Difference Between Nebulizer and Atomizer

Everywhere there is technology, not just in one area but in various fields around us. In the medical field, it benefited and helped in curing many diseases and medical disorders.

A nebulizer and an atomizer are two medical devices that help doctors. It is utilized in hospitals to support patients.

Nebulizer Vs Atomizer

The main difference between Nebulizer and Atomizer is that the nebulizer works with the help of a compressor that converts liquid medication into a mist form that enters the body, on the other hand the atomizer, which works with the help of electricity, delivers the liquid medication into liquid droplets that enter the body.

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A nebulizer has a compressor that converts fluid medicine into small droplets that enter the human body. As they are painless, they are widely used in hospitals and clinics.

It is treated for pulmonary disorders and lung ailments. As the liquid enters, it eases the patient and cures their ailments.

An atomizer is a small spray device that allows the production of very fine aerosols from solutions containing active ingredients. It is used for immediate relief of nasal congestion.

The medicine is passed through a tube, where the lips and tongue act as filters to allow it to pass through.

Comparison Table Between Nebulizer and Atomizer

Parameters Of ComparisonNebulizerAtomizer
Main UsageNebulizers are mainly used to treat illnesses of the lungs.These atomizers are mainly used in cosmetics, medicine, and perfume products.
Device UsedA nebulizer requires an instrument or device called a compressor.The atomizer doesn’t require any special equipment or devices.
Capacity A nebulizer can contain up to 7 milliliters of liquid medicine at a time.The atomizer can only hold 2 milliliters before needing to be replenished.
Heating CoilIt does not use any heating coil to heat up and turn liquid into vapor.An atomizer uses a heating coil to heat up and turn liquid into vapor.
SpecializationNebulization is used to treat asthma and other breathing disorders.It is treated for nasal infections like colds and also for beauty treatments.

What is Nebulizer?

A nebulizer is a device that uses high-pressure air to break up liquid solutions into vapor forms. It is provided to patients who are experiencing allergies, asthma problems, and other respiratory ailments.

At the beginning of each treatment, the patient breathes in a combination of helium and oxygen gases. This combination helps facilitate relief from congestion in the patient’s lungs.

During the procedure, the patient sits comfortably in a chair in a semi-backward position. The device is then attached to an oxygen concentrator, which is connected to a hose attached to the mask.

During the steps, the patient can inhale and exhale through this hose. The procedure is known as nebulizing. This device is included with an air compressor, air filter, and air hose with a plastic or silicone mouthpiece that fits the hose end.

Nowadays, portable and compact sizes are also available in shops and stores. The popular one is a handheld battery-powered device that resembles a long metal tube with a battery-powered fan.

These devices are convenient to pack, lightweight, and portable, and they can be used in an emergency. It is possible to receive treatment at a hospital or home. Many immunologists worldwide suggest this device.

What is Atomizer?

The Atomizer is a pain relief treatment option for individuals seeking short-term relief from most common and chronic illnesses.

Because of its cost-effectiveness, effectiveness, and safety features, it can be easily managed by an individual at their home or workplace to protect their body as it works on electric current.

The device usually contains an e-juice kind of medication. When the liquid inside the tube is used, it transforms into a spray or mist.

For those who cannot afford and need simple relief for nasal illness and other nausea problems, it is painless and people do not have to spend more money and time staying in hospitals.

The single piece and the dual piece are the two primary varieties.

The single pieces are usually small in size, the steel material having a cylindrical shape with a plastic attached mouthpiece at one end. It acts as a connector where the mouthpiece opens and connects to the tube and cylinder.

As the name implies, the dual piece has two cylinders, again made of stainless steel, where one connects to the plastic mouthpiece and the second connects to the vaporizing chamber, which is made of plastic and connected to a double ball valve.

Main Differences Between Nebulizer and Atomizer

  1. In comparison to an atomizer, a nebulizer will be capable of converting larger and more airborne particles.
  2. Atomizer employs electric power to make droplets, whereas a nebulizer uses airflow to make droplets transform into vapor.
  3. Some types of nebulizers are not portable enough to carry to outside places, while most of the atomizers are portable enough to carry to outside places.
  4. Nebulizers have an inbuilt device called a compressor to deliver the fluid, while an atomizer usually comes in a perfume glass bottle to deliver the liquid in spray form.
  5. In hospitals and for medicine, the term “nebulizer” is used, while the pharmacy uses the term “atomizer.”


Nebulizers and atomizers both deliver fluid medication. They operate on the same principle by passing a high-pressure air stream through the liquid to create particles with very small diameters.

Aerosols from a nebulizer and an atomizer cannot be distinguished so easily pointing which is best. Asthmatics can use nebulizers to manage their symptoms after an asthma attack.

An atomizer system typically keeps the bulk liquid from coming into contact with air and from subsequent evaporation.

The fact that both technologies are necessary for the same medical treatments suggests that, at the very least, patients and medical experts alike have some doubt about which one is better, and are seeking to hedge their bets.

But technology-wise they are not differentiated much. Because of their price, easiness, comfortableness, and portability, both are considered to be used in different ways and short-term cure ailments.


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