Difference Between Art Resin and Pro Marine

Art Resin and Pro Marine are both well-known resins and used by many crafters. Pro Marine is considered the most professional resin. The Pro Marine is used widely with acrylic paints, powders, and heavy glitters. Art Resin is available worldwide at every local store. Art Resin has amazing UV protection.


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Art Resin vs Pro Marine

The difference between Art Resin and Pro Marine is Art Resin has a thin consistency, but Pro Marine has a thicker consistency. Art Resin looks shinier when applied, but Pro Marine is less shiny than Art Resin. Pro Marine needs 24 hours to get dry. Art Resin has little smell in its product.

Art Resin vs Pro Marine

Art Resin is a resin that has a thin consistency. It has a smell when applied. The availability of the product is more as it is available in local stores also. The time required to dry the substance is very long. It makes a shiny appearance. It is UV resistant.

Pro Marine is a resin that has a thick consistency. It gets dried in 24 hours. It does to takes a lot of time to dry up. It is not so shiny. It is not available at local stores. They offer a lot of discounts and sales on their website. It works well with acrylic paints.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonArt ResinPro Marine
AvailabilityLocal storesNot at local stores
UV resistantHighLow

What is Art Resin?

Art Resin is an expensive resin. It has a thin consistency. It makes the surface very shiny. It takes a lot of time to be dried up and become hard. The use of Art Resin is a little tricky. It is widely recommended for its shiny surface.

It is very shinny. It has good UV protection. It does not turn yellow. It is UV resistant. It has a smell in its product. It releases air bubbles very well and successfully. It is very easily available. It is available in local stores like Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and many more.

It is an expensive product. There are no discounts offered in the sale of the product. The product is sticky. It can even disturb the quality of molds. It can bring silicon teras in silicon molds as it gets stuck to the molds. The product is highly sticky to the surfaces.

The resin is used worldwide as it does not leave a bubble when de-grass is happening. The highlight of the product is its shine property and the biggest advantage of UV resistance. It is generally not used directly with silicone molds. The molds should not get destroyed.

art resin

What is Pro Marine?

Pro Marine resin is a resin whose consistency is thick. The amount of time to dry up is 24 hours. It does not make the surface shiny. The availability is less as it is not available in stores to buy. It has a good blend with other materials. It is used with dyes, powders, acrylic paints, and micas.

It gets tough after being dried up. It does not take a lot of time to get dried up. It is UV resistant. It turns yellow when exposed to a high level of UV for a long time. It does not have any fisheyes. The shine leaves on its surface are a little low.

It is not available easily, but that does not mean it is not used. It is used with many other materials. It releases air very well. It does not trap air bubbles if it is mixed thoroughly. It offers a lot of discounts and sales. It makes the brand well advertised.

It is thick, due to which it can trap bubbles in mols. It can trap the bubbles in the edges especially. The bubbles may appear in low temperatures. The composition can become harder if it is not mixed properly. Their comments made the product look not good.

pro marine

Main Differences Between Art Resin and Pro Marine

  1. Art Resin has a thinner consistency than Pro Marine.
  2. Art Resin is shinier than Pro Marine.
  3. Art Resin has a smell but not Pro Marine.
  4. Art Resin takes a lot of time to be hard as compared to Pro Marine.
  5. Art Resin is available in the local stores, but Pro Marine is not available at local stores.
  6. Art Resin does not get yellow due to UV, but Pro Marine gets slightly yellow due to UV.


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