Difference Between Nebulizer and Humidifier

Nebulizer and Humidifier are both used in the medical field for respiratory therapy, especially for patients who are suffering from Asthma disease.

The function of both these devices is to convert the liquid air into a fine mist of droplets which can be easily inhaled by Asthma patients.

A humidifier is sometimes also used in the room to increase the moisture content of the air present in the room.

Nebulizer vs Humidifier 

The main difference between Nebulizer and Humidifier is that in Nebulizer the medication is put which converts it into the liquid form into fine droplets. On the other hand, the Humidifier adds moisture content to the oxygen. It is generally connected to an oxygen cylinder.

Nebulizer vs Humidifier

A Nebulizer is a small machine but a powerful source for patients suffering from Asthma. The liquid medication is put inside the Nebulizer, which transforms this into fine, moist air.

Usually, the droplets form, then it is inhaled by the patient through the nasal cavity. It is a quick form of help for patients who cannot breathe properly.

A Humidifier is mostly used in the room to increase the moisture content. When the air is too much dry, it is hard to breathe.

In order to provide moisture to the air, a Humidifier is used. It adds droplets of water which is generally in the form of droplets, into the air, thus increasing the moisture content.

A humidifier is also used in respiratory therapy for patients.

Comparison Table Between Nebulizer and Humidifier

Parameters of Comparison NebulizerHumidifier
Treatment TimeRapid treatment It takes time to dissolve the moisture into the air.
Size They are small in size. They are big in size for medical uses.
Inhalation Process It is inhaled through a mouthpiece. It is generally dispersed into the room.
Benefits Asthma patients can easily breatheIt moistures your dry skin and hairs.
Cost They are generally cheap. They are costly.

What is Nebulizer?

A Nebulizer is a small and portable machine that is used for patients that are not able to breathe properly, especially for patients who are suffering from Asthma disease.

It is one of the quickest methods to provide oxygen to patients who are not able to breathe properly.

A Nebulizer has a compartment in which the medication is dispersed, and once the machine starts, it starts to generate moist air,

which is usually the combination of water droplets and medication and then this is transferred to the patient nasal cavity with the help of a mouth-piece.

These machines are generally cheap and easy to use and install. The machine provides instant relief to the patients. Moist air that is formed by the Nebulizer is in the form of gas, and it can be easily inhaled by the patient.

A Nebulizer is much easier to use as it takes only 5-10 minutes to convert the medication into the gaseous form. The patient’s job is to keep the mouthpiece intact to the nose until the process is completed.

Nebulizers are noisy. They make a sound that makes the patient in-comfortable.

Being a medical device, it is easy to catch the infection. In order to be safe from the infection, it is advised to clean the Nebulizer and the mouthpiece at the end of the day.

What is Humidifier?

A Humidifier is a device that is mostly used for increasing the moisture content inside the room. It is basically done to prevent dryness inside the room, which can lead to respiratory infections and diseases.

A humidifier acts as an element to rejuvenate your dry skin and hair, which are exposed to dryness for a long time.

It uses plain water, or sometimes a small form of additive is used, usually an aerosol fragrance to disperse a good smell in the room.

A humidifier works by increasing the moisture content in the room, which balances the humidity level. If a person is exposed to dryness for a long time, it can lead to respiratory infections and cough.

Once the Humidifier machine is installed, it starts generating the water into the air in the form of very small droplets. This method is also used in the medical field for patients suffering from respiratory infections.

In this, the Humidifier is connected with the oxygen cylinder, which converts this liquid oxygen into the form of a small droplet which is then made to pass through the patient’s nasal cavity to lower the effect of infection.

Increasing too much humidity in the air can cause health issues. It is thus added in a controlled manner in order to eradicate uncomfortable situations.

Humidifiers machines are big in size as compared with Nebulizers. It depends where we are using the Humidifiers as they can vary in size with respect to their uses.

Main Differences Between Nebulizer and Humidifier

  1. Nebulizers are best known for providing rapid treatment to patients who are not able to breathe properly, whereas the Humidifier takes a longer time compared to Nebulizers.
  2. The Nebulizers machine is small and portable, i.e., you can carry it with you, while the Humidifier machines are big in size depending on the usage for what purpose it is being used.
  3. Nebulizers machines are generally cheaper when compared with Humidifier machines which are costly.
  4. A Nebulizer is only used in the medical field, whereas the Humidifier is used in both medical( for respiratory therapy) and places where the dryness is high in order to maintain the humidity level.
  5. Nebulizers provide the benefit to Asthma patients to make them breathe properly, while the Humidifiers provide benefit to all as they can rejuvenate the dry skin and hair, which are exposed to dryness for a long time.  
Difference Between Nebulizer and Humidifier


Both Nebulizer and Humidifier have the same principle of working, which converts the liquid into the gaseous form, which is usually in the form of small droplets.

They both are used in the respiratory therapy of the patients to provide moisture into the tracts so that the lungs can be saved from the infection, which is generally caused due to excess exposure to a dry atmosphere.

A humidifier can vary in size. It can be big as well as small, say, for example, the humidifier which is installed into the corridor in order to balance the humidity level will have a big size humidifier

whereas the humidifier which is used in the home to benefit all the people, it will be small in size.


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