Difference Between Priviledge and Privilege

Priviledge is an incorrect spelling for the word privilege. The actual word is ‘privilege’ which means special access or advantage provided to just a person a group, not everybody.


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Privilege is pronounced as pri-vuh-luhj. Its looks like there is a “d” in the spelling when we pronounce it but the spelling doesn’t consist of one.

Key Takeaways

  1. “Privilege” is a noun that refers to a special advantage or benefit, while “Priviledge” is a misspelling of privilege.
  2. “Privilege” is often based on social class, race, gender, or wealth, while “Priviledge” is not a recognized word.
  3. “Privilege” can be earned or unearned, while “Priviledge” is invalid.

Priviledge vs Privilege

Priviledge is a commonly misspelled word that does not exist. Privilege refers to an advantage or special benefit given to a specific person or group. This benefit is not inclusive of the entire population. A privilege gives someone an added advantage in society.the Priviledge is a wrong, incorrect spelling for the word Privilege. The word Priviledge means nothing. Privilege means a law o advantage, an authority given to a particular person or a group. Example: “She had the privilege to study abroad for a year.

Priviledge vs Privilege

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Priviledge is an incorrect spelling for the word privilege. It doesn’t mean anything. The word is a wrong word according to English grammar. The d in priviledge is wrong. The letter is not there in the original meaningful word.

There is a word in English, Ledge. And because of the pronunciation of privilege, it looks like the spelling will be Priviledge.

Privilege means an advantage given to a particular person or a group. A special right or benefit that is given especially to a person or a group of people, not to everyone.

For example, He has been given the privilege in college because he is the minister’s son.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonPriviledgePrivilege
Correct WordThis is an incorrect word.This is the correct word.
SpellingThe spelling is incorrect. The correct spelling is Privilege.The spelling is correct.
DefinitionThere is no definition as the word is incorrect.A special advantage that is given to a person or a particular group.
ExampleNo example, ofcourse. The word is incorrect so there won’t be an example.She had the privilege to study abroad for a year.
PronunciationIt is pronounced as “Pri-vuh-lej”, which is a wrong word and pronunciation.It is pronounced as “pri-vuh-luhj”.

What is Priviledge?

Priviledge is an obsolete form for the word Privilege. It may be used earlier instead of the word Privilege, but there is no confirmation on that. These days it’s an incorrect word. It is a wrong spelling of the word Privilege.

It’s just confusion with spelling and letters. priviledge and privileg are wrong spellings. They don’t mean anything. It is pronounced as pri-vuh-lej.

It is misspelled because of the pronunciation. There is the word ledge in English which has a totally different meaning. But the suffix in privilege that is lege sounds like ledge when pronounced.

Some more words have the same pronunciation and have the spelling with the extra letter “d” like knowledge but this is not the case with privilege. The letter d does not fit in the spelling.

Priviledge – “That’s not even a word!!!”. Remember Monica saying it to Rachel in Season 4 Episode 12 of the infamous series “Friends”. That’s right. Like Transponster isn’t a word, priviledge is not a word.

But it’s an incorrect word. The correct word is “Privilege” whose meaning is mentioned below in the next paragraph.

And no examples of the word because it’s a misspelled word.


What is Privilege?

Privilege is an English word that is derived from a Latin word, privilegium. It means a law or an authority that is for just one person. A benefit that is given to an individual person or group, and it is not available to others.

Privileged people are those who get an opportunity that other people do not get. It makes them have authority in a particular case which not anyone can have.

It can be access to some rights, or an advantage to do something or go somewhere. An advantage that is given to a particular person or group, not to everyone. Mostly, the word is used as a noun in many sentences.

It is a word that is used in the English language a lot.

The pronunciation of the word is pri-vuh-luhj. Some of the synonyms of the word are advantage, prerogative, freelage, right, claim, liberty, foredeal, benefit, etc.

Some examples using the word privilege are:

  1. He got the privilege to visit the temple.
  2. He got that privilege because he is a minister’s son.
  3. They have the privilege of being a part of the Hudson family.
  4. You have to pay to get this privilege.
  5. Humans have the privilege that they can speak.
  6. I am granting you this privilege at a huge risk.

Main Differences Between Priviledge and Privilege

  1. Priviledge doesn’t mean anything while the word Privilege has a meaning.
  2. The word priviledge is an incorrect spelling of the word Privilege.
  3. Priviledge is used mostly because of pronunciation confusion. It’s a mistaken word. The correct word is Privilege.
  4. Priviledge is an obsolete form. It may be used before but it is not the right word. The word Privilege is used these days.
  5. The word priviledge has no English definition. The word Privilege is defined as an advantage or benefit given to a person or a group.
Difference Between Priviledge and Privilege
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