Difference Between Art Resin and KSResin

Art Resin is available worldwide at every local store. Art Resin has amazing UV protection. KSResin does the work quickly and easily gets mixed with other ratios. Art Resin is more expensive than KSResin as Art Resin is more useful than resin.


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KSResin does not stay for a long time.

Art Resin vs KSResin

The difference between Art Resin and KSResin is that Art Resin is a pure resin or can be called casting resin, but KSResin is an epoxy resin. Art Resin has thin viscosity as compared to resin. The time Art Resin takes a long time to dry up, but KSResin dries up in no time and cures it. Art Resin stays for the long-term, and KSResin does not stay for a long time.

Art Resin vs KSResin

Art Resin is a resin that has a thin consistency. It has a smell when applied. The availability of the product is more as it is available in local stores also. The time required to dry the substance is very long. It makes a shiny appearance. It is UV resistant.

The KSRESIN has a thicker consistency. It is an epoxy resin. It has thick viscosity. This does not stay for a long time and has thin pours. It dries up fast. It needs a shorter processing time. It is UV resistant. They are insulators which is the biggest advantage of the product.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonArt ResinKSResin
Type of resinResinEpoxy
Pour depthThickThin
Dry timeLongShort
Mix RatiosYesNo

What is Art Resin?

Art Resin is very shinny. It has good UV protection. It does not turn yellow. It is UV resistant. It has a smell in its product. It releases air bubbles very well and successfully. It is very easily available. It is available in local stores like Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and many more.

The resin is used worldwide as it does not leave a bubble when de-grass is happening. The highlight of the product is its shine property and the biggest advantage of UV resistance. It is generally not used directly with silicone molds. The molds should not get destroyed.

Art Resin is an expensive resin. It has a thin consistency. It makes the surface very shiny. It takes a lot of time to be dried up and become hard. The use of Art Resin is a little tricky. It is widely recommended for its shiny surface. Art Resin stays for a long time.

It is an expensive product. There are no discounts offered in the sale of the product. The product is sticky. It can even disturb the quality of molds. It can bring silicon teras in silicon molds as it gets stuck to the molds. The product is highly sticky to the surfaces.

art resin

What is KSResin?

The KSRESIN is an epoxy resin. The viscosity is thick in KSResin. KSResin gets dried up in no time, and it is an electrical insulator which is the biggest advantage KSResin has. KSRESIN, which has epoxy resin, is also known as polyepoxides. The IUPAC name for the epoxide group is Oxirane.

It is free of organic compounds, which are volatile. They have a technique called quick water clear cue. They add U.V. inhibitors to all their products. The products stay fresh for a longer time. All the food is safe. They have guaranteed shipping. KSRESIN has fixed mix ratios. It is UV resistant.

They make their products with advanced polymer technology. Everything is tested constantly through different stages so that it maintains the quality of the food. The resin is scratch-resistant. They protect their products which increase their life span. KSResin does not stay for a long time. They do have other supplies in their stores.

They sell many types of tumbler supplies. They sell countertop epoxy and casting resin. Art resin is also available, which is used by daily crafters, and it is very useful as it stays long-term. They provide good services in shipping the order and delivery at your door.


Main Differences Between Art Resin and KSResin

  1. Art Resin is a resin, whereas KSResin is epoxy resin.
  2. Art Resin has thinner viscosity, but KSResin has thicker viscosity.
  3. Art Resin stays for a long time, but KSResin does not stays for a long time.
  4. Art Resin has thick max pour depth, but KSResin has thin pours.
  5. Art Resin takes a longer time to dry up, but KSResin dries up in no time.
  6. Art Resin is found in mix ratios, but KSResin has fixed mix ratios.


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