Difference Between MMA and UFC

The word refers to the mixed martial-art, and the UFC refers to the ultimate fighting championship.


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MMA is a sport where the UFC is the organization that organizes the MMA fights.


The difference between MMA and UFC is that the word MMA ( Mixed Martial Arts) is the sports. On the other hand, the word UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) is the organization in which MMA fights are organized.


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The word MMA refers to mixed martial arts, which have been started in the 1980s. The mixed art style has been seen in many countries like Europe, Japan, and the Pacific, even from the 1900s. It is being believed that mixed martial arts got their popularity after the UFCwas launched in 1993. Martial arts are the combination of various fighting styles, like the MMA fighters, who are also trained in boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, and jiu-jitsu.

The word UFC refers to the ultimate fighting championship, which has its headquarter in the United States. The organization aimed to promote martial arts. The launch for the UFC credits goes to Robert Meyrowtiz, Rorion Gracie, and Art Davie.

Comparison Table

Parameter of Comparison MMAUFC
Meaning The word MMA refers to mixed martial art, which is a sport.The word UFC refers to the ultimate fighting championship, which is an organization.
Combination   Mixed martial arts MMA is a combination of various fighting skills like boxing, wrestling, etc.              UFC aims to promote martial arts on a different platform.
Formed Martial arts have been practiced for more than a hundred years or maybe a thousand years.UFC was formed in 1993.            
Headquarters   MMA has been seen in the practice in Japan and Europe since the late 90s.UFC headquarters was built in Las Vegas.
Popularity   Martial arts have been popular because of the UFC.  UFC is a brand name which sells mixed martial art. MMA has become popular because of the UFC.

What is MMA?

MMA means mixed martial arts. This sport has recently gained its recognition, but mixed martial arts have been played for a hundred years or maybe a thousand years.

It is a full-contact sport where the player can use both wrestling and striking move in both standings or on the ground.

In past times, players have played these sports with this kind of rules like the ancient Olympic combat sport in pankration that have been practiced in ancient Greece and later it was also practiced in Romans.

It sports MMA gained its popularity in the twenty century where millions of people from the have become a fan of this sport. We can also tell that this sport has become popular because of the UFC ultimate fighting championship.

 Mixed martial arts is referred to as a combat sport where two competitors aim to achieve dominance over one another by using three general tactics finishing holds, control, and striking.

This rule allows the fighter to use various martial art technique like kicks, joint locks, punches, chokes, throws, and takedowns.

The player mainly wins in the game by knocking out another player or stopping by referee or competitor cornermen, or by the fight doctor.

Mixed martial art also describes a modern martial arts style with many techniques and theories from the other sportive martial arts.


What is UFC?

The UFC means the ultimate fighting championship is the most prominent mixed martial art organization in the world.

This organization shows the best martial art fighter using several martial art styles and disciplines in the fight. EA SPORTS UFC3 is the modern name given to the UFC game series.

A standard UFC fight between the players consists of five minutes rounds. However, the title fights between the players can be extended from the minute’s rounds.

A referee can stop the fight if any of the one players tap out because of submission or when the fighter is knocked out or is no longer defending himself.

The UFC has been advertising MMA sport most prominently. They are using all the other promotions which exist or have been used for advertising.

The UFC is considered the biggest stage and hosts some, maybe not all, for mixed martial arts talent worldwide. Ufc carries their format for their fighters, which are not shared by the others.

The UFC currently holds eight different classes, which means different wight champions who stand on the top challenger to take the challenge. UFC has the issue title shot, which leaves the fan scratching their heads.


Main Differences Between MMA and UFC

  1. Both MMA and UFC are words that are connected to sports.
  2. The word MMA or Mixed Martial-Arts is a sport, but on the other hand, the word UFC( Ultimate Fighting Championship) is the organization.
  3. MMA ( Mixed Martial Arts) is the combination of various fighting like boxing, wrestling. On the other hand, the word UFC aim is to promote martial arts.
  4. The mixed martial arts style has been seen in Japan and Europe in the 1990s. On the other hand, UFC has been formed in 1993 and have its headquarter in Las Vegas
  5. UFC is a brand name with the help of which MMA sells, while MMA would not have been famous without UFC.
Difference Between MMA and UFC
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