Difference Between Malamute and Husky

Definite breeds of dogs are easy to obscure anyone and this is surely the case with Husky and Malamute. American Kennel Club (AKC) identified these dog breeds authoritatively. These are large, dominant breeds and can also prove to be great companions.

They both are awfully friendly with people and enthusiastic to their owners. They are developed as working dogs for cold, snowy environments because of their double-layered body coats.

Both have independent nature, similar appearance, and high energy levels. They need daily exercises and are amended to carry heavy loads. Malamutes and huskies, both look like a wolf in appearance. They are linked with sled dogs in hereditary.

Malamute vs Husky

The main difference between Malamute and Husky is their behavior. Malamutes prefer to live a content life and with humans, whereas huskies like to hang out with other dogs and is more friendly. Husky has a healthier and prolonged lifespan than Malamute. Malamute is huger and heavier than a Husky. On the other hand, the husky is more volatile and active.

Malamute vs Husky


Comparison Table Between Malamute and Husky (in Tabular Form)

Parameter of ComparisonHuskyMalamute
SizeHuskies are 20-22 inches tall.Malamutes are 20-25 inches tall.
ColorCoat colors of Huskies vary from Red, Black, Sable, Grey, Agouti, and white.Coat colors of Malamute ranges from Black, Light Grey to shades of Red.
WeightHusky weight is 35-60lbs.Malamute weight is 85-100lbs.
CoatBody coat is doubled and medium.Body coat is doubled and long.
LifespanThe lifespan of Husky is about 10-14 years.The lifespan of Malamute is about 10-12 years.
IntelligenceHusky is very intellectual and smart.Malamute is bright and aggressive.
TemperamentHusky is playful, friendly, and independent breed.Malamute is spirited, responsive, and self-assured breed.
SocializationHuskies likes to engage friendly with other dogs.Malamute are caustic with similar gender dogs.
Destructive behaviorHusky jump hurdles and try to escape as well.Malamute is well-known for burrowing and munching.
Energy levelHusky has amazingly high energy level.Energy level of Malamute is less than Husky.
Exercise needsHusky needs exercise for mental and physical incentive daily.Malamute needs daily workout.
Initial purposeHusky is in the habit of pulling thin sled quicker than Malamute over lengthy span.Malamute is used to pull heavy sled at slow speed over long space.
People skillsHusky does not need much human collaboration.Malamute wants to involve with people.
EarsEars are set high on the head.Ears are set wide separately on the head.
TailThe tail of Husky is like Fox brush carried in a sickle.The tail of malamute is look like a waving plume.


What is Malamute?

Malamutes were originally developed by the Inuit tribe in Western Alaska. They came in Nineteen century.

They are connected to the group of working dogs. The utter size and presence of Malamute have really created confusion for a wolf.

They are very friendly and want to dedicate most of the time with their owners. These type of breeds deserves high experienced and well-skilled owners.

They are task inquirers and love to dig.


What is Husky?

Chukchi tribe originate in Huskies in Eastern Siberia. They came to America in 1909. Eurasia is a hereditary region of Huskies.

Huskies are unbelievably friendly with Humans. They are intelligent, determined and autonomous.

They are commonly known as “liberated thinkers”. It means, they were not changed into an ultra-obedient dog.  They are cordial and free-spirited breeds.

adult Siberian husky near gray Yeti cooler box

Main Differences Between Left Malamute and Husky

There are many differences between Husky and Malamute as given below.

  1. Malamutes were identified in 1935. However, Husky breeds are recognized in 1930.
  2. The Malamute likes to spend their time with Humans. But, on the other hand, Husky is enough self-determining and reserved.
  3. Malamutes have a short life span as compared to Huskies.
  4. Malamutes tend to have more health problems as compared to Huskies.
  5. According to size and weight, Malamutes are bigger and weightier dogs whereas Huskies are lighter but faster dogs.
  6. Malamutes were bred for pulling heavyweight. Nevertheless, Huskies were bred for race and dog competition activities.
  7. Malamute mostly does their work alone. But, Huskies would work in teams of dogs.
  8. Malamutes have eyes of all shades of brown color. However, huskies have brown, blue, green and bi-colored eyes.
  9. Malamute has long and bushier fur whereas Husky has fur of short to medium length.
  10. Malamute has a wider head. But, Husky has a finer and thinner face.
  11. Malamute can suffer from different diseases like chondrodysplasia, thyroid dysfunction, day blindness, and hip, elbow dysplasia. Whereas, Husky can suffer from thyroid dysfunction, juvenile cataracts, corneal dystrophy, and hip dysplasia.
  12. On average, a Husky puppy will cost $800-$2500. But, Malamute puppy will cost about $100.
  13. The lifespan of Malamute is about up to 12 years. While, on the other hand, Husky’s lifespan is about 14-15 years.
  14. Compared to Huskies, a Malamute be likely to a more decorous creature.
  15. The Malamute’s height varies from about 24-26 inches. Whereas, the height of Huskies can reach up to 24 inches.
  16. Both are active, diligent, and needs a lot of exercise for the stimulation of their mental and physical status.
  17. The vocal status of Malamute is short. While, on the other hand, Huskies are famous for their talkative feature.
  18. Malamutes can have some hostile tendencies as compared to Huskies.
  19. There is high prey drive status of Malamute for other dogs with low endurance.  Whereas, Husky has high prey drive with a high tolerance for other dogs.
  20. Compared to Malamute, Husky is more suitable to accept strangers willingly.
Difference Between Malamute and Husky



The Malamute vs. Husky deliberation is the war of giants between two breeds that have worked together with Humans. Each of the dogs is exclusive in its own way.

These are high energy breeds and need adequate physical activities. They are both loveable and friendly fuzzy giants. They are sociable and also wants engagement with Humans.

Huskies and Malamutes are on Bankrate.com’s list of the top ten dogs that are commonly banned by insurance companies.

This is because of their potential destructive behavior and high-profile attacks on Humans.

In other words, when a person owns Malamute or Husky, it is much difficult for him to maintain his care assurance.

Key Differences Between Left Malamute and Husky (PDF Format)

Download the key differences in .PDF format, to read or print them later:

Difference Between Left Malamute and Husky



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