Soldier vs Marine: Difference and Comparison

Both the terms Soldier and Marine come under the defence sector of a country. Every country has a defence sector. We have different sub-sectors under this defence sector.

Usually, we come across Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines. All these sub-sectors come under the defence department of a country.

While there’s no difference between these branches in priority, as they all serve the nation, these branches are the foundation of the most robust defence department.

Key Takeaways

  1. Soldiers belong to the Army and engage in ground combat, while Marines are part of the Marine Corps, specializing in amphibious operations.
  2. Marines undergo more rigorous training than soldiers, focusing on water-based operations and quick response capabilities.
  3. Both soldiers and Marines serve in various combat and support roles, but the Marine Corps is smaller and more specialized than the Army.

Soldier vs Marine

The difference between Soldiers and Marines is the branch they belong to. Though soldiers and marines come under the defence department of a country, they belong to different components. Soldiers belong to Army, and typically, Marines belong to the Navy. Marines can be considered part of the Naval Department of a country. And a soldier comes under the military.

Soldier vs Marine

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Usually, every country will have more soldiers, i.e., military or Army, compared to the other defence branches of the government. A soldier is a part of the armed forces of the nation.

Soldiers come under the Army of a nation. Every country maintains a military to safeguard the government.

Soldiers stay at the terrestrial borders and fight for the nation during war.

While marines are also the trained, armed forces that come under the Naval branch of the nation’s defence department, marines take care of maintaining the order and discipline of ships abroad.

Mainly marines help the Navy during wars and cooperate with the Navy during operations. Typically marines aid in providing the workforce for the Navy.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonSoldierMarine
DefinitionSoldiers are the members of the Army of the country.Marines are also the armed forces of the country.
Part of the Army, safe guards’ country at the border and during wars.Military department.Naval department.
Type of terrainTerrestrial forces.Amphibious forces.
MissionsAid in providing workforce for the Navy.U.S. Marine corps, Royal Thai Marine Corps.
ExamplesIndian Army, U.S Army.U.S. Marine Corps, Royal Thai Marine Corps.

What is a Soldier?

A Soldier is a person who serves the nation and is a member of the Army engaged in military services of the government. As Army is a branch of the country’s defence department, a soldier is also a member of the defence department.

A soldier serves the nation by guarding the country and engaging in helping the government during difficult times and wars.

Soldiers of the army branches are superior to other components of defence in terms of responsibilities, benefits, and command.

The primary duty of the armed forces is to protect their country and citizens. A country’s military’s mission is to maintain peace and safety.

Army is more significant than the other two branches of defence.

Typically a country with more terrestrial borders will have a more significant number of soldiers in their military, As a more significant number of soldiers are required to guU.S. borders.

For instance, we will look into U.S Army. The US military serves as the terrestrial warfare bU.S.nch. It’s also the oldest branch of the defence.

The US Armed Forces were officially recognized as the military forceU.S.n 1784. As every Army will be having its U.S.tto, the US military motto is “This we will defend”.

The US miU.S.tary is the largest of the three branches of defence. US Army is the primary ground force of their country. Hence, it has the significant responsibility to defend and secure the country.


What is a Marine?

Marines are the persons who serve the nation under the Navy branch of the defence department of the country. Marines are the trained forces operating in nearshore terrain.

They are the amphibious types of military forces. They are also the kind of armed forces that aid the Navy during naval combat or ship captures.

Usually, they are trained to carry out operations on land and in water. They are a group of militaries much more aggressive than a typical soldier.

Marines are fewer in number compared to other branches of defence. They are considered a part of the Navy.

They are known as light, mobile, and rapid armed forces. Primary duty of marines consists of military personnel at times, guarding coasts overseas and securing water borders.

If guarding borders is volatile, it’s a bit risky job. They differ from soldiers with more technical knowledge and the proficient way they conduct themselves.

For example, when we consider the US Marine Corps. They are responsible for amphibious operations.

They work wiU.S. the US Navy. They may also work with the US Army and US Air Force.

US Marine Corps is the smallest of the US primary militaries (AU.Sy, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps) branches. Marines act as advanced naval bases and are always prepared and ready for various terrains and conditions.

Main Differences Between Soldiers and Marine

  1. A soldier is a person who serves the nation under the military of the defence department of the nation. At the same time, a Marine is a person who serves the nation under the Marine Corps or the Navy of the nation.
  2. Typically every country has three branches of defence. And among the three Soldiers are big in number than the Marines of the country.
  3. Soldiers come under the Army branch of the defence department, and Marines come under the Navy branch of the defence department.
  4. Soldiers work in terrestrial environments, i.e., in borders and during battles. While Marines work with the Navy during ship combats and support the other two branches of defence during wars.
  5. Marines are far superior to soldiers in technical knowledge and executing operations. They are more proficient and conducted.
Difference Between Soldier and Marine

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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