Pentium vs Xeon: Difference and Comparison

No single arrangement is good for all. This is additionally evident with regard to processors, as the necessities of the ordinary client are different from that of a forced client or a worker. To coordinate with the prerequisites, just as the financial plans, chip creators like Intel need to enhance their items.

This is the situation between the Pentium and the Xeon line of processors. Both have been around for a long while however, they serve various business sectors.

Key Takeaways

  1. Pentium processors target budget-friendly computers and everyday tasks, while Xeon processors cater to high-performance computing systems and professional workstations.
  2. Xeon processors support Error-Correcting Code (ECC) memory, ensuring data integrity, whereas Pentium processors do not.
  3. Xeon processors offer advanced features, such as hyper-threading and multi-processor support, which Pentium processors lack.

Pentium vs Xeon

The Pentium family of processors is designed for use in consumer and desktop computers. Pentium processors have two to four cores. The Xeon family of processors is designed for use in workstation and server environments, where high performance and reliability are critical. Xeon processors have two to 28 cores.

Pentium vs Xeon

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The word Pentium is derived from a Greek word, card Pente which means the number ‘five’ or 5. It is the name of a brand for architectural microprocessors made by Intel.

It was in 1993 when the original Pentium was brought in. After Pentium II and Pentium III were released. Intel creates dozens of such processors to be used in several computers.

Xeon is a 400MHz Pentium microprocessor from Intel and is used for mid-ranging Enterprises or workstations. It is a CPU from Intel that is to be used in high and military and Industrial Enterprises and workplaces.

It is pricey when compared to any other such processor, as it has multiple innovative features for efficiency and effective work.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonPentiumXeon
Meaning Pentium is expected for the requirements of the overall population.
The Xeon is planned for workers where the requests can be very high.
PricePentium processor would be cheaper contrasted with its contemporary Xeon processor.Xeon processor would be pricier contrasted with its contemporary Pentium processor.
UsagePentiums are intended to be the lone processor in the framework.Xeons are utilized in gatherings.
SocketPentium is designed for different types of sockets.The Xeon is to be used only via Xeon compatible board.
Requirement In pentium, it’s anything but a necessity for each say If you wish to get a Xeon for reasons unknown. One would be compelled to buy a Xeon viable board; sloping up the cost much further.

What is Pentium?

The word Pentium originates from the Greek word pente, meaning the number 5.

Intel used it as a name for a brand for the microprocessors of architecture, which originated in 1993. Afterwards, Pentium 2 and Pentium 3 were released. Intel creates several such processes to be used in several computers.

The Intel Pentium was delivered by Intel on March 22, 1993, as a substitution for the 80486 processor. It should be known as the 80586, however, the US court decided that you can’t reserve a number.

The Intel processors were accessible between paces of 60 MHz and 300 MHz, had a 64-bit information transport, and had 1.9 million, a much greater number of semiconductors than around 3.1 million.

Pentium processor would be cheaper contrasted with its contemporary Xeon processor. Pentiums are intended to be the lone processor in the framework.

Other Intel Pentium processors incorporate the Pentium II, Pentium III, Pentium 4, Pentium M, Pentium D, and Pentium Extreme.

When contrasted and other Intel processors, the Pentium processors are quicker than practically identical Intel Celeron and Atom processors yet slower than the Core processors.

pentium 1

What is Xeon?

Xeon is an Intel CPU that is used in high-end military and workstations. It is an advanced version of the Pentium processor, and processor reason it is pricey is for the features it provides for efficient and effective work followed by its use.

Xeon processors are likewise found in numerous buyer-level PCs, however, these frameworks don’t come modest, and they’re normally pointless excess for most customers’ plans and purposes, for example, web perusing, web-based shopping, watching a couple of YouTube recordings, booking a flight, investigating a close-by eatery or café, etc.

In the tough registering industry, nonetheless, a worker or workstation with a Xeon motherboard is commonly the standard, not the exemption, given the requesting computational prerequisites of the military and certain businesses.

The organization advertises its Xeon processors explicitly to PC and worker producers, gaining practical experience in the plan of the top-of-the-line frameworks that are more than fit for dealing with information-requesting jobs and supporting crucial applications.

Top-of-the-line military, mechanical and business-related projects and applications need the speed, information insurance, life span and dependability that a Xeon worker can offer.

Trenton Systems has practical experience in planning rough workers and workstations furnished with single and double Xeon CPU motherboards.

Made in the USA and guaranteed to military and mechanical principles, our excellent frameworks perform with speed, effectiveness and genuine coarseness, regardless of how intense the going gets.

Main Differences Between Pentium and Xeon

  1. The Pentium is expected for the requirements of the overall population, while the Xeon is planned for workers where the requests can be very high.
  2. A Pentium processor would be cheaper when compared with a Xeon processor.
  3. While Pentiums are intended to be the lone processor in the framework, Xeon is utilized in gatherings.
  4. Pentium is designed for every socket type, whereas for Xeon, a Xeon-compatible board has to be purchased.
  5. While in Pentium it’s anything but a necessity for each day, If you wish to get a Xeon for reasons unknown, you would likewise be compelled to buy a Xeon viable board, even loping up the cost much further.
Difference Between Pentium and Xeon

Last Updated : 08 August, 2023

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