Difference Between TikTok and Vine

TikTok and vine are two famous short video apps, where people can upload videos on their topics of interest. Both have their times of fame which means that it has been in and out of its peak and most used by people seasons.

Their peak has been judged by people’s interests and their outward acceptance of them both. They have had an overly anticipated fan base who promotes them both.

TikTok vs Vine

The main difference between TikTok and vine is that TikTok is still in much-proclaimed use among the people and has a great fan base still following it whereas vine has shut down a few years after its public release. This sheds light on the fact that vine had not been a greatly successful venture as TikTok is now among the youth to be more specific.

TikTok vs Vine

TikTok is famous for its short video uploads that provide a platform for today’s youth as well as the older population to spread their ideas and groom their creative minds. They provide a source of income for people who have a greater fan base on the platform. The users get to upload videos as well as watch others’ videos which might get a bit addicting later on.

Vine is a video platform that allows registered users to upload videos or even watch them later on. It gained momentum in the initial years of its release to the public. But later on, it had been pushed to the sidelines due to many reasons as the public gained confidence in other similar programs. It failed to keep up with modern times and develop itself.

Comparison Table Between TikTok and Vine

Parameters of ComparisonTikTokVine
Year of Launch20162012
Duration of Each Video60 seconds6 seconds
Inbuilt Editing FacilityYesNo
Year It Was ShutdownNot yet2019

What is TikTok?

TikTok has become quite famous in recent times as it is a major video sharing and video-making app.

It is very addicting unless an individual has got a lot of self-control. It has been a social media hit since the time of its release.

Initially, the video duration allowed by TikTok had only been 15 seconds. Even then people found enough content to share and circulate.

Later on, as part of upgrading, the duration of the videos that could be uploaded was maximized to an upper limit of 60 seconds.

This increased the participation of the general population as they could now upload any video that they want to be provided it stayed within the policies of the software.

Videos regarding entertainment, culinary skills, magic, etc could be uploaded with ease on TikTok.

They have upgraded the platform multiple times to stay with the growing technological world.

Now, videos could be added in with extra background sounds and many filters to enhance the quality of the video.

TikTok provides many in-app editing features to the user that allows them to give their videos a quality that surpasses that of mobile shot videos.

TikTok is monetized. This means that the videos uploaded on TikTok under a few terms and conditions can get money.

This helps people to earn an income doing what they love the most and also helps them nurture their creative minds.

What is Vine?

Vine is a very short video uploading platform that was introduced in the year 2012. After its release, it was acquired by Twitter in the same year.

Due to its low popularity among the people, it had slowly lost its momentum as it had offered fewer features to the people using it.

The duration for each video as allowed by vine was very short and just a mere 6 seconds. This was a major drawback for the vine.

When many other similar video platforms offered a much greater video duration, Vine’s 6 seconds was considered a huge waste.

All of this led to the shutdown of the software in the year 2019. It was under the care of twitter even at the time of its shutdown.

Twitter had acquired it with the concept in mind that a short video viewing and uploading platform might complement its mini blog system.

With the use of Vine, it was hard for anyone to make any money as it was not monetized. This was another major drawback for Vine.

As people couldn’t earn a living out of it as they could with other similar platforms, they started switching from Vine to others like Instagram.

With just 6 seconds to complete a whole video, people found it difficult to pass the message they had intended to give out in the first place.

Vine did not offer its users any in-app features to help them with the editing of videos nor did it have other features such as the addition of background music, etc.

Main Differences Between TikTok and Vine

  1. While TikTok offers a greater video duration of 15 seconds at first and later on after many upgrading, the duration had been increased to 60 seconds, Vine offered only very short 6 second videos.
  2. TikTok was launched in the year 2016 and is a much newer software whereas Vine was established in the year 2012.
  3. TikTok provides a source of income to its users based on the views and acceptance the users gain from their followers whereas Vine did not pay its users.
  4. Vine did not have many features or tools that provided the users a place to edit their videos and files whereas TikTok has such advanced editing technology inbuilt.
  5. TikTok hasn’t moved from one company to another while Vine on the other hand had been acquired by Twitter after it was launched.


TikTok and Vine have influenced people during their respective times of fame.

The fall of Vine has been majorly linked with their lack of monetization as people would like to get paid for the content that they create.

The shorter period of each video in Vine was also another deciding factor in its popularity.

TikTok has stayed up-to-date with each of its features and also it’s in-app editing facilities that have surpassed general video platforms.

Both have had their share in the same field and had been instrumental in bringing about newer concepts to society.

Such changes have helped people to nurture a much better way of life and also mindsets of people.


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