Difference Between Midfielder and Striker in Football

Football is an emotion for many people all over the planet. People idolize this sport along with its players. Football players like Messi and Ronaldo are idols for many.


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A midfielder and a striker are two important positions in this game, without which football would not exist. Both the positions are critical in a match.

Midfielder vs Striker in Football

The difference between midfielder and striker in football is that midfielder has various roles in the field. On the other hand, striker in football only has a single duty. It is to make goals. Both the striker and the midfielder are important figures in the game, and football would lose its meaning without them.

Midfielder vs Striker in Football

Midfielders control the tempo of the game. They are in charge of the offense’s progression and orchestration. Midfielders come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they all play different roles.

They could be in charge of the wide play, defensive play, and so on. Midfielders also assist the offense and defense with their respective duties. It is more important to have a strong football intellect than to be overly athletic in midfield.

Strikers are to get the ball into the net. They must, however, maintain the play. Maintain possession in the assaulting half while also moving to make room for others.

Strikers must be athletic, mobile, and strong. The ability to elude defenders characterizes strikers, pass into space via the defender’s blindside, and catch the ball in a great goal-scoring situation. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonMidfielderStriker in Football
RoleGives the ball away.Receive the ball.
ResponsibilitiesDifferent roles.Score goals.
Judged byHow many passes they give.How many goals they make.
CriteriaHave firm knowledge about the game.Have to be athletic.
ExamplesModric, XaviRonaldo, Pele

What is Midfielder?

In football, they position a midfielder in the center of the field and are responsible for connecting the team’s defenders and forwards.

This role also entails a midfielder taking on the accountabilities of both the offense and defense, aiding them throughout the match, implying that they play a variety of roles. 

Midfielders assist their fellow players by operating up and down the ground and efficiently interacting to make sure that each player is in the correct position.

Football classifies midfielders into four categories. The midfielder moves the ball from one side of the field to the other, enabling the defenders and forwards to protect their current positions.

A midfielder can make precise and lengthy passes to their fellow players. 

The midfielder is to assist both the defense and the offense when necessary. A good midfielder can properly measure the opposition’s play and devise strategies for regaining control of the ball.

Midfielders serve as extra defense barriers and supplement the number of attacking gamers as required. 

Attacking midfielders is usually creative, dribbling and scoring against adversaries. The position of a midfielder on the field provides a significant advantage over defenders with scoring goals.

As a result, a good midfielder has the accuracy and resilience to effectively take long-range shots, giving them an offensive part in the game. However, it can sometimes be preferable to throw the ball to an upfield or striker.

What is Striker in Football?

Forwards, also recognized as attackers and strikers in football, are the gamers on a squad who play closest to the oppositional team’s goal and are thus mainly accountable for scoring goals.

Because of their advanced role and restricted defensive obligations, forwards typically score a lot of goals than other gamers; as a result, they are frequently among the most well-known and expensive players on their teams. 

This is among the most physically demanding jobs, and they often affiliated it with the most concussions. Forwards are the most skilled players and the most tricky spot to play.

Modern team structures typically have one to three forwards, with two being the most prevalent. They are usually quick players with excellent ball control and ball-handling skills. 

A good striker ought to shoot with both feet with confidence, have great speed and precision, and be able to insert the ball under stress in breakaway circumstances.

The role of a striker in football is among the most thrilling to play and observe. This position in the team causes a high level of self-assurance and carries a huge role. 

The striker is the player on a squad who is the finest at scoring a goal. They are provided with this stance and obligation because they excel in it. They are not only extremely qualified but also capable of scoring goals when given the opportunity.

Main Differences Between Midfielder and Striker in Football

  1. A midfielder is someone who distributes the ball to the forward players or technically the strikers to score goals, whereas the strikers receive the ball from the rest of the team to score a goal.
  2. Midfielders have different roles in the field, whereas there is no such positional difference among strikers and their only job is to convert the balls into goals provided by the midfielders.
  3. The midfielders are referred to as number 6, number 8, whereas a prolific striker is referred to or called a proper number 9.
  4. A midfielder’s capability is judged by how many times during a game the player can make a defense breaking pass to open up the clear cut possibility for a goal whereas the capability of a striker is judged by how much the player can convert those passes from the midfield or the wings to the back of the net.
  5. Some great examples of midfield players are Xavi, Iniesta, Kroos, Modric, etc. and some great examples of strikers are Pele, Maradona, Ronaldo, Lewandowski, Benzema, etc.
Difference Between Midfielder and Striker in Football


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