Difference Between Picfair and Squarespace

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Thus the developers create these for others and sell them worth their prices, and also maintains them regularly. Websites can be developed for many purposes, such as – shopping sites, blogs, teaching, food, photographs, and many more.

Picfair and Squarespace are also a part of them that has been created to solve different purposes.

Picfair vs Squarespace

The difference between Picfair and Squarespace is that Picfair is a platform that helps professionals and non-professional photographers in selling their photographs online on the platform worth the price. It is a platform somewhat like a photograph selling marketplace. While in contrast, Squarespace or Squarespace Inc. is a platform that helps users in building websites and providing a hosting platform for them. 

Picfair vs Squarespace

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Picfair is a marketplace for photos to sell. The professionals and non-professional photographers sell their photos through their accounts or the central marketplace of the platform. The website was founded by the former journalist of ‘The Guardian’ and ‘The New York Times’ Benji Lanyado in the year 2013.

Squarespace or Squarespace Inc. is a website building and hosting platform based in New York, New York City, America. The founder and CEO of the platform are Anthony Casalena.

Additionally, the website also allows its users to use the in-built website templates to create and modify their web pages as their choice.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonPicfairSquarespace
Founded In 2013January 2004
Founded By Benji LanyadoAnthony Casalena
What it is?It is a website that helps professionals to sell their images online.It is a website building and hosting platform.
HeadquarterLondon, United KingdomNew York City, New York
Pricing It has a single plus subscription planIt has four different subscription plans

What is Picfair?

Picfair a website meant for the selling of photographers by professionals and non-professionals photographers. The platform allows its users to create an account and upload their pictures or photographs for selling.

These photographs can be sold through their accounts or in the central marketplace. As one user upload the picture or photograph on their dashboard, the same photograph became part of the central marketplace and can be sold globally.

The idea of creating such a platform was of a former journalist in ‘The Guardian’ and ‘The New York Times’ Benji Lanyado. He created this website in the year 2013, and the headquarters of the website is located in London, United Kingdom.

The origin of the website is somewhat like when Benji Lanyado quit his journalist job and went on to learn to code in General Assembly Coding School, London. He got the idea of creating the same and get invested by Ohanian on the project.

In the year 2018, the website launched its dashboards to upload photographs and digital prints online. And the same year, the website launched a competition for the female photographers in partnership with ‘The Guardian’ known as – Women Behind the Lens, and the best entries of the competition were exhibited at the ‘The Guardian’ office.

Picfair has one plus subscription plan which offers its users added benefits such as – multiple store layouts, use own logo and watermark, unlimited uploads, social media links, use of the personal domain, and many more.

The plus subscription comes with a minimal price compared to other websites of the same field. 

What is Squarespace?

Squarespace or Squarespace Inc. is a company for website building and providing a hosting platform for its users. Additionally, they also provide some in-built website templates and drag and drop elements through which users can create their custom and modify their web pages.

The brain behind creating this company was Anthony Casalena which is also the CEO of the company. He created the company in the year 2004 while studying at the University of Maryland, College Park.

Anthony created the website for his personal use and then started sharing it with his family and friends. Also till 2006 he was the only employee of his company and reached to a goal of $1 million revenue of the company.

The headquarters of the company is located in New York City, New York, America. The products offered by the company is – Logo maker, Various website templates, Domains, Website Analytics, Blogging, SEO tools, Portfolios, Email marketing, E-commerce templates, and many more other services.

The company provides four different subscription plans monthly and annually basis. The name of the plans is – Personal, Business, Basic Commerce, and Advanced Commerce. As of December 2020, Squarespace recorded more than 3 million active subscribers on their website.

Main Differences Between Picfair and Squarespace

  1. The Picfair platform was founded in the year 2013, while on the other hand, the Squarespace platform was founded in January 2004.
  2. The founder of the Picfair platform is the former journalist of ‘The Guardian’ and ‘The New York Times’ Benji Lanyado, while on the other hand, the founder and CEO of the Squarespace platform are Anthony Casalena. 
  3. The Picfair platform is based on helping professionals and others in selling their pictures worth the prices on their platform, while contrastingly, on the other hand, Squarespace is an American platform that works in the field of website building and as a hosting platform.
  4. The headquarters of the Picfair platform is located in London, the United Kingdom, while on the other hand, headquarters for the Squarespace platform is located in New York City, New York. 
  5. Picfair has a single subscription plan called ‘Picfair Plus’ with some added benefits while comparatively, on the other hand, Squarespace comes with four different pricing and subscription plans with other added benefits.
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