Difference Between DJ and Producer

We all enjoy a DJ party, we’ve been there many times. We know they hit the beats and make the party more interesting and over the top for all of us.


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In the early 70s and 80s, DJs were just DJs and there was less confusion about how he worked and the skills required. When DJs started producing music in the 90s, confusion spread everywhere.

This article describes the basic distinction between a DJ and a producer.

DJ vs Producer

The difference between a DJ and a producer is that a DJ manipulates the music that has already been recorded, while a producer makes the music himself. One person can be both a DJ and a producer. But they are not connected to each other, a DJ does not necessarily have to be a producer and vice versa. Both require different skills, although they share a common domain, they are different.

DJ vs Producer

A DJ or disc jockey is the person who controls the console to create a smooth transition from the music. The role of the DJ is to play music according to the mood of the people at the event. A DJ has a collection of prerecorded songs that he plays while DJing at an event.

His job is to keep people busy with his music. A producer is a person who creates music from scratch.

He develops the beats, the rhythm. He plays a central role in creating music.

He knows how the software works (EDM music producer). A producer has his own studio that contains all the physical instruments necessary to create music.

Comparison Table

Parameters of comparisonDJProducer 
Origin The 70s-80sThe 90s
Types Club DJ, mobile DJEDM(dance music), for bands
Skills To be able to shift from one to another smoothly.To know the workings of the music from scratch. 
Profession DJing Producing 
Equipment DJ software, DJ controller connected to a computer, the standalone DJ controller.Computer, software(DAW)

What is DJ?

A DJ is a man behind the rig who controls the console. He controls the smooth transition from song to song.

The more precisely a DJ can switch between songs, the more skilled he will be. He needs to know how the DJ controller works.

He also has to count the beats. A DJ must be able to master the skill of time stretching by ear.

Also, a DJ must play songs according to the demand of the audience. He must have different collections of songs and be aware of the theme of the party.

The types of equipment a DJ needs are as follows

  • DJ software (helps in mixing the music)
  • A computer connected to the DJ controller (one can control the volume, start and pause the music and the scratchers)
  • The standalone DJ controller (for monitoring the playlists)
  • DJ players

While playing on board the DJ needs to monitor the following aspects

  • The volume
  • The frequencies (high/low/medium)
  • The motion of the song
  • The sequence of the songs he is playing
  • Scratch
  • Implementing beats 

A DJ needs a lot of songs to put together his playlists, he can take his song from a DJ pool. The music is loud, so he can wear hearing protection to protect his ears from loud beats.

If a DJ doesn’t have music production skills, he can hire a ghost producer.

What is Producer?

A producer is a person who creates music from scratch. He forms the rhythm, they create the music behind the computer with the help of the software.

A music producer can work with another producer to create a specific sound. He determines the melody, forms the drum pattern, and composes all the sounds that make up the music.

People get confused with DJs and producers because, with the advent of the 90s, DJs also started making music. Now it is even more important for DJs to promote their uniqueness through their own music.

Because the public is crazy about authentic creation,  a DJ can also be a producer and vice versa. The types of equipment a producer needs are as follows

  • Computer ( producers need a computer to create their music, they process it with the help of software)
  • Software (DAW or Digital Audio Workstation)

Software includes 

  • Ableton live
  • Studio one
  • Logic Pro X (for Mac)
  • FL studio

A producer must know the functions of the software. They also have to be familiar with automation, the bus, and sidechaining.

They also need to know the difference between MIDI and audio tracks. Producers are classified as EDM or dance music producers, band producers, and also remix producers.

Main Differences Between DJ and Producer

  1. DJ was popular in the 70s to 80s until the 90s when producers (producing music) gained attention.
  2. There are types of DJs like club DJs, mobile DJs whereas types of producers include EDM producers, band producers.
  3. A DJ requires skills to carry out good transitions of music whereas a producer must be skilled to use the software to create sound.
  4. The profession of DJ is DJing whereas the profession of a producer is producing.
  5. DJ software, DJ controller connected to a computer, the standalone DJ controller are the equipment required by a DJ, while Computer, software(DAW) are the types of equipment required by a producer.
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