NHL 10 vs NHL 11: Difference and Comparison

The National Hockey League (NHL) is North America’s top professional ice hockey league. It was established in 1917, and it has 30 member clubs.


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The League’s headquarters are in New York City, and the current Commissioner is Gary Bettman. 3 major trophies are awarded annually: the Stanley Cup, the Prince of Wales Trophy and the Clarence S. Campbell Bowl.

Key Takeaways

  1. NHL 10 and NHL 11 are video games in the NHL (National Hockey League) series.
  2. NHL 11 has better graphics and improved gameplay compared to NHL 10.
  3. NHL 11 introduced new features, such as the Hockey Ultimate Team mode, while NHL 10 had a more limited range of game modes.

NHL 10 vs NHL 11

NHL 10 is a hockey video game released in 2009 by EA Sports, featuring realistic gameplay, updated rosters, and improved graphics compared to its predecessors NHL 11 is the newer installment, introducing new features like the “Hockey Ultimate Team” mode, enhanced physics, and improved player AI, offering an updated and enhanced gaming experience.

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The NHL 10 is a video game based on real NHL players. It features various ice hockey competitions and arenas and includes special features like power play and the like.

It was released in September 2009. Its cover features Patrick Kane from Chicago Blackhawks.

The NHL 11 video game is also a video game based on real NHL players. The video game features a few new things, a new fighting system and a new trapping system.

It is the newer version of the game that was released in September 2010. The cover of the game features Captain Jonathan Toews.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonNHL 10NHL 11
Released InNHL 10 was released on 15 September 2009.NHL 11 was released on 7 September 2010.
Featured PlayerThe cover picture depicts Patrick Kane from. Chicago Blackhawks.The cover picture depicts Jonathan Toews. Chicago Blackhawks.
The graphicsof NHL 10 is lower than NHL 11.NHL 11 has better graphics than NHL 10.
ModesNHL 10 does not have to Be a Pro mode.NHL 11 has Be A Pro Mode.
ArenaNHL 10 has added the Madison Square Arena.NHL 11 had many new arenas added.

What is NHL 10?

NHL 10 is a fantastic sports game and a must-have for any hockey fan. It is a lot of fun and will provide the player with hours of entertainment. It is sleek and can run on any current computer.

It can be installed with ease, and it’s easy to operate. The gameplay is smooth, and the graphics are astounding. The commentary is also great and will keep you entertained during the game.

The graphics are higher resolution than in the previous version, the gameplay is seamless, and there are no loading times in between scenarios. However, it isn’t always realistic when compared to actual hockey. If you’re playing for fun, though, this is perfect.

Its features include: First, there are added games that are only played in the playoffs. So if you are in the playoffs, you can play in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Second, there are new players in the game. There are new goalies, skaters, and team captains. Third, there are many areas in the game that are new.

There are also many stadiums in the game that are new. For instance, the Madison Square Garden is one of the arenas. The NHL 10 video game is considered to be one of the more realistic editions of hockey games of all time.

The graphics, even for more minor players, are incredible, and the play options and controls are very customizable and easy to learn and use.

What is NHL 11?

NHL 11 is the 2010 version of the popular NHL video game series. It was developed by EA Sports, who also created the previous version of the game. It was released on the 6th of September, 2010.

The game includes several new features which make it more up-to-date with the real game of Hockey. A new game mode, Be A Pro Mode, has been added.

 In this mode, you play as a single-player and can play any position on the ice. You can control the player and try to make the team. You work your way up through the ranks and eventually make the team.

You can also play as one of the legends like Pavel Bure and Pavel Datsyuk. This mode allows gamers to create their player and new controls have been added, which make the game more realistic.

The game is available for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. It’s a lot of fun, and you can play on your own or in a team. NHL 11 features 40 international teams, including 12 women’s national teams.

One of the best changes is the new defensive skill stick which will give you more control over how you move your stick.

It’s also easier to create one-timers with this feature. On the defensive side of the ice, the poke check has been improved to give you more control over how you knock the puck away from your opponent.

The new physics engine has made the game more realistic. The game also looks better than ever, with more realistic effects in the game, like snow!

Main Differences Between NHL 10 and NHL 11

  1. NHL 10 has surprisingly good features, but the characters look a lot more realistic in NHL 11.
  2. In NHL 10, much detail is not paid on the ice, but in NHL 11, the coolest new feature is the attention to the details on the ice.
  3. The gameplay was fair in NHL 10, but the gameplay in NHL 11 is a lot smoother, and the skating of the players is a lot more realistic.
  4. A few new zones have been added, but the biggest improvement is the addition of more realism in the NHL 11 in comparison to the older NHL 10 version.
  5. NHL 10 lacks any special modes like Be a Pro Mode, while NHL 11 has specially added the Be a Pro Mode in its gameplay for its players.
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