Grabfood vs McDelivery: Difference and Comparison

Isn’t it great to get the desired food delivered to your doorstep? Many food delivery partners have joined in feeding the public at their comfort zones from top restaurants worldwide.

But, do all the food delivering companies work similarly or have some differences in work tactics? Every company differs in some ways, including service, offers, delivery charges, etc., as grabfood and McDelivery differ. 

Key Takeaways

  1. GrabFood provides food delivery services from various restaurants, while McDelivery only delivers McDonald’s menu items.
  2. McDelivery operates in fewer countries than GrabFood, which has a broader regional presence.
  3. GrabFood offers a wider selection of payment methods, such as GrabPay and cash on delivery, whereas McDelivery mainly accepts credit and debit cards.

Grabfood vs McDelivery

GrabFood is a food delivery services which allows customers to order food from various restaurants online or through a mobile app and have it delivered to their location. McDelivery is a food delivery service offered by McDonald’s. McDelivery only delivers food from McDonald’s restaurants.

Grabfood vs McDelivery

Grabfood is among the top food delivery companies for offering great deals and service to the customers. Grabfood delivers millions of food and beverage parcels every day to customers worldwide.

Moreover, with an easy-to-use application, ordering food on Grabfood is easy and fun for the customers. 

McDelivery isn’t staying back in terms of food deliveries, and all credits go to McDonald lovers. McDelivery is now reaching every corner to feed customers delicious McDonald food items.

The food delivery application has an excellent interface that lists all the McDonald food and beverages category wise at a comparatively lesser price than offline stores. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonGrabfoodMcDelivery
Number of restaurants coveredGrabfood delivers food from multiple restaurants.McDelivery delivers food items from McDonald stores only.
Delivery chargesGrabfood charges change depending on location and order placed. McDelivery has a fixed delivery charge. 
Minimum orderNo such minimum order policy is present.McDelivery delivers food with only a minimum order value.
Food itemsGrabfood offers multiple food options to order.McDelivery can only deliver McDonald foods and beverages.
Payment walletGrabfood has its wallet for the smooth payment of orders.McDelivery doesn’t have any wallet for payment but accepts other transaction methods.

What is Grabfood?

Grabfood is an extension of services offered by Grab- a South Asian company headquartered in Singapore and Indonesia. Grab launched Grabfood in May 2018 to make food delivery a successful business.

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The company aims to deliver dishes from every corner of the world to their customers.

Grabfood is a food delivery service that creates a bridge between food lovers and restaurants. Customers can enjoy delicious dishes by ordering foods from local food vendors to top restaurants in one place.

When a customer places an order, the company assigns a food delivery partner to pick up and deliver the food instantly from the restaurant. 

Grabfood has listed all types of restaurants that cover a range of food varieties, including Filipino, Western, Asian, European, Fusion, etc.

Moreover, the app keeps adding new restaurants to allow customers to have more options to discover. So, food lovers can order any cuisine depending upon their cravings. 

Grabfood has been an advantage for local food vendors as the company helps the vendors to get discovered. The food delivery app increases sales and allows customers to taste new dishes from their comfort zones.

Hence, a great initiative that efficiently benefits and connects vendors, restaurants, and buyers. 


What is McDelivery?

McDelivery is a fantastic service that lets you taste McDonald food items in your comfort zones. Whether you crave a McDonald burger or fries while watching movies, you can get that in minutes at your doorstep by McDelivery.

The food delivery service has benefitted the McDonald company and customers to stay connected for a long time.

McDelivery was started as a McDonald’s service in 1993 that delivered orders to different customers worldwide. Initially, the service began in the United States but later extended to Asian, Middle Eastern, and Latin American countries.

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The food delivery service delivers with a delivery fee, but the delivery is free for a minimum order value in some locations. 

The McDelivery application lists all the dishes available in McDonald restaurants. The customers add the desired items to the cart and make payments.

Once the McDelivery receives an order, a delivery partner will be assigned for the delivery. It is observed that the prices of listed food and beverages on McDelivery are a bit lower than that of stores. 

The app allows multiple payment options to buyers for seamless payment. Customers can also opt for cash on delivery orders under a fixed amount.

Moreover, the McDelivery app regularly gives several freebies and discount offers to users. Hence, McDelivery efficiently promotes online food delivery to the customers with better facilities. 


Main Differences Between Grabfood and McDelivery

  1. Grabfood delivers food and beverages from multiple restaurants. While McDelivery provides food from McDonald stores only. 
  2. Grabfood charges a delivery fee depending on the customer’s location. While McDelivery charges a fixed delivery fee for every order. But in some areas, they deliver for free for orders above a minimum value.
  3. Grabfood does not have a minimum order policy to order food online. In contrast, the McDelivery has a minimum order value to initiate the order. 
  4. Grabfood wallet is a great way to make payments while placing orders. While McDelivery does not have an in-app wallet for payments. 
  5. Grabfood allows customers to schedule their deliveries as per their convenience and need. So, a customer can order food for upcoming days in advance. In contrast, McDelivery deals in instant delivery of food. 

Last Updated : 15 July, 2023

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