Motto vs Slogan: Difference and Comparison

In addition to influencing our branding and marketing, slogans and mottoes serve various other functions. We can add additional levels of complexity to our branding by understanding the differences between them, why we may need one over the other, and when we would want to employ each of them.

Key Takeaways

  1. A motto is a short, guiding phrase expressing a core belief or value; a slogan is a catchy phrase used in marketing and advertising.
  2. Mottos are associated with organizations or countries; businesses use slogans to promote products or services.
  3. Mottos emphasize ideals and principles; slogans focus on brand recognition and memorability.

Motto vs. Slogan

The difference between a motto and a slogan is that a “motto” is described as a brief statement or phrase representing the concept or a guideline directing the conduct of a person. In contrast, “slogan” is defined as the combination of words or a phrase that is simple to remember and used by a group or company to attract attention.

Motto vs Slogan

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“A “motto” is a word used to identify a person or organization’s core principles or values. Conciseness is expressing one’s views or ideas in a single sentence or brief phrase.

A motto may be used in several ways, from an individual’s motto to an organization’s or business’s tagline.” “Political, religious, commercial, and other organizations utilize slogans to convey their message in a snappy phrase or a single line.

Businesses use it to draw attention to their brand and attract new customers and investors. It is utilized by all businesses to keep their personnel united and loyal to the brand.”

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonMottoSlogan
Definition A motto is a brief-term or phrase that expresses an individual’s, family’s, or institution’s values or goals.A slogan is a short statement used in advertising or marketing to get people’s attention.
DescriptionQuality is described by its motto in general.A slogan is a short phrase that defines a product or a service.
LengthThe length of a motto is more than the length of a slogan.Slogans are more concise than mottos.
PurposeThe motto was not designed to be used for marketing or advertising.Slogans are words that are used to promote or advertise something.
Type of StatementA slogan is a catchy phrase or remark used in public demonstrations, media, or assistance campaigns.A slogan is a catchy phrase or remark that is used in public demonstrations, in the media, or assistance campaigns.

What is Motto?

A motto is a brief statement or phrase that expresses a person’s or organization’s core values. This phrase or sentence might be a statement of belief or idea.

A person’s or group’s conduct is also influenced by it. There are mottos for countries, cities, organizations, and even families. For example, the motto of the University of Oxford is Dominus illuminatio mea. 

It is a maxim, not a motto, that defines a motto (derived from the Latin multum) as a succinct statement or phrase expressing a basic moral principle or guideline.

Generally, a motto summarizes a person’s or a group’s basic purpose or drive concisely. To distinguish it from a slogan, a motto is and almost only seen in written form (by word of mouth).

It may also result from long-standing societal norms or momentous events, such as revolutions, major reforms, or wars, that have influenced an institution. In a banderole, a motto is commonly put at the bottom of the shield.

This is a common practice in heraldry and dates back to the Middle Ages when most nobility had a coat of arms and a motto to represent their status.


What is Slogan?

In advertising and marketing, a slogan is a short, attention-grabbing statement. The difference between a slogan and a motto is that a slogan is primarily designed to draw attention. As a result, it is concise and memorable.

In contrast to mottos, slogans describe a product or service, but mottos focus more on a person’s character. Slogans were maybe even more concise than mottos. In contrast to a motto,

A slogan is a memorable phrase that is spoken orally rather than written down (which is in writing). Aside from tribal, commercial, political, religious, and other situations where it’s used to communicate ideas, aims, or intentions, it’s also a term that’s repeated.

Slogans are used to convince a certain group of people or the general public to choose a given course of action. Most often, it’s a catchy phrase that may be repeated or used in marketing campaigns.

Slogans are only a reflection of a company’s brand identity and don’t always communicate its values or beliefs.

Advocating for a certain course of action is its primary objective. When done correctly, the finest slogans are memorable and catchy and build attention for a certain campaign.

slogan 1

Main Differences Between Motto and Slogan

  1. The motto is a statement of belief or formal morals held by a person or organization, while the slogan is a motivational phrase used to promote something. 
  2. The quality of advertising is negotiated via the use of a motto, while the items and services are described through the use of a slogan. 
  3. A motto is a written declaration; conversely, a slogan is a phrase people listen to. 
  4. In contrast to slogans, which are used to promote and market businesses, mottos serve the objective of idealization. 
  5. People and organizations use motto expressions; however, religious parties mostly use slogans.
Difference Between Motto and Slogan

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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