Difference Between Producer and Executive Producer

Everyone would have come across the terms Executive producer and Producer displayed during movie credits.


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Though the role of executive producer and producer may sound similar both have different roles to play during the filming and production of a movie. They are part of a movie’s production team.

Producer vs Executive Producer

The difference between Producer and Executive producer is that a Producer supervises the things happening in the filming set, on the other hand, an Executive Producer is the head of the production team and funds the entire movie. The executive producer is the person who provides the required amount of money to produce a movie.

Producer vs Executive Producer

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A producer is a person who takes care of the everyday activities in a filming set. He supervises the work done by the director and the cast and crew members of the set.

He is considered the head of the filming set. Every department has a leader. For example, there is the leader for all the makeup artists working in the set. All these department heads report to the Producer about the work being done.

The executive producer is the person who usually funds the movie. They select the cast members and the crew including the director. In some cases, the director approaches the executive to produce funds for their project.

The executive producer may be a single person or two to three partners. If the movie is produced by a production company. The CEO of the company is the executive producer.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonProducerExecutive producer
Position He is the head of the filming set but his superior authority is the executive producer. Top at the production unit.
RoleOrganize the entire film production.Providing funding or finding a funding source.
Responsibility Producers make sure that the budget is utilized for film production.Gaining the trust of investors to invest in the film.
Hands-on roleThe producer is always present on set and he supervises the creative, physical, and technical aspects of the film. Executive producers rarely visit the movie set and act as the advisor for the creative and marketing of the film.
Eligibility for awardsThe producer is eligible for movie awards. Executive producer is not eligible for industry awards. But, the best movie award is received by the producing company.
Salary Producers get paid by the Executive producer.The executive producer gets a percentage of the profit obtained by the movie.

What is a Producer?

A producer organizes the daily events that are planned to happen on set. The producer makes sure everything needed on the set is available. He maintains the circulation of the budget in the process of film production.

Unlike the other crew members, the producer works throughout the entire project. He must work from the beginning of the selection of script till the release of the movie.

The producer needs to complete the task within the given time and must report it to the executive producer. He should also make sure that the production adheres to the estimated budget and does not exceed it.

Producers normally seem to have a close association with the director. There should be a mutual understanding between the producer and director. Lack of understanding between them may jeopardize the entire project.

Producers are commonly hired by executive producers. However, sometimes the producer may seek an executive producer to fund his project.

In this case, the producer has the right to pick the director, script, actors, and others. Director needs the producer’s approval to implement his creative ideas.

The producer also has the responsibility to find sponsors and advertisers for the film. He has to work on the marketing plans for the film and release it. Producers must have the ability to take charge of complicated situations and lead the crew properly.

What is an Executive Producer?

The executive producer may be a single person funding a movie or a big production company. Executive producers provide financial support throughout the process of production.

The executive producer will predict the outcomes of a project and only then will he invest in it. The executive producer hires everyone for the project. He will also estimate the budget for a script.

Some executive producers do not fund the movies themselves but find another source to fund the movie. These sources may be one or many investors.

An executive producer has more than one project going on at the same time so, they don’t visit the set on a daily basis.

The major role of the executive producer is to find a stable funding source for the film. They estimate the projected profit of the film and submit it along with the budget they framed to the producing studio.

They try to get their funding approved by the producing company. Their role also includes deciding the salary of every cast and crew member. They also negotiate contracts with the stars. They also hire producers.

The executive producer does not get involved in the day-to-day activities of the filming. But, the involvement level of the executive producer depends on their personal interests in the movie.

They get all the necessary pieces of information about the filming through the producer.

Main Differences Between Producer and Executive Producer

  1. Executive producers may find a script impressive and profitable so, they decide to invest in it and hire the producer. On the other hand, the producer approaches the executive producer to fund the script he made with the writer.
  2. The producer updates the Executive producer on the progress of filming while the executive producer does not get involved in the daily schedule of the production process.
  3. The producer organizes the filming but, the executive producer only funds the movie.
  4. The producer is in close association with the director and casts while the executive producer keeps in touch with the sponsors and funding organization of the movie.
  5. The producer gets hands-on in the movie production, while the executive producer manages the financial aspects of the movie.
  6. The producer is considered as the manager of a film while the executive producer is the top executive of the entire project.
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