Difference Between Northern Inuit and Husky

There are hundreds of millions of pet owners around the world, out of which, 83% are dog owners. A dog surely is a man’s best friend.

Northern Inuit vs Husky

The main difference between Northern Inuit and Husky is that both have distinct breed groups, sizes, origins, and ancestry. Northern Inuit is a 23 to 32 inch high, hybrid dog and is not yet recognized by any major kennel club like AKC. However, Huskies are operational dogs ranging between 20 to 23 inches in height and are a recognized dog breed.

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Northern Inuit originated from the United Kingdom, from a breeding project. Although it doesn’t have a purebred status, it is loved by many. Its resemblance to the wolf has made it popular.

Husky was originally the domestic landrace of the arctic people and hence are categorized under operational dogs. Due to its charismatic appearance, it is wrongly owned without knowing its living conditions.

Comparison Table Between Northern Inuit and Husky

Parameter of ComparisonNorthern InuitHusky
OriginIts originated from the UK.Huskies come from a Siberian Nomadic place called Chukchi.
Breed CategoryHybridPurebred Working
Breed LineAlaskan Malamutes, German Shepherds, or maybe even Huskies are their ancestorsThe genetics are close to wolves, also the extinct ones from the arctic.
Temperature ConditionsCan bear comparatively higher temperature, but not too much.Cannot bear higher temperatures, require optimum care and surroundings.
Major ColorsWhite, black, grey, sable, and apricotBlack and pure white with colored markings.
SheddingNorthern Inuit sheds between seasons and must be brushed regularly.Huskies generally shed very little, but it depends on the climate.
CharacteristicsThese are very friendly, loyal, and too social to be guard dogs.Huskies are meant to be led and are very obedient, which makes training them easy.

What is a Northern Inuit?

Northern Inuit is a hybrid dog species which aren’t yet recognized as purebred by the American Kennel Club.

They can get used to apartment living but might need a walk or two, and some exercise regularly as they are very energetic. They shed quite some hair and might not be best for allergic people.

They are a very healthy species with a rather long life span. They do require a colder environment but aren’t very reactive to the warmer climate.

Northern Inuit do not bear loneliness and might suffer from separation anxiety, and hence suit households or having a companion.

northern inuit

What is a Husky?

Husky is a purebred dog categorized as an operational dog by the AKC. They are very beautiful and attractive, which is both a boon and a ban for them.

It does require a colder environment as the originated from the Arctic. Although they don’t shed a lot and are easy to train as they are pack animals.

They are found to be one of the oldest dog species used by the Siberian nomads and Arctic indigenous people. They’re still used as sled dogs in Polar Regions.

Huskies have various regional breeds like the Siberian husky, Sakhilian Husky, the Japanese Splitz, the Akita, the Mackenzie River Husky, Alaskan Husky, etc.

They do need help in socializing and exposure to the newer people and surroundings. A lenient training for your puppy would be great.

adult Siberian husky near gray Yeti cooler box

Main Differences Between Northern Inuit and Husky

  1. Adaptive Surroundings. Even though both require an adequate environment, Northern Inuit can adapt to a comparatively warmer climate than a husky, although it might need a fan or an AC for comfort.
  2. Maintenance. Huskies shed hair once or twice a year depending on the climate which is not the case with Northern Inuit. They do shed a lot comparatively.
  3. Appearance and Bark/Growl. Husky has closer genetics to the wolf, still Northern Inuit does look more like a wolf being bigger in appearance.
  4. Breed. Huskies are purebred while the Northern Inuit is a Hybrid one. Huskies are easy to train and can be guard dogs, while Northern Inuit are too social to be guards.
  5. Health Conditions. Husky is a very popular breed and that might lead you to purchase a dog with severe health issues. Hence you need to do some checks and certifications for hip dysplasia or eyes, before buying one.
Difference Between Northern Inuit and Husky


Both Husky and Northern Inuit are very good and special dog breeds. Both have certain requirements and need adequate care.

If you live in polar or rather colder regions and want a beautiful and powerful companion, you might consider a husky. They are very obedient and respectful.

If you do or do not live in a colder climate region, yet want an attractive and friendly dog, Northern Inuit is the best for you. Their resemblance to the wild is attractive and their loyalty is unmatched.

Ultimately, you’re the one to decide and you can never go wrong with any of them, provided the conditions.


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