Difference Between Marshall Woburn and Marshall Stanmore

Marshall has been a significant component of the music scene since time immemorial. It has been a big name in creating the perfect sound for different bands throughout the year.


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Marshall Woburn vs Marshall Stanmore

The difference between Stanmore and Woburn is that Woburn can produce a louder range of sound. The Marshall Woburn is known to create a clean and loud sound in comparison with the Stanmore. 

Marshall Woburn vs Marshall Stanmore

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonMarshall Woburn Marshall Stanmore
PriceBeing an upgrade to the Stanmore, Woburn is more expensive.Stanmore is the second addition to this range. It is also pricey.
PowerThe Woburn contains a Woofer, Tweeters, and a Digital amplifier having 110W power.The Stanmore contains the same components as the Woburn but consists of 80W total.
Quality of BassThe bass on the Woburn has a lot of depth. It makes the speaker create a vibrant sound.Stanmore can create a bass of good sound as well but is inferior to the Woburn.
Number of componentsThe Woburn contains two woofers and two tweeters.This speaker only has one woofer and two tweeters.
Lower VolumesThe Woburn cannot perform very well at lower volumes. This can make it hard to listen at night.The Stanmore is built for listening to music at a more reasonable volume. It performs better in the lower volumes.

What is Marshall Stanmore? 

Marshall Stanmore is the second addition to the Bluetooth range of speakers that came out. This hefty piece of equipment is capable of delivering probably the best sound from a Bluetooth speaker.

This station also contains a 3.5 mm jack and a button to specify a speaker. This button includes two modes.

The setup of the speaker is fairly simple as it can connect to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. It can play from Spotify, Chromecast, or Air-Play.

In addition to this, the speaker is under the control of the Marshall Bluetooth. This app can customize the sound by acting as an equalizer. 

The speaker’s interior consists of a five-inch woofer which is a 50W class D amplifier, and two 15W tweeters. This comes up to 80W speakers. 

The only disadvantage of the speaker is that it does not have a remote. Therefore, all control will happen through the app. 

marshall stanmore

What is Marshall Woburn? 

The Marshall Woburn looks identical to the Stanmore. This upgrade from the Stanmore has an overall better sound quality in comparison to the Stanmore.

The sound of this speaker stands out as it can play a very loud range of audio. However, this sound is not jarring.

A disadvantage regarding this speaker is that the sound it produces at the lowest volume is still quite invasive. This speaker could pose a problem for the individual living in a quiet neighborhood.

The Marshall Multi-Room App finds use in controlling this speaker as well. Woburn can connect to Spotify, Chromecast, and Airplay. 

It also contains a 3.5 mm jack like the Stanmore. It also possesses an RCA connection.

One cannot control the speakers through a remote, just like the Stanmore. 

The warranty period on both these speakers is available for one year. 

marshall woburn

Main Differences Between Marshall Woburn and Marshall Stanmore

  1. The Marshall Woburn is much more expensive than the Stanmore. There is an almost $200 price difference between the two. 
  2. The Marshall Woburn is bigger and heavier in comparison to the Marshall Stanmore.
  3. The Woburn contains a pair of woofers that possess a power of 40W each. In addition to this, it also has two tweeters of 15W power. This creates a wattage of 110W. The Stanmore is one woofer short and possesses a power of 80W. 
  4. The Woburn can create a louder sound in comparison to the Stanmore. The sound quality of the Woburn is also better. 


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