Difference Between Apple Podcasts and Stitcher

The podcast has taken a great peek in recent times. A few years back people did not even know what podcast was. The podcast is just a simple digital streaming audio recorder.


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The podcast took a great peek as it is easy to produce and consume. Apple Podcasts is a podcast service provided by Apple on its iOS platform on its Apple products.

Audio podcasting had become very popular among people. Apple provides this service through its Apple podcasts app where people can listen to audio content shows and audio stories.

Ranging from a wide variety of choices for people, people can listen to their favorite shows through the Apple Podcasts App.

Alike apple podcast, stitcher is also a web-based radio podcasting service where people can listen to podcasts including radio services. It is a part of the radio internet service.

Apple Podcasts vs Stitcher

The difference between Apple podcast and Stitcher is that Apple podcast is the default application of the App Store in iOS. We can download it on any Apple device including the iPhone, iPad. On the other hand, Stitcher is a web-based on-demand service where people can listen to podcasts and radio services.

Apple Podcasts vs Stitcher

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Apple Podcasts is Apple’s podcast app that is available on every new iOS device. It is also free to download from the App Store. It is available on different platforms such as iOSiPadOStvOSwatchOS, and macOS, etc.

Prior it was part of the iTunes app. It is owned by Apple Inc. Almost every show is available in apple podcasts where people can listen to their favorite shows and content.

Stitcher is an on-demand internet radio service that offers podcasts and radio through the web app and native mobile apps. It has a clean, intuitive interface.

It provides free services on podcasting and radio. Stitcher is owned by Sirius XM and provides content on a wide range of topics including original content on popular shows through networks such as Earwolf and Witness Docs.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonApple PodcastsStitcher
Type              It is available on iOS devices through the app storeWeb-based service
Cost                                                            It is free of cost Some of its content is premium, so we have to pay subscription fees
Content Size It has a large library of content   Content is less compared to Apple’s
Reviews                     People can review their favorite podcast Review of content not possible
Transcripts                              Transcripts are available Transcripts not available
OwnershipOwned by AppleOwned by Sirius XM
PlatformOnly available on the App StoreAvailable both on Android and iOS

What is Apple Podcasts?

Apple Podcasts is a default podcast app provided by Apple through its iOS platform on its Apple products. It was first released on 26 June 2012 as a part of iOS.

Originally, it was a part of the iTunes app, now being a default app available as podcasts through the iOS store. The podcast service by apple has been very popular among iPhone users, which provides various podcasts on different topics.

It is also free to download from the App Store. Apple Podcasts are available on different kinds of platforms such as iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, watchOS, etc.

People can create their own playlists to listen to content and can also search for content by topic. Transcripts are also provided to its content.

apple podcasts

What is Stitcher?

Stitcher is a media company that provides podcasts. It was accomplished by SiriusXM, in July 2020. Earwolf and Witness Docs are some Webs through which Stitcher generates some indigenous shows.

Stitcher also provides ad sales and distribution services. Today, Stitcher is amongst the largest podcast listening apps in the world.

Since Stitcher is one of the most popular podcast listening apps, it allows thousands of people to access it. The users of Stitcher can listen to the downloaded and discover podcasts through apps on iOS, Android, the Web, and several vehicle integrations.

Stitcher is ranked higher than Apple Podcast because the in-app functionality of Stitcher is being free.


Main Differences Between Apple Podcasts and Stitcher

1.Apple Podcast is a free podcast service provided by Apple on its iOS devices. On the other hand, Stitcher is a web-based service that provides podcast services free of cost along with subscription services.

2.Apple Podcast is available for iOS devices. On the other hand, Stitcher provides its podcast services both on iOS and Android platforms.

3.Apple podcasts have a large library of content available on its platform. Whereas, Stitcher has a small library of content compared to Apple podcasts.

4.Apple podcasts are available as a default application on iOS devices. Whereas, Stitcher is a web-based service.

5.Apple podcasts have a huge market share in podcasting. Whereas, Stitcher has a low market share.

6.Apple podcasts is owned by Apple Inc. But, Stitcher is owned by Sirius XM.

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