QTP vs WinRunner: Difference and Comparison

The testing phase plays a vital role in the software development cycle. It is a demanding skill, and many younger generations are attracted to the testing process because it doesn’t need any prerequisites like coding and other requirements.


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The available tools make your work easy as eating sweets. The QTP and WinRunner are some tools that help in testing the graphical user interface.

User satisfaction is the principle for the product creator. The tools give you get a feel of what people want and how to implement that.

Key Takeaways

  1. QTP (Quick Test Professional) is now known as UFT (Unified Functional Testing), while WinRunner is an older, discontinued testing tool.
  2. QTP supports scripting in VBScript, while WinRunner uses TSL (Test Script Language).
  3. QTP offers better integration with other software and applications, whereas WinRunner has limited compatibility.

QTP Vs WinRunner

QTP (Quick Test Professional) is a functional testing tool that allows testers to automate functional and regression testing for software applications. WinRunner is a functional testing tool that was also developed by Mercury Interactive. It uses TSL as its scripting language and provides a graphical user interface for creating and executing test scripts.

QTP Vs WinRunner

Unified Functional Testing(UFT) is the new title of QTP (QuickTest Professional ). It can perform testing services. Microfocus is the developer of QTP. It will be released and available in the market in 2019.

The QTP works on Microsoft Windows as an operating system. Mercury Interactive was the first to design the QTP, and then HP got the license, and now Microfocus is the owner of QTP.

WinRunner is the HP software used to test the Graphical User Interface(GUI). It allows you to playback the interactions as test scripts.

It supports many technologies, including live JAVA, DOTNET, HTML, and Power Builder.

The WinRunner works on TSL (Test Script Language), similar to the C programming language. It is dependent on the Windows platform.

It works on the concept called object-oriented technology and works only with static images.

Comparison Table

Parameters on comparisonQTPWinRunner
DefinitionThe QTP is a testing tool for functional and service testingThe WinRunner is a tool that can record the interactions in a test script language.
ImageQTP works with static and dynamic images.WinRunner works with static images.
OwnershipMicrofocus the owner of QTPWinRunner works with static images.
Last released versionQTP is 15.0.2WinRunner is 9.2
Active screenQTP supports the active screenWinRunner has not supported the active screen.
Keyword viewSupportedNot Supported
Scripting language usedQTP work on VB scriptWinRunner work on TSL language.

What is QTP?

The QTP is a functional testing tool that works automatically in the background. It helps to find the errors in the application by undergoing the testing process. The VB script is predominant to use the QTP tool.

You must know the VB script to achieve the process in QTP. Create, record, enhance, debug, run, analyze and report are the seven steps in the QTP testing process.

Quick Test Professional is the expansion of QTP and is the invention of Hewlett Packard (HP).

The tools available in QTP are Test management tools, Configuration management tools, Static analysis tools, Test preparation tools, Test execution tools, Test comparators, Coverage measurement tools, Performance testing tools, Project planning and tracking tools, and Incident management tools.

At first, Astra Quick Test is the Name of it after it is QTP, and presently it is called UFT. When compared to other scripting languages, the VB script is much easy to learn.

The tool itself can generate the report results in time management. But it takes more time to execute. You need to spend more money to get the license of QTP, which is quite expensive.

Like other tools, environmental setup is a must to get a peaceful working experience.

What is WinRunner?

The WinRunner is working on the Windows operating system based on HP. Despite its needs and some obligation, it supports many languages.

It is easy to use and interact with the screen. First, you need to create a GUI map file and then create the test scripts. At last, debug, and run smoothly.

It needs external devices to install on your computer. Add the external storage device before downloading. Then adding the executable file and then running on it will help to recover if deleted occasionally.

The version of the object and the GUI file must be the same. Else it won’t compact with the WinRunner version and result in a hang of your computer. Sometimes browsers are not connected with WinRunner versions.

It is a prerequisite to check the browser version before installing.

It gives quick and quality assurance. It is the only reason many people suggest Winrunner will help you to get the fast process. The 9.2 is the recently released version of WinRunner.

It is also called Mercury WinRunner. The processing of images consists of two modes, that is context-sensitivity mode and analogue mode. The context-sensitivity is the default mode. The WinRunner doesn’t support the XML language.

Main Differences Between QTP and WinRunner

  1. The QTP supports the keyword view, and WinRunner does not support the keyword view.
  2. The QTP has a screen recorder option, but WinRunner has no screen recorder option.
  3. The QTP supports the XML language, but the WinRunner does not support the XML language.
  4. The QTP works on shared repository mode, and the WinRunner works on GUI global mode.
  5. The QTP supports the .NET environment, but WinRunner doesn’t support the .NET environment.
  6. The QTP work on the VB script, and WinRunner works on the TSL language.
  7. The QTP has 15.0.2 as the latest version, and WinRunner has 9.2 as the new version.
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