Podcasting vs Vodcasting: Difference and Comparison

Vodcasts and Podcasts are all-powerful and efficient marketing tools for your organization or business. These tools are simple to use for telling and describing your products or services, establishing thought leadership, and generating leads.

As the popularity of these tools grows, now is the time to use them for your organization, business, brand, or even personal interest. 

Vodcasts and podcasts are highly shareable and easy-to-communicate content forms that can instantly catapult your company into a large pool of potential clients. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Podcasting refers to audio broadcasts distributed digitally, while vodcasting involves video broadcasts distributed through the same channels.
  2. Podcasts primarily rely on audio content for storytelling, interviews, and discussions, whereas vodcasts combine audio with visual elements to convey information.
  3. Podcasts can be consumed while multitasking, while vodcasts require more attention due to their visual nature.

Podcasting vs Vodcasting 

Podcasting involves creating and distributing audio files over the internet, they are accessed through platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts. Vodcasting involves creating and distributing video content, they are accessed through platforms like YouTube and Vimeo.

Podcasting vs Vodcasting

A podcast is a regular audio program that is delivered over the internet in a compressed digital format. It’s intended for use with PCs or portable digital audio players.

A podcast can also be thought of as a personalized form of an internet radio in which audio content is delivered to your device and can be saved for offline listening. 

Vodcasting, also known as video podcasting or vlogging, goes beyond podcasting by including video into the downloadable sound files that podcast listeners are accustomed to.

A videocast is created for the internet and arranged in such a way that viewers can stream or download the clip in MP3 format. More emphasis is placed on video quality at the expense of aural quality. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison Podcasting Vodcasting 
Output Audio Audio and video 
Recording Device Recording apps, computers, mics, etc. Video camera, phone, web camera. 
Cost Cheap Expensive 
Editing Easy Hard 
Analytics Depends on Podcast audio host Video platform used. 
Live Stream Hard and rare Easy and common 
Set up Easy Harder 

What is Podcasting? 

Podcasts concentrate on a single topic, which might range from marketing to science fiction or other topics of interest.

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They can also be considered as a type of talk radio that is available through the internet and in a format that everyone can listen to. The audio is released via listening sites such as Apple Podcasts and Spotify. 

These are pre-recorded digital files that can be downloaded and focus on a specific niche. They are available in a variety of formats, including videos, audios, screencasts, and enhanced podcasts. 

Each podcast is customized to a certain set of people, which can include investors, homeowners, parents, students, finance professionals, and pet owners, to name a few. Podcasts can be found on a variety of apps and websites. 

The term podcast is taken from the media player “iPod” invented by Apple, as well as the phrase “broadcast,” which refers to the traditional method of getting information and entertainment content via radio or television.

When the two concepts were combined, the names podcast, podcaster, and podcasting as an art form were born. 

Podcasts are audio files, such as radio programs or music videos, that are distributed through the internet. 

The term “podcasting” is derived from the words “broadcasting” and the name of Apple Computer’s popular MP3 player, the “iPod.”

It’s a little misleading because it implies that you need an iPod for a podcast. Podcasts, in fact, can be listened to on virtually portable digital audio devices, as well as any computer. 


What is Vodcasting? 

A videocast, sometimes known as a vodcast, is a podcast that includes video recordings in addition to audio recordings.

A podcast concentrates solely on providing high-quality audio to its audience, whereas a videocast focuses on providing high-quality video to its viewers. 

This enables the sharing of a podcast on a platform such as YouTube or a website. This will assist the audience in visualizing the podcaster as they listen to them.

You can use this method to reach out to and appeal to those who are interested in both watching and listening. 

Podcasters actually record themselves throughout their podcast sessions or when preparing the audio files for a vodcast. Short vodcast videos can also be uploaded on other internet platforms to encourage more people to listen to your podcast. 

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A videocast can be sent as a stream or as a file. A stream version enables people to view the video on venues such as YouTube or your website.

Subscribing to a vodcast in one of the numerous freely accessible directory apps is all that is required to download the video files. 

Users can watch the videos whenever and wherever they wish after downloading and saving them to a portable video player, making them independent of television programming schedules.

A variety of vodcasting technologies are also available to assist people in transitioning from just video consumers to creators. 

“Vodcast,” sometimes known as a video podcast, is a phrase derived from the term (and concept) of the podcast.

A vodcast works similarly to a podcast, except that instead of just audio files, consumers also download matching video files to their portable media players. 

Main Differences Between Podcasting and Vodcasting 

  1. Podcasting is only audio in format, whereas vodcasting has both audio and video. 
  2. The recording device used for podcasting is recording apps or devices that are audio-only. Vodcasting can be recorded on video cameras, phones, web cameras, etc. 
  3. Podcasting costs less than vodcasting because vodcasting needs a good video camera and good lighting, which are not necessary for podcasting. 
  4. Podcasts are easy to edit, whereas vodcasts are harder to edit since you have to pay attention to both audio and video. 
  5. The setup of podcasts is easier than vodcasting. Vodcasting requires you to set up recording devices for both video and audio.
Difference Between Podcasting and Vodcasting


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Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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