Difference Between Microsoft 365 Business Standard and E3

Microsoft Cooperation is responsible for the development of software and hardware for its customers. Bill Gates and Paul Allen started this well-known American corporation.

Microsoft 365 Business Standard and E3 are two premium plans of the Microsoft cooperation that consists of security, databases, and other beneficial software for small and large companies.

Microsoft 365 Business Standard vs E3

The main difference between Microsoft 365 Business Standard and E3 is that Microsoft 365 Business Standard is a premium software package for smaller companies or start-ups.

On the other hand, Microsoft E3 is a premium software package for larger firms.

Moreover, Microsoft 365 E3 is a costly package as compared to the Microsoft 365 Business Standard.

Microsoft 365 Business Standard vs E3

Microsoft 365 Business Standard is a subscription-based software package. It also consists of a package of the famous software product (Microsoft Office products).

It’s the standard plan of the Microsoft 365 having an old name was office 365, introduced in 2010. The former name of the Microsoft 365 Business Standard was Microsoft 365 Business Premium.

Microsoft 365 E3 is a large-scale collaboration software solution that is available on a subscription basis. It provides massive businesses with secure cloud connectivity.

It also allows users to access the software from numerous electronic devices. Furthermore, it covers all of E1’s services with office applications on both desktop and mobile screens.

Comparison Table Between Microsoft 365 Business Standard and E3

Parameters of ComparisonMicrosoft 365 Business StandardMicrosoft 365 E3
PurposeMicrosoft 365 Business Standard software package is designed for smaller companies.Microsoft 365 E3 is a software package made for larger firms.
Memory ProvidedThe cloud memory under Microsoft 365 Business is 1TB per user.Under Microsoft 365 E3, each user’s cloud memory could be increased to 5TB.
Security FeaturesThe security features of Microsoft 365 Business Standard are Mobile device management, and Azure Identity Protection.The security features of Microsoft E3 are advanced.
Email StorageMicrosoft 365 Business Standard provides up to 50 GB of storage.Microsoft 365 E3 plan offers unlimited storage.
Subscription PlansMicrosoft 365 Business Standard has monthly and yearly subscription plans.Microsoft 365 E3 has an annual subscription plan.

What is Microsoft 365 Business Standard?

Microsoft 365 Business Standard package is a component of Microsoft 365. It was previously known as Microsoft 365 Business Premium.

This package is more than twice the Microsoft 365 business Basic version in terms of cost.

Microsoft Office (Outbox, Word, Excel, PowerPoint)is available in both a desktop and a cloud version under the standard package.

Microsoft 365 Business Standard features all of Microsoft 365 Business Basic’s applications, as well as Microsoft Booking and MileIQ (supported in a few nations.)

This additional application Microsoft Booking allows the companies customer to make bookings. Regarding MileIQ, it is an application that tracks the companies vehicle.

With the help of this tracker, one can keep a check on their drivers and allocate the transportation resources accordingly.

Self-service password reset (SSPR) is also included in this subscription package for accessing cloud services.

This feature benefits not just the company by decreasing the pressure on the help desk, but it also benefits end customers by allowing them to unlock their software without the need for external assistance.

Under Microsoft 365 Business Standard, one can avail add on services such as data loss prevention for preventing all the data of the company and customers.

It is compatible with multiple operating systems such as Windows 8.1, 10, 11, and all Mac versions.

What is Microsoft 365 E3?

Microsoft 365 E3 is a subscription bundle based on the Microsoft Enterprising license for larger enterprises that has services in many regions.

It combines the functionality of a desktop program, a mobile app, and a cloud application in one package.

It means one can use both online and offline applications. Advanced applications are available in the Microsoft 365 E3 plan related to cloud storage.

It provides access to more than 300 licenses in a single subscription plan, unlike the Microsoft 365 Business plan.

Under a single plan, Microsoft Office products could be installed on up to five desktops, five mobile devices, five tablets, or five Mac devices per user.

Security technologies such as message encryption, proper management, and data loss prevention (intelligent security to protect data) secure all of the users’ information.

Moreover, it also provides the service of self-service password reset (SSPR) for all end users. So that customers are not troubled if they sometimes forget their passwords.

Along with the Microsoft Intune applications, Microsoft 365 E3 includes health-related tools to aid users with health-related problems and VOIP services for calling purposes.

The problem with Microsoft 365 E3 subscription plan is that it does not have a monthly subscription. It requires a yearly subscription, which is more expensive than other Microsoft programs.

Main Differences Between Microsoft 365 Business Standard and E3

  1. Microsoft 365 Business Standard only supports up to 300 licenses per firm in a single subscription plan. On the other hand, Microsoft 365 E3 allows buying unlimited licenses per firm.
  2. Microsoft 365 Business Standard provides 1 TB of cloud space per user. However, under Microsoft 365 E3 subscription, 5 TB cloud space is available per user.
  3. Microsoft 365 Business Standard can store emails and calendar events up to 50 GB. On the other hand, Microsoft 365 E3 provides unlimited storage for emails and calendars.
  4. Microsoft 365 Business Standard provides all kinds of subscription plans (monthly and yearly). On the contrary, Microsoft 365 E3’s subscription is purchased for at least one year.
  5. Microsoft 365 Business Standard do not provide Microsoft’s voice over IP services to the users like the Microsoft 365 E3 provides for business purpose.


Both Microsoft 365 Business Standard and Microsoft 365 E3 provide advanced-level Microsoft services to distinct companies. Both are paid subscriptions of the Microsoft cooperations.

Business Standard offers less storage space for e-mails and important events than Microsoft 365 E3.

Microsoft 365 Business Standard also includes a standard 1 TB of cloud storage which is lower than the storage provided by Microsoft 365 E3.

Moreover, email archiving storage is also lesser in Microsoft 365 Business Standard (100 GB), but in Microsoft 365 E3, it is 1 TB.

The main feature that Microsoft 365 E3 includes is VOIP for its clients.

They do not have to depend on telecommunication companies for making business-related calls.


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