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Difference Between Bar and Pub

Bar and Pub are often been confused by people. But, there are slight differences between them. Both bars and pubs are licensed establishments that serve alcoholic beverages and food for consumption.


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These kinds of places are more loved by people who love to have fun, hang out with their partners or friends, or have fun themselves. People go to such kinds of places to have a good time.

Bar vs Pub

The difference between a bar and a pub is that a bar is an establishment of alcohol, it is mainly concentrated with alcoholic things. The food items in a bar are mainly appetizers and snacks, which are served with alcohol to enhance their taste. Whereas, a pub is an establishment, like a restaurant where alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are being served with food, snacks, etc. Food items in a pub are full-filling as compared to the bar.

Bar vs Pub

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A bar is an establishment of alcohol, where people buy drinks and have fun. A bar is all about alcohol. The main importance is given to the alcohol, as people go to enjoy drinks.

It has minimal food items, mostly fall under the category of appetizers and snacks. Different kinds of alcoholic drinks are served in a bar. A bar is full of entertainment.

On the other hand, a pub is an establishment where we can find not only alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks but, also heavy full-filling meals.

It is not only concentrated on drinking or does give any specific importance to alcohol but also gives importance to the food menu. A pub is an establishment where people go to chill and relax.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonBarPub
DefinitionA bar is a place where we can have alcohol, along with some minimal foods like appetizers and snacksA pub is a place where we can have alcohol along with full-filling meals
FoodConcentrates more on appetizers and snacks Concentrates on full-filling food or meals, along with appetizers and snacks
CocktailsServes cocktailDon’t serve cocktail
AmbianceThe ambiance of a bar is of a fun environment The ambiance of a pub is quiet
Age LimitA bar has an age of 18-21, which varies from country to countryA pub does not have any specific age limit, since it is a duo of a bar and a restaurant
EntertainmentA bar is a place where the entertainment factor is high. It is more of a vibe of fun, music, dance, drink, etc A pub is not a place where we can have a lot of fun, as it mostly concentrates on the relaxation and chill vibe

What is Bar?

A bar is a space where they sell alcohol along with some minimal food items i.e appetizers and snacks. It is a retail business that sells alcohol with a license. It is a place where people go to have fun and entertain themselves.

In a bar, there’s a huge concentration of loud music, dance floors, alcohol, etc. Bars are often a part of larger establishments like hotels, casinos, and airports, etc.

A bar attracts more of the young crowd, where they come to have drinks and to have a good time with their partners or friends. Bars offer entertainment such as music, live bands, solo singers, DJs, etc to keep the audience entertained.

Since the crowd is more of the younger generation but, an age limit has been set up i.e 18-21, which differs from country to country. This age limit has been set up because alcoholic drinks are served which are restricted for children in many countries.


What is Pub?

A pub is a space where people gather to have a relaxed and chill time with their partners and friends. A pub is a short form for a public house. It serves full-filling meals, appetizers, and snacks.

There are different kinds of pubs like a gastropub, country pub, roadhouse, theme pub, micropubs, etc. Usually, pubs are individual establishments i.e they are not part of another place. It does not have the power to the larger extent.

Pubs have a quiet ambiance with minimal light and music. It is a combination of a bar and a restaurant. people come and relax here, play indoor games, to have drinks and food.

There are no restrictions for children in a pub since it is a combination of a bar and a restaurant. Generally, pubs are situated in remote areas, but with the change in time, nowadays it can be seen in towns.


Main Differences Between Bar and Pub

  1. A bar is a place where we can have alcohol along with some minimal food items like appetizers and snacks. Whereas, a pub is a palce where we can have alcohol along with some full-filling meals.
  2. The food items in a bar is concetrated only with appetizers and snacks. Whereas, the items in a pub are fulling meals, alomg with appetizers and snacks.
  3. The bar serves cocktails. Whereas, pub do not serve cocktails.
  4. The ambiance of a bar is more fun, with loud music, bright lights, etc. Whereas, the ambiance of a pub is quieter as compared to to a bar.
  5. There is an age limit in a bar. Whereas, there is no age limit in a pub.
  6. A bar is full of entertainment factors like loud music, dance floor,etc. Whereas, a pub is a place where people can chill and relax.
Difference Between Bar and Pub
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