Difference Between Me Too and Times Up

Sexual harassment is said to be unlawful gender discrimination around the world.


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Me too and Times up are the two campaigns that are formed for equal rights movements on social media to show support for those who share their experiences of sexual harassment or assault to speak up for themselves.

Me Too Vs Times Up

The difference between Me Too and Times Up is that Me too is mainly initiated in social media creating a hashtag to create awareness and share affected stories of victims of sexual assault and harassment whereas Times up is a campaign that was initiated to combat assault in the workplace.

Me Too Vs Times Up

Me Too Movement is one of the most inspiring movements in the entire world. The aim behind the movement is to make Women free from sexual abuse and harassment.

It is a powerful tool for women, who are afraid of telling what had happened with them in fear or shame.

Times Up started in 2017 and it is a legal defense fund and a call to action for women to seek equality in all aspects of life.

The goal of this was to put an end to sexual harassment across all industries and the right to speak for their justice.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonMe TooTimes Up
MeaningThe me too is a social media campaign against sexual abuse.It seeks action against these people who harass female colleagues at the workplace.
Motive Behind the CampaignWomen can express their emotions towards sexual assault.It is more of a call for action to speak up against the issue.
Started ByThis movement was started by Tarana Burke in 2006.It was created by Hollywood Celebrities
Gained PopularityIn October 2017 it had become famous in more than 86 CountriesOn January 1st, 2018, it was founded by 300 Top-notch Celebrities on the 75th Golden Globe Award.
Social Media Term It has become a trend with the Tag #MeToo.It has become a trend with the Tag #TimesUp.

What is Me Too?

Me too is an initiative that supports women who have survived sexual harassment or assault and highlights the widespread prevalence of gender-based violence.

After the harassment allegations against film producer Harvey Weinstein, actress Alyssa Milano urged women to tweet their experiences of sexual harassment with the hashtag MeToo.

The campaign, which was first launched in 2006 and is founded by Tarana Burke, focuses on using empathy, connection, and community to heal the wounds caused by trauma, while also empowering survivors to share their stories.

Furthermore, the campaign is inclusive of all survivors; men and women alike it does not hold a potential survivor’s gender against them.

The movement was jumpstarted when actor Alyssa Milano tweeted about her own experience with being sexually harassed by her tweet.

The tweet gathered over 30,000 retweets and 90,000 likes within three days.

It was also shared hundreds of thousands of times on Facebook and Instagram. Within 24 hours more than 12 million tweets were used on this hashtag.

The Me Too has fire spread across more than 80 countries and women across the globe have started using this hashtag to express their experiences and awareness among others on how they affected and overcame.

What is Times Up?

TimesUp founded in 2017, is a movement from women in entertainment for structural change across all industries to combat sexual harassment and inequality.

It is implemented to stand with women in every industry and together demand. It also holds perpetrators of abuse and harassment accountable, across all industries.

It implies demand in workplaces that make people feel safe, valued, and respected. It was initiated to fight for equal opportunity, pay, treatment regardless of gender or any others.

Women’s voices should be heard through our combined strength, determination, and commitment to each other.

Hundreds of activists, advocates, and allies to ensure that they take the best possible steps forward for meaningful change who work alongside this movement.

The Times Up Legal Defense Fund collected more than 10 million, legal funds are given by more than 300 donors, including celebrities including Shonda Rhimes, Reese Witherspoon, and Jennifer Aniston, who donated 1 million each, actress Natalie Portman and producer Kathleen Kennedy.

Those who have experienced sexual harassment, assault, or abuse in the workplace was benefited by the funds which subsidized legal support to women and men.

The money helped less privileged women and men who need legal assistance but cannot afford an attorney.

Main Differences Between Me Too and Times Up

  1. Timesup is a call for an end to assault in every industry, where Me Too is an inception of the victim to post on social media.
  2. Me Too initiated to share their own stories of harassment. The Times Up urges women to fight legally in their workplace.
  3. Me Too campaign was initiated by social activists where Timesup is started by a group of High Notch women.
  4. Times Up is more of an advocacy movement, while MeToo is more of a social media movement
  5. MeToo has been for more than 10 years while Times Up started a few years before only.
Difference Between Me Too and Times Up


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