Difference Between Playboy and Penthouse

A magazine is the collection of articles written and published as periodicals monthly, weekly, quarterly or annually. It contains a variety of contents ranging from educations to fashion to lifestyle.

Magazines are printed on glossy, matte paper, which makes them look attractive to the readers. Two such magazines which are very popular as men’s magazine in the United States and Kingdom are Playboy and Penthouse.

Playboy vs Penthouse

The main difference between Playboy and Penthouse is that Playboy magazine articles are written well as compared to Penthouse magazine. The models who are at the centre of attraction and stylised by Penthouse are known as Penthouse Pets. In terms of content, Playboy is less explicit than Penthouse, which has pornographic pictorials.

Playboy vs Penthouse

The Playboy magazine was started in 1953 in the United States. It was published in print, but then it switched to the online mode. Playboy is said to be important in bringing the sexual revolution.

It is considered one of the best brands worldwide. It is widely published in the States, but the special/limited edition is published around the world.

Penthouse Magazine became popular in the 1990s and emerged as a hardcore magazine. It was founded in the United Kingdom in 1965 and then eventually in the United States in 1969.

Its logo is a type of stylised key that has the features of both Mars and Venus in its design. It was created to compete with Playboy. 

Comparison Table Between Playboy and Penthouse

Parameters of Comparison PlayboyPenthouse
Founded by Playboy was founded by Hugh Hefner in Chicago along with his friends.The penthouse was founded by Bob Guccione.
LogoIt has the mascot of a rabbit wearing a tuxedo tie. It has a logo of a key that shows both Mars and Venus.
PublishedPlayboy is published monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly.Penthouse is published monthly only.
Owned byIt is owned by Playboy Enterprises.It is owned by WGCZ Ltd.(the owners of XVideos)
Popular forPlayboy is known for bringing the sexual revolution in America.Penthouse is known for its softcore pornographic pictorials which evolved into hardcore.

What is Playboy?

Playboy is the American men’s magazine that was started by Hugh Hefner and his friends in Chicago in the year 1953. It is said to have brought the sexual revolution in the United States in the 1960s and 1970s.

It is notable for its centrefold of nude and semi-nude models. It is one of the best-known brands in the world, and it is owned by Playboy Enterprises Ltd.

Apart from being published in the United States, it also publishes special nation-specific editions around the world.

Playboy magazines also publish a short story of some of the famous novelists like Arthur C.Clarke, Saul Bellow, Roald Dahl, Haruki Murakami, Margaret Atwood etc.

It also displays the full page of the colour cartoons and has become the favourite showcase of famous cartoonists like Harvey Kurtzman, Jack Cole, Rowland B. Wilson etc.

It features the interviews of some famous public figures ranging from artists to film directors to journalists, athletes, playwrights, race car driver, religious figures etc., in its monthly editions. 

It has one of the most iconic and enduring mascots, a stylised silhouette of a rabbit wearing a tuxedo bow tie. According to Hefner, rabbit implies a humorous sexual connotation.

The first issue of Playboy featured Marilyn Monroe on its cover page in Dec 1953.

What is Penthouse?

Penthouse is a men’s magazine that has urban lifestyle articles and pornographic pictorials. In the 1990s, it became hardcore.

Founded by Bob Guccione in the United Kingdom in 1965 and then in America in 1969 to give competition to the Playboy Magazine.

It has content that was much more explicit and sensational than Playboy. It has also published investigative stories, exposed numerous scandals and corruptions of the highest level in the United States Government.

The pictorials of the magazine featured much more sexually explicit content that was commonly sold in that era, especially in men’s magazine. Over the years, it featured a lot of authorised and unauthorised photos of celebrities.

In 2003 the parent company of magazine General Media went bankrupt. Later in 2018, all the assets of magazines were brought out by WGCZ Ltd. 

It also publishes international editions in countries like Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Russia, Thailand etc. It comes every month. It has a logo of a stylised key that incorporates Mars and Venus in its design.

The centrefold models of Penthouse Magazines are known as Penthouse Pets, who wears a customised necklace based on the company’s logo.

Main Differences Between Playboy and Penthouse

  1. Playboy was founded by Hugh Hefner and his friends in Chicago in 1953. The Penthouse was founded by Bob Guccione in the UK in 1965.
  2. Playboy has the most iconic mascot of a stylised rabbit wearing a tuxedo tie. The Penthouse has a logo of a stylised key that shows both Mars and Venus in its design.
  3. Playboy is published monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly with special nation-specific editions. Penthouse is published monthly only with international editions as well.
  4. Playboy is owned by Playboy Enterprises Ltd.Penthouse is owned by WGCZ Ltd.(the owners of XVideos in the year 2018 after it went bankrupt.
  5. Playboy is known for bringing the sexual revolution in America. Penthouse is known for its softcore pornographic pictorials, which evolved into hardcore.


If you are interested in the adult magazine and are an ardent follower, then there are two popular magazines Playboy and Penthouse. Both the magazines differ in style and approaches.

Many readers have found that Playboy is less explicit than Penthouse. Playboy has a lot of airbrushing and a lot of photoshopping, which makes it look cartoon-like.

Penthouse stand between Playboy (the rated R magazine) and Hustler Mag. Playboy is a classy magazine with a well-written article than Penthouse, which has raunchier and crude articles.

Both the magazine displays the same types of sex jokes, steamy letters, advice from experts etc. If we compare both, Playboy gives us more informative articles than Penthouse. Whereas if you are in search of an erotic, imaginative and action-packed sex story, then Penthouse is your type.


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