Difference Between MC and Rapper

Each concert or meeting has a person in charge of promoting the artists and participants while also ensuring that the event is well-organized and runs well.

This person is often known as the MC, but he is better known as the master of ceremonies. The usage of a master of ceremonies for a particular event or occasion dates back to religious times.

MC vs Rapper

The main difference between MC and Rapper is that the term “rapper” is interchangeable with “emcee” or “MC. Rappers use rhyme lyrics and which were before ad-libs, to promote a DJ or a performer with someone they are collaborating with. They do it to entertain people and to show off their emceeing and artistic abilities. A master of ceremonies is in place to assure that events go properly at a religious service or another private event, whereas a rapper, sometimes known as an emcee or master of ceremonies, is responsible for introducing a performance.

MC vs Rapper

The MC is the party or event’s host. They’d introduce the event’s key figures and make any essential announcements. The majority of how MCs communicate with the crowd is through their language and delivery style.

The MC is responsible for making announcements and interacting with the audience. Both jobs are designed to keep the audience entertained.

Rap, on the other hand, might be considered a subgroup of the larger hip-hop genre. Rap, unlike rock, emphasizes the spontaneity and repetition of words to create a continuous rhyme while remaining in tune with the beat.

Rap music was nearly always a reflection of rap culture or a hip-hop musician’s lifestyle through music, a manner of expressing complaints and difficulties, especially personal and social ones, with lyrics taking center stage.

Comparison Table Between MC and Rapper

Parameters of comparisonMCRapper
OriginatedThe rituals of the Roman Catholic Church gave rise to masters of ceremonies.Rappers developed from the African custom of delivering stories while drummers and other instrumentation played in the background.
FunctionA master of ceremonies is the person in charge of ensuring that events move well during a religious rite or any private event.A rapper often referred to as an emcee or master of ceremonies, is the official in control of opening a performance.
EventsMore formal celebrations are officiated by the master of ceremonies.Rap artists perform at more casual events such as concerts and gatherings.
InteractionInteracts with the audience.Interacts with the audience.
PracticeMasters of ceremonies do not use a beat and musical accompaniment to express their messages.Rappers use a beat and musical accompaniment to express their messages.

What is MC?

Master of Ceremony or Microphone Controller is the full form of MC. In most cases, an MC is responsible for hosting and continuing the event’s proceedings.

MCs are gifted communicators with a sharp, witty sense of humor. To keep the audience entertained, the MC often gives a calm yet well-structured speech. When compared to a DJ, the engagement and visibility of an MC with the audience is greater.

An MC is in charge of several aspects of the event, including introducing significant guests to the audience, guiding the audience through a process, announcing the entrance of various dignitaries, assisting the audience in finding their seats, and assisting the audience with meal serving procedures.

The purpose of a Master of Ceremony is to ensure that the event runs smoothly and without disruption as planned by the organizer.

Rappers are also referred to as MCs in hip-hop culture. They frequently work with the DJ to provide them with the needed beats. MC has a long and illustrious history.

It all started in the Catholic Church, where MC would keep the proceedings running smoothly. The Pope and the sacred ritual would benefit from MC’s assistance. The ability to talk in public was a factor for selecting an MC.

What is Rapper?

Rap is more of a vocal style than a sub-genre like hip-hop. The two terms should never be used together since rap is only a tiny part of hip-hop.

Afrika Bambaataa was a key figure in the development of hip-early hop years, articulating the four elements that made up the subgenre: DJing, dance, mural painting, and MCing which is now known as rapping.

Rap music, which is considered a “Black” creative form, and hardcore music, which has been appropriated by white Americans, are sonically dissimilar, but they have a comparable intensity and aim.

Lil Wayne’s attempts may not produce catchy songs, but they do so in terms of aesthetics. Rap music began primarily among Black people in the Bronx neighborhood of New York City.

Rock music, on the other hand, has always been associated with ‘white’ folk, having originated from a mash-up of 1940s genres like country, southern, and grooves & blues.

Rap music was virtually always a mirror of hip-hop culture, a vehicle for expressing grievances and difficulties, particularly structural and personal ones, with lyrics taking center stage.

Because of the predominance of sexist, racist, and misogynistic themes in rap music, a considerable portion of it is performed by men, which has raised questions about masculinity.

In the rap industry, gender disparity arises since women have rarely been able to sustain a long career rapping and composing.

Main Differences Between MC and Rapper

  1. A master of ceremonies supervises the smooth functioning of a religious rite or any personal event, whereas a rapper opens a show and is also known as an emcee or master of ceremonies.
  2. The master of ceremonies officiates more formal events, whereas rappers officiate more casual events like concerts and parties.
  3. Rappers descended from the African custom of delivering stories with drums and other instrumentation, while masters of ceremonies were inspired by Roman Catholic Church traditions.
  4. Rappers use a beat and music to accompany their delivery, whereas masters of ceremonies do not.
  5. A rapper’s form of interaction with the audience is through the music, but an MC’s is through the manner in which the speech is delivered.
Difference Between MC and Rapper


Today, masters of ceremonies oversee the appropriate planning and seamless flow of spiritual and non-religious events such as celebrations, conferences, marriages, publicity stunts, artist performances, and other occasions.

They are the event’s hosts, and the emcee also serves as the protocol officer for state gatherings.

Rappers use previously improvised rhymes to promote the DJs or performers of the people they work with. They do this to captivate the audience while also showcasing their artistic talent.

The rhyming between or spoken chanted lines is a pleasant way to introduce a performance. It can be done with or without music because there is always a rhythm.


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