Difference Between Polki and Kundan

Jewellery is a decorative item used for aesthetic and personal purposes. It can be worn on the body or can be attached to clothes. Jewellery includes necklaces, earrings, pendants, bracelets, brooches, rings, and cufflinks.


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Jewellery can be of any kind, from metals to gold to shells to gemstones. For thousands of years, jewellery has been worn and used by mankind.

The oldest known jewellery was dated back to 1 lakh years ago, made up of Nassarius shells. Polki and Kundan are India’s traditional jewellery, which signifies royalty and beauty.

Key Takeaways

  1. Polki jewellery uses uncut diamonds, while Kundan jewellery uses glass imitations of precious stones.
  2. Polki jewellery is heavier and more expensive than Kundan jewellery.
  3. Polki jewellery is usually set in gold, while Kundan jewellery can be set in various metals.

Polki vs Kundan

Polki jewelry is made using uncut diamonds, which are set in a gold or silver base. The diamonds used in polki jewelry are  sourced from mines and are left in their natural, uncut state. Kundan jewelry is made using glass stones that are set in a gold or silver base using a special technique.

Polki vs Kundan

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Polki Jewellery is used in its natural form. It is made from unfinished and uncut diamonds without any changes done to the stone-like polishing or further craftsmanship.

Uncut diamonds used in polki are given a basic cut and a little polish. The content of gold and diamond is higher in Polki jewellery because not much of it is cut.

So its price is higher than the Kundan jewellery. It is very heavy jewellery to be worn because of the weight of diamonds and gold.

Kundan Jewellery is created using the refined gold of 24 carats. It also consists of different types of gemstones and glass. It takes a lot of time to make Kundan jewellery because the process is very intense and hard.

Kundan jewellery is very elaborate, as one can find layers underneath. Both semi-precious and precious stones can be used in Kundan jewellery. A lot of artificial Kundan jewellery is also available that won’t be so expensive.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonPolkiKundan
CompositionUncut diamondsGlass and gemstones
PriceMore expensiveLess expensive 
MakingGold foils are usedGold stripes are used
ContentGold and Diamond are higherGold and Diamond are lower.

What is Polki?

Polki is natural jewellery where diamonds are used in their pure and raw form. They are created from unfinished diamonds. No lab or chemical treatment is done on Polkis. Because if it is done, then it would look like any other shiny jewellery.

The colour of Polki jewellery is rustic because of no chemical process. They are created using gold foils, and the uncut diamond is placed inside the foil. The design of Polki is very intricate at the back.

Because of uncut diamonds, gold and diamond content is higher in Polki as compared to Kundan jewellery. Polkis is the old charm, where other bright stones go very well with it.

Polki jewellery plays an important role as it is passed down to the generations. It becomes an heirloom for the family. Polki Jewellery is a piece of traditional Indian jewellery that signifies royalty since time immemorial.

It has various designs and goes with the trend. If you want authentic Polki jewellery, it can be purchased in Rajasthan and in Gujarat. It is very difficult to find artificial Polki jewellery.

Polki jewellery had a great demand in the market. It is also very heavier and more expensive than Kundan jewellery. It can take up to 2-3 months to complete Polki jewellery.

What is Kundan?

Kundan is made from glass stones. It is very famous for its bridal jewellery. It is also the traditional jewellery of Rajasthan. Diamonds are not used in making Kundan jewellery, whether it is uncut or cut.

Gemstones and glass stones are used, which are then placed in gold or silver. Because of this, Kundan jewellery looks very much similar to Polkis and Jadau. Precious Metals are used in the making of Kundan.

A lot of intricate work is done in Kundan jewellery. So it takes a lot of time to make it. Kundan jewellery has always been one of the most popular choices of brides to be in India. It is not very expensive as Polki jewellery.

The weight of Kundan jewellery is very much lighter in comparison with Polki. The word ‘Kundan means that it is pure and made up of 24 K refined gold. Gold is beaten to give it any desirable shape according to its stone setting and design.

Gold stripes are used to make Kundan, so the amount or content of gold is minimal. It is one of the oldest forms of jewellery. It was brought to India by the Persians and the Mughals.

Kundan got its prominence as the Mughals flourished. Then it was brought on by royal families, and since then, it has poured down into different sections of society.

The three most important steps in making Kundan are Paadh or Gadhayi, Khudyai and Meenakari. These three processes are done using 22k gold. 24K gold is used in Jadayi and Chillai.

Main Differences Between Polki and Kundan

  1. Polki is made from natural, uncut diamonds that are pure and raw. It is slightly polished. Kundan is made up of glass stones and gemstones, including rubies, emeralds, sapphires etc.
  2. Polki is more expensive than Kundan jewellery. Kundan is less expensive than Polki jewellery.
  3. Gold foils are used at the back of Polki. It is not treated with any chemicals. Gold stripes are used to shape the stone according to a desirable shape. Heat is also used.
  4. The content of Gold and Diamond is higher in Polki. The content of Gold and Diamond is lower.
  5. The weight of Polki is heavier. The weight of Kundan is lighter than Polki.
  6. Polki has a lustrous shine. Kundan has a polished shine.
  7. The demand for polki is higher in the market in comparison with Kundan.
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