Difference Between Navy and Marine

Several branches make up a country’s arm force. Navy and Marins are also a part of those branches.


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The Marines and Navy were officially established in 1775 by the continental congress of the united states. They had specific missions for both of these departments of the military force.

Key Takeaways

  1. The Navy is a branch of the military that focuses on naval operations, including ships, submarines, and aircraft; Marine Corps is a separate branch specialising in ground combat operations, often working in conjunction with the Navy.
  2. The Navy is responsible for maintaining the country’s naval defence and protecting its territorial waters; Marine Corps is responsible for various military operations, including amphibious assaults, air support, and ground combat.
  3. Navy personnel primarily operate ships and submarines; Marine Corps personnel are trained as infantry soldiers, including aviation and logistics support.

Navy vs. Marine

The Navy is a branch of the country’s armed forces. The navy controls the entrance and exit points of the seaports. It provides defense to the country. The navy handles illegal operations at the seaports. Marines are part of the Navy. It serves both land and sea. Soldiers marine are trained to protect the country from every direction.

Navy vs Marine

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The primary role of the navy is to ensure that the seas are free from all kinds of seaborne threats and that the country can use the seas when and where it is required for the national interest. The Marines are one of the several branches of the united states armed force specializing in amphibious missions.

They are trained to take control and capture ‘beachheads’ and to make an attack route that will enable assault on the enemy from almost any direction.

Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonNavyMarine
IntroductionThe Navy is a whole body of warships that maintains the freedom of the sea for the national interest.Marine is the group of troops serving land, sea, and air, supporting both naval and ground forces.
TypeIt is a special operation of force on the sea.It is amphibious and expeditionary.
AdmissionIt is a part of the Department of Defense of any country.It is a part of the Department of the Navy of any country.
ObjectiveDefending the territorial integrity, offshore assets, and citizen of a country is the primary objective of the Navy.Defending the national interest of a nation is the objective of the marine.
RoleThe role of the Navy is Maritime special operations, counter-terrorism, counter-drug operation, etc.The role of Marine is Ground and amphibious force.

What is the Navy?

The Navy is the whole body of worship belonging to a country or ruler. It is a body of warships consisting of their officers and enlisted personnel, yard, equipment, etc., constituting the nation’s sea power.

It’s a nation’s war specialty and craft maintained for fighting under, on, or overseas. A large navy often includes aircraft carriers, destroyers, frigates, cruisers, minesweepers, submarines, gunboats, minelayers, and various types of supply, support, repair ships, naval bases, and naval ports.

A nation extends its military power onto the sea through naval ships. There is necessarily a vast organization for the administration and upkeeps of their department of the defense system.

The word Navy for the first time came up from the French word ‘Navie,’ which means ‘fleet of the ship,’ and from the Latin word ‘ navigium,’ which means ‘ a vessel, a ship, boat.’ Generally, the Navy is widely denoted as a military fleet.

Naval warfare developed long ago, between 300 BC to 1279 AD, when humans fought from waterborne vessels for the first time. Tamil Nadu of India was known as one of the greatest naval power of its time.

There are two chief functions of the Navy:

  1. To achieve sea control; and
  2. Sea denial.

The objective of the Navy:

  1. Deterrence against conflicts,
  2. Military victory in case of war,
  3. Defense of territorial integrity, citizen, offshore assets from seaborne threats,
  4. Safeguards mercantile marine and maritime trade; and
  5. Safeguards national interest and maritime security.

What is a Marine?

The marine is one of a class of naval troops serving both on shipboard and on land. They are a branch of the united states armed forces specializing in amphibious missions.

The soldiers of marines are highly trained to take control of beachheads and to attack the enemy from almost any direction. They are meant to support the army when rapid development is needed.

For the first time, the Marine was established as a landing force for the Navy. But, in 1798, Congress made these corps a separate service.

The Marine is usually, to a large extent, self-sufficient with its airpower that consists of the attack helicopter and fighter aircraft. The Marine Corps occupied a small role in American military history after the early 19th-century engagements.

Later, after they saw a little significant action in the American Civil War, they became prominent due to their development in small wars worldwide. This section of the military corps saw action throughout the Caribbean in places such as Nicaragua during the year before and after World War I.

Marines are a lighter force than the army; therefore, they can rapidly be deployed and take part in a ground combat operation. Ground Combat Operation includes:

  1. Snipers,
  2. Amphibious Assult Vehicle Operation,
  3. Infantry Assult; and
  4. Mortar.

Main Differences Between Navy and Marine

  1. The Navy is the body of warships consisting of their officers and enlisted personnel, yard, equipment, etc., constituting the nation’s sea power. On the other hand, the marine is one of a class of naval troops serving both on shipboard and on land.
  2. The Navy is a special operation of force on sea. Against, the Marine is amphibious and expeditionary.
  3. The Navy is a part of any country’s defense department, and the Marine is a part of the Department of any country’s navy.
  4. The chief objective of the Navy is: Defending territorial integrity, offshore assets, and citizen of a country. Whereas, The objective of the Marine is: To defend a nation’s national interest.
  5. The special maritime operation, counter-terrorism, counter-drug operation, etc., are some of the roles of the Navy. Ground and amphibious forces are the general roles of the Marine.
Difference Between Navy and Marine
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