Difference Between Meta and Tencent

Many years ago, when technology had just started blooming all across the globe, certain companies started competing in a similar field in order to acquire the top position in the field of technology.

This similar case is being repeated today by the launch of a new concept called metaverse. The two biggest companies that are competing in the race of this new concept are Meta and Tencent. 

Meta vs Tencent 

The main difference between Meta and Tencent is that the former basically represents an American multinational company officially named Meta platforms incorporated. While on the other hand, the latter basically represents another Chinese tech company known as Tencent holdings limited. These two companies are very much competing with one another in the race of technology. 

Meta vs Tencent

Meta is an American multinational company based in California officially named meta platforms Inc. Previously, the company was named Facebook, and recently it has shifted its name from Facebook to meta.

The company has a technology-oriented company that carries on business activities in almost all the prominent countries all across the globe. 

While on the other hand, Tencent is a Chinese multinational company officially named Tencent Holdings Ltd.

The company has been working within the territory of China in the field of technology for the past so many years, and in the past five years, it has extended its business operations in certain other corners of the world as well.

In the upcoming race of metaverse, Tencent is being considered a strong opponent of other businesses. 

Comparison Table Between Meta and Tencent 

Parameters of Comparison Meta  Tencent 
Meaning  The term refers to an American multinational company named meta platforms inc. The term refers to a Chinese multinational company named Tencent holdings limited. 
Origin  It is an American company based in California. It is a Chinese company based in Shenzhen. 
Products and services The biggest services provided by the company include Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc. The company provides certain messaging platforms prominently operated in china along with prominent games like PUBG. 
Established in The company was established in the year 2004. The company was established in the year 1998. 
Scope of operation The company focuses on providing platforms of communication to its customers. The company not just provides technological services and solutions but also operates in the field of gaming on a very large scale. 

What is Meta? 

Founded in the year 2004, Facebook is known as one of the major and prominent American multinational companies to have ever operated all across the globe.

However, owing to the increasing popularity of metaverse among the users of technology, the company decided to rename itself after the particular concept and now is known as Meta Platforms Inc. 

The biggest products and services of the company can easily be listed down as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and certain other subsidiaries.

Having its headquarters in California, the United States of America, Meta is one of the most popular technology companies all across the globe, and the valuation of the company is no less than companies like Google. 

In the upcoming years, there is a probability of the introduction of a new concept in the field of technology known as Metaverse.

In other words, this term particularly reflects a complete network of virtual worlds situated in different 3D networks and meta as a technological company has been pursuing this concept for so many years.

In terms of revenue, the company has earned a total revenue of approximately 90 million U.S. dollars. 

What is Tencent? 

Founded in the year 1998, Tencent is a very popular and prominent multinational company based in Shenzen, China.

The company has been serving the field of technology for the past two decades and is also known as one of the largest companies to have ever operated in the field of gaming along with technology as well. 

From its very inception, the company has served the consumer market in terms of various Internet-related products, and recently the company has introduced multiple chains of artificial intelligence-based products.

Apart from being a big name in the gaming industry, the company has also emerged as one of the prominent vendors of gaming platforms all across the globe. 

A very popular game manufactured by this company is known as player unknown’s battleground or PUBG. Not just in China but in other prominent countries as well, this game has become very popular in the past two years.

Apart from serving in the fields of games, the company also provides certain platforms for communication via the Internet like WeChat, etc.

However, due to the popularity of Facebook all across the globe, the major social media operations of this company are limited to China only. 

Main Differences Between Meta and Tencent 

  1. Meta refers to an American multinational company formerly named Facebook, while on the other hand, Tencent refers to a Chinese multinational company working in the field of technology. 
  2. Meta is officially named Meta Platforms Inc., while on the other hand, Tencent is officially named Tencent Holdings Ltd. 
  3. Meta is a company based in California and has its operations in the fields of social media sites etc., while on the other hand, Tencent is a company based in Shenzhen and has operations from technological solutions to prominent gaming applications. 
  4. Meta it’s operating in the consumer market all across the globe, while on the other hand, Tencent is operating prominently in-country China. 
  5. Meta has 13 major products like Facebook and WhatsApp, while on the other hand, Tencent has certain major products like WeChat and PUBG. 


Metaverse it’s being seen as the biggest revolution of the 21st century, and all the bigger companies having their operations in the field of technology are looking forward to conceptualizing this particular idea in their products and services.

The two major companies that are likely to compete with one another in the race of Metaverse are Meta and Tencent.

While on one side, the former depicts an American multinational company that was previously known as Facebook and extends all across the globe in terms of its business operations. 

On the other side, the latter depicts a prominent Chinese multinational company having operationally in China but also in other parts of the world as well.

The former comprises certain services like Facebook and Instagram, while the latter comprises certain services like WeChat and PUBG.

However, owing to the increasing era of technology, it is crucial to becoming aware of the differences between these two companies. 


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