Difference Between Copper Cookware and Aluminium

Copper has been used as cookware for many years. It is used since ancient times as it is very hygienic and durable. These Copper Cookware can be found in every Indian household. There was a tradition to gift cookware at that time, and these were considered gifts from the ancestors.


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Copper Cookware vs Aluminium

The difference between Copper Cookware and Aluminium is Copper is more expensive than Aluminium. Copper Cookware keeps the food warm for a longer time as compared to Aluminium. Copper is not a heat conductor. Aluminum is a heat conductor. Aluminum is not scratch-free, but Copper Cookware does not get scratch very easily.

Copper Cookware vs Aluminium

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Copper Cookware is used since ancient times. It is in use as kitchenware from 9000 years back. It is an ideal conductor of heat. It conducts heat better than any other substance. This is the reason why the food is cooked in this vessel because the heat gets spread very nicely due to which the food is properly cooked.

Aluminum is used in kitchenware as the food never gets stick to the surface. This is the biggest advantage of cooking the food in the Aluminium vessel. These vessels are very light in weight. These vessels are not so expensive, but it is affordable. Aluminum is not corrosion-resistant.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonCopper CookwareAluminium
Thermal ConductivityLessHigh
Food for a long timeYesNo

What is Copper Cookware?

Copper Cookware has been in use for many years ago. It has been in use for 9000 years back. Copper Cookware is very hygienic to cook the food. It is highly durable. It is corrosion-resistant. It is better than stainless steel because it conducts heat more than stainless steel.

It is a heat conductor. It can store the heat. The temperature of the vessel can be easily maintained. Low energy is spent during cooking. It is very suitable to store the food after cooking as it keeps the food warm for a long time. It is used widely in pots and pans.

There are two types of Copper Cookware found in the market, which include steel-coated and tin-coated copper cookware. The bond of tin and copper is very suitable and turns the copper more malleable. The tin melts down easily in the pot, which is made of copper.

Tin is used because it does not let the copper surface react with the food and makes the surface non-sticky. The food will never get stick to the surface. Tin has a very low melting point, due to which the tin coat has to be given very often.

Otherwise, the copper can lose its tin surface. Food can be reactive with the copper surface, which can make the food reactive, especially any acidic food.

copper cookware

What is Aluminium?

Aluminum was used for cookware from the nineteenth century. It is a heat conductor. This is the reason it has preferred the use of cookware. Aluminum is the softest metal which makes it light in weight. This is a very useful thing as cookware can be handled very easily due to its lightweight property.

Aluminum has a higher thermal conductivity as compared to stainless steel. The price of this cookware is very low, which makes it affordable. It is found in huge quantity which is also a reason which makes it’s affordable. It is also in used making baking cookware.

Aluminum can also be used to make baking sheets and pans. Aluminum sheets for baking are quite popular among the bakers as aluminum makes the surface corrosion-resistance.

Aluminum is a good heat conductor. Aluminum is highly durable. The food cannot be kept for a longer time as there may be leaching in the product. The vessel may be worn out sometimes, which increases the leaching, and the food consumed may lead to many problems such as constipation, paralysis, and liver disorders.

Aluminum is coated with a layer of anodized aluminum so to protect the cookware, and it acts as a barrier for oxidation.


Main Differences Between Copper Cookware and Aluminium

  1. Copper Cookware is more durable as compared to Aluminium.
  2. Copper Cookware is corrosion-resistant, but Aluminium is not corrosion-resistant.
  3. Copper Cookware is expensive, but Aluminium is not so expensive.
  4. Copper Cookware cannot get scratch easily, but Aluminium can get scratch easily.
  5. Copper Cookware has less thermal conductivity, but Aluminium has high thermal conductivity.
  6. Copper Cookware keeps the food hot for a long time, but Aluminium does not keep the food hot for a very long time.
Difference Between Copper Cookware and Aluminium
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