Difference Between Microsoft R Open and R Studio

Both R and R studio are extensively used in software development and application development. These are tools provided by Microsoft for computer application development.


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Both the tools allow for the creation of powerful software and applications, with powerful features that allow for a good customer experience. Both the tools are excellent in making high-end software and powerful apps for different operating systems.

R Open vs R Studio

The difference between Microsoft R open and R studio is that R open is a programming language, whereas R studio is an Integrated Development Environment or an IDE. R is the programming language on which R studio operates. Thus R performs the statistical computations required for running R studio in the operating system of the computer.

R Open vs R Studio

Microsoft R open is a completely open-source computational operation platform for statistical analysis and performing data science computation.

It is a programming language that is used by data scientists and computer analysts to create tools that help in statistical computation and big data analysis.

The language is completely open-source, meaning anybody can make changes and upgrades to the already existing modules.

Microsoft R studio is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE). It provides an interface for developing programs and software using the R programming language.

There are many features and development tools programmed into R studio that allow for ease of development while programming software using the R language.

It is a very powerful tool that helps is quick with many features that provide a sophisticated user experience.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonMicrosoft R OpenMicrosoft R Studio
DefinitionMicrosoft R Open is an open-source programming language that is used to make statistical analysis programs and softwareMicrosoft R studio is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that provides an interface while using R language to write programs
DependenceR open is an independent language and can be installed on any computerR studio is an IDE and it can only compile codes that gave been written in the R language
Operating system extensionsR open works in both Windows and Mac OS. In Mac OS the extension for R open is .pkgR studio works better in the windows operating system. For Mac operating system, the extension for R studio is .tgz
Initial ReleaseMicrosoft R was established as an open-source project in 1995 by Robert Gentleman and Ross IhakaR studio was developed by Joseph J. Allaire and was released in 2011
ApplicationsMany statistical analysis programs are made using the R programming language R studio provides tools such as a quick access code editor and debugger for a sophisticated programming experience

What is Microsoft R Open?

Microsoft R open is a completely open-source programming language that is used by computer scientists and analysts to create programs and software that are used to perform statistical operations.

The language is very widely used in statistical programming and computational analysis operations due to its big data handling capabilities.

The true power of the R programming language lies in its ability to perform operations and statistical computation on big data sets of information. Hence this language is used specifically to make statistical analysis software and programs.

Big data handling is a key aspect of statistical analysis and the data sets generally include large groups of data. Hence the powerful programming languages like Python and R are preferred while performing operations on such large sets of data.

Another advantage of using R is its open-source nature. Being an open-source platform, independent users and individuals from different organizations can create custom modules or upgrade the pre-existing modules in the R package.

This allows for large-scale customizability and opens the door for new ways of solving statistical analysis problems.

Microsoft has also made a lot of upgrades to the R platform since the initial release to make the language more sophisticated and provide a better user experience.

What is Microsoft R Studio?

Microsoft R studio is an Integrated Development Environment developed by Joseph J. Allaire and it was initially released in 2011.

It is a program that is used by software developers and programmers to create applications and other software using the R programming language.

It provides an interface for easy programming and also provides certain tools and features that aid in the software development process.

One of the features that this IDE has is an easy access code editor and code debugger. This allows for quick editing and easy debugging of the code. This also allows for a sophisticated coding experience with minimum complications.

The IDE is specially made for the R programming language and it can only work with the R programming language. This is the main difference between R studio and other IDEs like visual studio, jupyter notebook, etc.

Most IDEs can work with two or more programming languages, but R studio can only function over R programming language. Thus R studio is designed to provide maximum functionality while working with R programs.

This is the key benefit of using R studio as it can provide powerful tools and features specifically designed for the R programming language. R studio is also upgraded with every new release of the R platform, providing a smooth experience.

Main Differences Between Microsoft R Open and R Studio

  1. Microsoft R open is an open-source programming language that is used to make programs and applications for statistical analysis. S studio is an Integrated Development Environment that is used as an interface while programming with R language.
  2. R open is an independent language and it works in any computer. R studio works only with R programming language.
  3. The Mac extension for R open is .pkg. The Mac extension for R studio is .tgz.
  4. R open was initially released as an open-source project by Robert Gentleman and Ross Ihaka in 1995. R studio was released in the year 2011.
  5. R language is generally used to make programs that can perform statistical analysis. R studio is used to edit, debug and compile the codes written on R language.


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