined?The term ‘lawyer’ is exceptionally broad and used to assign anybody in the lawful calling, like a specialist, counselor, or attorney.An advocate is a certified person who speaks to the customer in the courtroom, arguing for pay or delivery, relying upon the idea of the case.
How each one deals with their clientsLawyers are not qualified to be admitted to the bar because a legal counselor is either contemplating or has recently acquired a law degree.Advocates who have increased enough experience are admitted to the bar and are sufficiently qualified to speak to their customers in different circumstances in the official courtroom.
Their privilegesThe obligations and duties of a lawyer are associated with offering legitimate guidance to their customers. However, they can’t speak to them in the courtroom.Since advocates have an immense range of information, experience, and expertise about lawful issues, they are vigorously associated with speaking to their customers more than not.
How is the pay?The charges and pay for a legal counselor are low since he/she might not have the essential ability and information to prosecute in a court of law.Advocates charge much more than legal advisors for their administrations as they are more gifted and qualified to speak to their customers on various legitimate issues.


What is Lawyer?

An individual who sought a law degree to get the qualification mark for the confirmation in the lawful field so the person in question can effectively speak to the matter of their customer in the official courtroom.

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An individual who is as yet seeking after law/LLB is called a Lawyer. This individual isn’t qualified to remain in the court to put the remainder of his/her customers.

Functioning as an attorney includes the handy use of dynamic legitimate hypotheses and information to tackle explicit individualized issues

or to propel the interests of the individuals who enlist legal counselors to perform lawful administrations. The part of the attorney shifts incredibly across various lawful purviews.

A lawyer is an essential term that alludes to any individual who has a law degree. There can be various sorts of legal advisors, for example, advocates, lawyers, specialists, and so forth.


What is Advocate?

The term advocate is utilized for an attorney, as it were. An advocate is a kind of legal advisor. Here he/she will have finished the law degree. A promoter is qualified to remain in the court for the benefit of his customers.

An advocate is an expert legal counselor who speaks to customers in an official courtroom.

In contrast to a lawyer, an advocate doesn’t manage the customer – the lawyer alludes the customer to a promoter when the circumstance requires it.

While lawyers can speak to customers in the lower courts in South Africa, advocates can also show up for the benefit of customers in the higher courts.

Speaking to customers in court is the principal obligation of a promoter. He will talk for the benefit of his customer and argue their cases. In every nation, a supporter is known by different names.

Scottish supporter is known as a lawyer; in the UK, they are called specialists. Furthermore, the term legal counselor is practiced in the USA.


Main Differences Between Lawyers and Advocates

  1. A legal advisor is somebody who has finished legitimate instruction or graduated in law. Those legal counselors who qualified Bar Council test according to the Advocates Act, 1961 to rehearse under the steady gaze of Indian Courts are advocates.
  2. A legal counselor can’t speak to court procedures. The function of an Advocate is restricted to speaking to his/her client under the watchful eye of the court.
  3.   A Lawyer is someone who has been prepared in the law to be known as a legitimate counselor, expert, academician, in-house lawful insight, or in a corporate firm. He may draft records, for example, agreements, deeds, wills, etc. An Advocate is an individual who openly underpins or suggests a specific reason or strategy.
  4. In the Oxford Dictionary, a legal advisor is an individual who practices or studies law, particularly (in the UK) a specialist or an advocate or (in the US) a lawyer.  According to the Oxford Dictionary, an advocate is an individual who openly bolsters or suggests a specific reason or strategy.
  5. An advocate might be a legal counselor, yet an attorney may not be a supporter.
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Difference Between Lawyer and Advocate


Last Updated : 24 November, 2023

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