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Difference Between Ruby and Python

Everything is digitalized now, purchasing, selling, education, etc. to make sure the online process of these works smoothly, certain apps, applications, etc has to be made.


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Every website, application, or even game, requires certain programming languages, and with all the innovative new programming languages are also introduced.

Ruby vs Python

The difference between Ruby and Python is in there features that they support. Python is older when compared to Ruby by 4 years. Several features are supported by Ruby but not by Python, which includes usage of mixins, blocks, and procs, etc. While Python has its advantages in terms of the number of libraries, functions, multiple inheritances, etc. they are also mainly focused on different purposes.

Ruby vs Python

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Ruby is used for general purposes, especially for web development and application development, and was developed in 1995. Mixins can be used under this programming language.

Python is a high-level programming language used by many big companies. Mixins cannot be used in this language but have larger libraries. It uses natural language elements.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonRubyPython
DefinitionsIts general-purpose programming language.It is a high-level programming language.
MixinsCan be usedCannot be used
LibrariesSmaller librariesLarger libraries
Developed in19951991
UsageGoogle, Instagram, YouTube, etc.Apple, Twitter, Urban Dictionary, etc.

What is Ruby?

It is a high-level programming language that is dynamic in nature. It was introduced after the need for more scripting and object-oriented languages were felt.

It supports both multiple paradigms of programming and functional programming making it a unique language. Its interpreter can also be used as a calculator.


  1. Object-oriented: it is an object-oriented programming language.
  2. Mixins: it has both classes and modules both.
  3. Method Name: a question mark of the exclamation mark is used at the end of the methods.

Except for the above, there are also some other features such as visual features, garbage collector, Case Sensitive, etc.


  1. Time Efficiency: the software can be developed by using this language quickly. It is among the most time-efficient languages.
  2. Tools and libraries: it provides the best features and tools that can help develop several websites and applications.
  3. Safety: it offers the best level of safety.

What is Python?

It is believed that Python was developed as its developer was looking for a project to write a new programming language for a hobby and ultimately developed a new programming language, Python.

Many big and popular companies have used and still using Python Programming language, including NASA, Google, Nokia, etc.

Advantages of Python

  1. Easy to read and learn: it has English-like syntax. Therefore, it is an easier language to write and learn by a beginner for coding.
  2. Improved Productivity: it is a simple and most productive language and mainly focuses on solving math problems.
  3. Interpreted Language: it directly executes code and reports if any error arrives after stopping the further execution.
  4. Free and Open Source: it is free to use and distribute as it is OSI approved.
  5. Vast Libraries: it supports a larger library. Even ruby has a smaller library in comparison.

Main Differences Between Ruby and Python

  1. Built-in classes can be changed by modifying them in Ruby, whereas they cannot be modified in the case of Python.
  2. Ruby only supports single inheritance, while Python supports multiple inheritances. Also, python supports tuples, while ruby does not support tuples.
Difference Between Ruby and Python
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