PDF vs E-PUB: Difference and Comparison

PDF and EPUB are two different file formats. We use many formants for particular files for our convenience. These PDF and EPUM are primarily used in the book reading applications available in android and IOS.

Key Takeaways

  1. PDF files preserve original formatting and layout, making them suitable for print or sharing, while EPUB files are more flexible and reflowable, adapting to various screen sizes.
  2. EPUB is an open standard for digital publishing, whereas PDF is a more general-purpose format.
  3. EPUB files are smaller and more easily navigated than PDF files, making them better suited for e-readers and mobile devices.


The difference between PDF and E-PUB is their reading experience. PDF is nothing but digitally printed paper with the original format, even for small devices. E-PUB has reflow ability features, and it adjusts with a screen. One more major difference is their editing features. PDFs are editable with highlights and many other options. E-PUB is not editable.

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Portable Document Format(PDF) is nothing but file format which is standardized as ISO 32000. Portable Document Format is developed by Adobe in 1992.

The primary task of PDF is to present the documents which contain text, images in digital format. It can show the file without depending on any hardware and operating systems.

Postscript language is used behind Portable Document Format. That encapsulates the description for PDF. Portable Document Format is a file format or digital format of files. The last edition of PDF is released in December 2020 by Adobe.

Electronic publishing is nothing but releasing journals and books digitally. Electronic publication is a more common and popular format nowadays.

People find it easy when it comes in online. So the digital format is an easy ad affordable one when we go with paper it is expensive and needs more time to buy the correct one.

Electronic publishing help students to find journals and books to refer to for assignments. It is a good initiative and become popular now. Even newspapers and magazines are also published through electronic publishing.

Comparison Table

Parameters of comparisonPDFE-PUB
Stands forPDF stands for Portable Document FormatE-PUB stands for Electronic Publication
LayoutPDF has a fixed layoutE-PUB has a movable layout
StandardPDF is standard for documents and filesE-PUB is standard for E-Books
Similar to webpageNoYes
FeaturesPDF has powerful graphical tools for editingE-PUB has advanced formatting options

What is PDF?

PDF is available for free from 1993 by Adobe systems. Flat text, graphics, images are all included in the Portable Document Format.

Even structuring elements and interactive elements are also present in the portable Document Format. The advantage present in PDF is it contains digital signature and encryption options for sensitive files.

Early days, desktop publishing and workflows are extensively use Portable Document Format. Adobe controls the proprietary format called Portable Document Format.

The open standard release of PDF was released in 2008. International organization for standardization published the Portable Document Format. PDF 1.7 is the sixth edition which included the proprietary technologies of Adobe.

The technologies include Adobe XML forms Architecture and JavaScript extension.

But these are not allowed and implemented by third-party technologies which release their own version of PDF. PDF 2.0 was released in December 2020 which includes all corrections and clarifications and also critical updates.

Portable Document Format is nothing but a combination of vector graphics and bitmap graphics. Some basic types included in PDF are text stored, vector graphics, raster graphics, and multimedia files.

All these are the basic content available in the early versions of Portable Document Format. But the later versions support website links also.

Portable Document Format has two types of metadata. The Portable Document Format also supports transparent graphics. The transparency of PDF is opaque.


What is E-PUB?

Electronic publishing become a common thing like selling newspapers manually.

Many electric publishing companies have emerged in these years. Consumers can read books, magazines, newspapers on their mobiles, tablets, and desktops. It also becomes a step to reduce paper usage.

The market for electronic publication is growing in millions every year. Every minute a book is sold through the electronic publication. Kindle is one of the popular electronic publications by Amazon.

Some popular electronic publications are Apple iTunes bookstore, Google play Bookstore, and other small publications are evolved.

According to the statics around half of the magazines and newspapers are circulated through the electronic publication. By 2015, half of all the reading become paperless in the United States.

Other than the internet, electronic publications are done through encyclopedias on CD and DVD. It become a huge milestone for students’ test preparation. It reduces the time for them to spend much an finding the books.

Electronic publishing leads the markets with its innovative technologies. The company responds to their customers quickly and easily through the internet.

There is no need to print books. Electronic publishing also paved way for the availability of a wide range of books for everyone who has internet.

There is no sold-out in electronic publishing, which is the primary advantage of E-publishing. The term E-pub has become standard from 2010, which refers the online publishers.

Main Differences Between PDF and E-PUB

  1. PDF has no rich media experience, whereas E-PUB still makes better rich media experience.
  2. PDF comes with e-sign feature, whereas E-PUB has no e-sign features.
  3. When compared to PDF, E-PUB has only less service, which makes it less popular than PDF.
  4. When compared to PDF, E-PUB is more accessible and compactible.
  5. PDF is the print-oriented format, whereas E-PUB is the display-oriented format.
Difference Between PDF and E PUB
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Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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