Difference Between Pembroke and Cardigan Corgi

Dog breed, in simple terms, refers to the type of dog. Dogs are available in a wide range of shapes, hues, and sizes worldwide. Furthermore, dogs are classified according to their specialty. Some dogs are kept as family pets to keep the houses safe. A few canines, however, are trained in hunting and are wild. Some dog breeds have been developed through selective breeding.

Both the Pembroke and Cardigan corgi are breeds of the family dog that are small in stature but extremely bright and intelligent. Corgis of both breeds have excellent cognitive abilities (quick learners if training is provided to them). They also succeed in terms of motor skills because they are agile and enthusiastic.

Pembroke vs Cardigan Corgi

The main difference between Pembroke and Cardigan corgi is that Pembroke dog is the selective breeding of two breeds (Finnish Spitz and Cardigan). On the other hand, the Cardigan corgi is of the original breed. Moreover, the Cardigan corgi is taller and older in size and age as compared to the Pembroke.

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The Pembroke Corgi is a sheepdog with sheep-like features that were created by artificial breeding in the 1930s. Its the most renowned breed in the United Kingdom during Queen Elizabeth II’s reign, and they are also well-known in America. It banged the 11th position according to The Intelligence of Dogs, a book written by a psychology professor.

The Corgi in Cardigan Corgi means short. Therefore, this dog is short in height. This breed of dog is sharp and is of the original breed. These dogs are originally from South Wales and are sheepdogs. Being a pet dog, it is too loyal to the owner’s family. Though one of the oldest breeds of the British period, too popular in the modern era.

Comparison Table Between Pembroke and Cardigan Corgi

Parameters of ComparisonPembroke CorgiCardigan Corgi
Breed TypePembroke is a dog breed made by breeding Finnish Spitz and Cardigan Corgi dogs.Cardigan Corgi is a natural breed of dog.
Physical FeaturesPembroke dog has a pointy ear and short tail.Cardigan Corgi’s ears are round, and its tail is taller.
Social Behavior Pembroke dog is a very active and friendly dog.Cardigan Corgi is a little less social and tends to be aloof.
Life ExpectancyThe life expectancy of Pembroke dogs is only 12 years.The life expectancy of Cardigan Corgi is up to 15 years.
ExpensiveSince Pembroke Corgi is more popular, it is a little expensive.The price of Cardigan Corgi is less than the Pembroke Corgi.

What is Pembroke?

Pembroke is a famous dog that was Queen Elizabeth’s favorite during her reign in the United Kingdom. It was created in the early 1930s in Pembrokeshire, South Wales by crossing two separate breeds (Finnish Spitz and Cardigan Corgi).

Pembroke’s social behavior is cordial and friendly, and he is socially engaged when meeting strangers. It is less likely to bark at strangers. Although everyone knows that dogs are loyal companions, Pembroke dogs are the most devoted.

In terms of physical appearance, it is a short-height dog with pointed ears, a triangular head, and a shorter tail. It is extremely clever and perceptive. Because this dog is stubborn, its cleverness might become a problem for people.

It should not be bathed before six weeks or two months since it has dense fur. Otherwise, natural oils in the hairs will be rinsed away, causing harm to the fur. Owners must also take care of their teeth health by brushing at least twice a week.

Due to its active lifestyle, it enjoys eating a lot. Therefore, it is more susceptible to obesity. To maintain it disease-free, the family must provide the appropriate amount of meals. Because of its longer spinal cord, it is susceptible to Intervertebral Disk Disease.

What is Cardigan Corgi?

Cardigan Corgi is the oldest and most traditional breed in the Corgi family. It was popular with Britishers, just like Pembroke, and is a dwarf with a long head and short body. It was announced as a separate breed from Pembroke in the year 1926.

The Cardigan Corgi is less active in social situations and barks at strangers. It prefers to live in isolation rather than engaging with adults and children. When compared to the Pembroke Corgi, its fondness among humans is less.

It has little round ears and a long tail. It is 1-2 inches taller than a Pembroke corgi when measured in height. Because of an illness, its legs curl outside the knees (bowed legs). Its fur comes in a variety of shades, including black, brown, and red, and white on the legs and chest area.

Cardigan Corgis, when trained, quickly learn discipline and are known to be energetic dogs. It also recognizes good verbal feedback when it is delivered. It can catch disorders such as Hip Dysplasia and Retinal Atrophy.

So, the habit of overeating must be controlled.Cardigan Corgi does not require routine grooming in terms of bathing and cleaning fur, unlike Pembroke.

Main Differences Between Pembroke and Cardigan Corgi

  1. Pembroke Corgi is a dog of the artificial breed, whereas Cardigan Corgi is of the original breed.
  2. Pembroke dog is socially more amiable and active as compared to Cardigan corgi as it likes to be aloof.
  3. Pembroke dog has pointed ears, straight legs, and its tail is short. On the other hand, the ears of Cardigan Corgi are round, legs are curled, and its tail is comparatively long.
  4. Pembroke dog requires more care in terms of bathing and brushing. Deep grooming is not needed in the case of the Cardigan Corgi.
  5. Due to its high popularity, the Pembroke Corgi is more expensive than the Cardigan Corgi, which can be purchased for a fair price.


Both Pembroke and Cardigan Corgi originally belongs to Wales are breeds of the pet dog. Corgi’s family of dogs was desired immensely in the era of Britishers. Dogs of both breeds are diminutive in stature, as Corgi signifies dwarf in English. Pembroke dog is discovered by mating the Finnish Spitz and the original Cardigan Corgi breeds.

The physical characteristics of both Corgi breeds differ slightly. Pembroke dogs have straight legs, but Cardigan Corgi dogs have bowed legs. When compared to Cardigan Corgis(original breed), dogs of selective breeding require greater maintenance. Pembroke is considered cordial with family and children. Nonetheless, Cardigan Corgi interacts less very but is generous.


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