Difference Between RT and SRT

The industry of automobiles has been growing and prospering at an impressive rate. And just like the diversity on the planet, there is variety in the cars section as well.


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This includes the arena of extremely stylish and in-vogue sports cars. RT and SRT are two different versions of the Dodge Challenger sports car.

 RT vs SRT

The difference between RT and SRT versions is that the former has an engine that has a horsepower less than that of the latter. RT version has a horsepower of around 375, and on the other hand, the SRT version provides an approximate 475 horsepower. The two also differ in torque, performance, transmission, etc.


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RT muscle cars are known for their delivery of performance since the year 1960. This version of cars comes along with a multitude of features like upgrade suspension, powerful engine, superior brakes, and so on.

The abbreviation RT stands for Road/Track.

SRT, on the other hand, stands for Street and Racing Technology. It was initially developed as Team Viper, but later it was named SRT. It has an amazing engine termed the V8 SRT HEMI Engine.

It is capable of giving off around 475 horsepower. Its features include HID lights, parking sensors, better and more comfortable seats, etc.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonRTSRT
TorqueRT provides an impressive torque of 410 lb.-ft.SRT has a higher torque that is around 470 lb.-ft.
EngineRT has an engine capacity of 5.7 liters.The capacity of the SRT engine is higher than RT. It is 6.4 liters.
HorsepowerIt has a comparatively lower horsepower of around 375.It is known for its high horsepower that is around 475.
FeaturesIt sports halogen lights and has seats made of cloth. It has smaller rims of approximately 18 inches.SRT has advanced features like HID lights, leather-made seats, bigger rims of around 20 inches, parking sensors, etc.
TransmissionIt offers two transmissions. The manual one having six levels, while the automatic provides eight levels.SRT, too has two-speed transmissions. The manual being six and the automatic being five in number.
Full-FormRT can be elongated as Road/Track.Street and Technology is the complete form of SRT.

What is RT?

RT is the version of the dodge challenger, which is a sports car. Popularly known as the pony, Dodge Challenger is a car that is manufactured by an American company.

R/T, which is the abbreviated form of Road/Track, is the initial version of the sports car. It has been in existence since the year 1960.

RT dodge challenger is famous for its powerful engine, which comes with an upgraded version of the suspension.

Being one of the first versions of the Dodge Challenger car, the RT version works to mark the performance level of the other versions of the same car.

It sports a Hemi V8 engine that has a capacity of 5.7 liters. The RT version of the Dodge Challenger is capable of forking out an estimated 375 horsepower that makes it quite efficient.

The torque produced by the RT version is 410 lb.-ft. At the same, the RT version is more fuel-efficient.

The features of this version include halogen lights. It has seats that are made up of cloth. This version of the dodge challenger has accommodation for five people and sports two doors.

It has rims that have a size of 18 inches. Cost-wise it is more efficient than its counterparts.


What is SRT?

SRT is a finer, and one can even say a better version of the dodge challenger. It is a sports car too that is known as a pony because of its excellent horsepower and efficient engine.

SRT is the abbreviated version that means Street and Racing Technology.

The SRT version has a much better and more powerful engine than its predecessors. It is known to have been launched in 1989 under the name Team Viper. It was at the time used to develop the Dodge Viper. Later it was renamed SRT in the year 2004.

It has the V8 SRT Hemi Engine with an adequate capacity of 6.4 Liters. The SRT version has the ability to push out an impressive amount of horsepower, that is, approximately 475 horsepower.

It produces a torque of 470 lb.-ft. It is costlier than the previous versions and is less fuel-efficient.

The SRT version of the dodge challenger provides an ample lot of features, including HID headlights and seats that are made from leather. These seats also have the ability to provide warmth in winters.

This version sports the facility of parking sensors and has rims that are 20 inches in size, making them bigger than the RT version.


Main Differences Between RT and SRT

  1. RT is the short form of Road/Track, whereas SRT is the abbreviated form of Street and Racing Technology.
  2. While RT has an engine capacity of 5.7 liters, the SRT version provides an engine with a capacity being 6.4 liters.
  3. The torque of the RT version is around 410 lb.-ft, whereas the SRT version gives off the torque of 470 lb.-ft.
  4. The former has a lower horsepower of around 375, whereas the latter provides more horsepower, which is around 475.
  5. RT version has its seats made from cloth, whereas the SRT version sports seats made from leather. The seats of the latter are more comfortable than those of the former.
  6. SRT has a parking sensor feature, while the RT version lacks that.
  7. RT version has halogen lights, and on the other hand, the SRT version has better lights called the HID headlights.
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