Difference Between Guitar Amp and Bass Amp

Musicians who play bass often require an amplifier which is shortened as the “amp”.

The function of the electronic device is to effectively increase the amplitude produced from the signal waveform, while the other features like wave shape or frequency of the waveform are not altered.

Guitar amp and bass amp are two main types of amplifiers used in various systems.

Guitar Amp vs Bass Amp

The main difference between a guitar amp and a bass amp is that the power required by a guitar amp is less while the power required by the bass amp is comparatively more. The speaker that is used in the guitar amp is smaller while the speaker which is used in the bass amp is comparatively bigger.

Guitar Amp vs Bass Amp

The usage of a guitar amp was first seen in the year 1947. The aim of using the electronic device was to strengthen the electrical signals which word potentially weak during the pickup.

The tone of the instrument can be effectively modified with the help of a guitar amp.

On the other hand, the usage of a bass amp was first seen in the 1920s. The aim of using the electronic device was 4 enhance the base of various low-pitched musical instruments.

The installation of the electronic device was mainly done in performances with huge audiences so that the sound can be heard clearly and properly.

Comparison Table Between Guitar Amp And Bass Amp

Parameters of ComparisonGuitar AmpBass Amp
Recruitment of Wattage Operates on 15-100 watts Operates on 150-500 watts and even higher sometimes
Frequency type Higher frequency Lower frequency
Waveforms type Longer waveforms Shorter waveforms
Power transmissionRequires comparatively less power to transmit soundRequires more power to transmit the sound and produce clearer sound from the speaker
Controlling power The control of transmission of sound is less difficultThe control of transmission of sound is more difficult

What is Guitar Amp?

A guitar amp or commonly known as a guitar amplifier is an electronic system or device that is used for strengthening the electrical signals which are weak from the pickup.

A guitar amp is used in bass guitar electric guitar and even acoustic guitar to produce sound through loudspeakers. The housing of the loudspeakers is usually done in a wooden cabinet.

A guitar amp can be a metal cabinet or even a stand-alone wood containing the power amplifier circuit in it which is also known as a preamplifier.

The device has a requirement of a separate cabinet of speakers or usage of combo amplifiers which has both the amplifier as well as one or many speakers in the same wooden cabinet.

A guitar amp can be used for the modification of the tone of the instrument. It is done by the process of emphasizing and de-emphasizing certain frequencies through equalizer controls.

The guitar amp is available in a diverse range of sizes and power ratings for single usage to heavy loud performances in nightclubs or bars.

The guitar amp has the input of one-fourth of the Jack and is fed through the signal from the piezoelectric pickup or electromagnetic pickup. The signaling is done through a wireless transmitter or a patch cord.

Some guitarist also installs effect pedals before the transmission of the signal to the amplifier so that the sound of the tone can be altered.

What is Bass Amp?

A bass amp or commonly known as the bass amplifier is an electronic device for musical instruments that operates on electrical power.

The function of the device is to make lower-pitched instruments have loud bass so that they can be heard properly by the audience and the performers. The instrument is used in bass guitar or double bass.

Bass amp contains tone controls preamplifier, power amplifier, and single or many loudspeakers in the same cabinet. The main feature of the device is in low-frequency sound reproduction.

The loudspeakers of the bass amp are heavier and sturdier to control high levels of power during the reproduction of low pitches. The process includes high sound pressure levels.

A bass amplifier was first used in the 1920s as an upright bass.

Various types of equipment are used in electric bass for amplification which depends on the style of music, performance setting, size of the venue, the sound which is desired by the bassist, and various other related factors.

Professional bassists usually have expensive cabinets and boutique amps. The smaller bass amps are usually used for individual practice in a small space.

These amps do not produce the high volume or low-frequency sound reproduction.

For club performances come rehearsals, recording sessions in-studio bass players usually use combo amplifiers which have various equipment in the single cabinet.

The transportation and installation of such amps are easier and the bass player is powerful.

Main Differences Between Guitar Amp and Bass Amp

  1. The purpose of a guitar amp is to modify the tone of the instrument while the purpose of a bass amp is to provide loud bass to lower-pitched instruments.
  2. Guitar amp requires lower wattage while a bass amp requires higher wattage comparatively.
  3. The speaker cabinet in a guitar amp is smaller while the speaker cabinet in a bass amp is comparatively larger.
  4. The base cabinet of the guitar amp is made of low to moderate quality wood or metal while the base cabinet of the bass amp is made from high-quality wood.
  5. Guitar amp was first used in 1947 while the first use of the bass amp was in the 1920s.
Difference Between Guitar Amp and Bass Amp


Amplifiers that are shortened as “amp” play a pivotal role in musical instruments. The main job of amplifiers is to make them sound more clearer and audible.

It is the audio signal which is produced from the player. There are various devices where power amplifiers are installed and are mandatory for proper functioning holster

Guitar amp and bass amp are the two most common types of amplifiers. Both the amplifiers have distinct features and differences.

The users need to evaluate all the parameters of distinction before making a final choice of decision with the amp so that the amp can fulfill all the needs and requirements of the device.


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