Difference Between Saute Fry and Stir Fry

A million methods are followed for cooking. Each region has a distinct style of cooking and dishes. Sauteing and frying are widespread techniques in deep cooking.


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Both vegetables and meat are cooked by using these techniques. Many restaurants follow these methods for the quick processing of dishes.

Saute Fry vs Stir Fry

The difference between sauteing and stir fry is their subtlety. Saute is a medium fry of small vegetables. Stir fry is high or deep fry of vegetables. Sauteing has a small number of calories, and stir fry has a large number of calories. Unlike sauteeing, stir-frying needs more amount of oil for frying. The heat transfer in sauteing is less when compared to stir-frying. The heat contact is also more in stir-frying. In sauteing, the pan gets shaken. In stir-frying, the pan is allowed to constant heat.

Saute Fry vs Stir Fry

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Saute is the word taken from the french word called to jump. Sauteing uses a small amount of oil for frying. Sauteing also has very different methods.

Vegetables are cut into small pieces for sauteing, which makes the dishes fast cooking using the sauteing method. Mostly heat transfer is important in sauteing. The heat transfer between the pan and the dish cooking will be balanced by shaking the pan.

Stir-frying belongs to the Chinese cooking technique. The ingredients are used in small amounts and with high heat. The oil used must be at a heavy temperature for the perfect stir fry of the dishes.

Stir fry first originated in China and then became widespread worldwide. Stir-frying is somewhat similar to sauteing with a heavy amount of heat.

Since the Han dynasty, the frying pan has been used for deep grain. Ming Dynasty allows that pan for deep frying using oil.

Comparison Table

Parameters of comparisonSauteStir Fry
DefinitionSaute is a low, medium heat cooking methodStir fry is a high-flame cooking method.
Heat amountSaute needs less heatStir fry needs a large amount of heat
Pan shakingPan shaking happen in sautePan shaking is not happening in stir fry.
Food sizeSauteing uses large pieces of ingredientsStir-frying uses small pieces of ingredients.
SmokeSaute needs less amount of smokeStir fry needs a large amount of smoke.

What is Saute Fry?

The pan-frying is called sauteing. The pan flipped up and down for quick frying of the meat and vegetables. The depth of the oil used may vary with the type of food. Unlike searing, sauteing makes the food brown.

Some low-smoke point oils are not used in sauteing methods. Oil like clarified oil, rapeseed oil, and sunflower oil are used for sauteing.

Saute allows the food to cook on low or medium heat to achieve the flavor of the dishes. Clarified butter is widely used in sauteing techniques.

The ingredients used in sauteing are fried once and cooked quickly by flipping the pan. Pan or utensils are used in the sauteing. The pan used for sauteing must be large for the perfect cooking of the dishes.

The complete layer of food must settle at one layer in the pan to get the balanced heat. The pan’s steam frees the food from stewing and develops the oily connection among the ingredients.

The saute pans have a flat base and a proficient height for cooking the food. Flared sides and basic edges will make a good pan for sauteing.

The sauteing uses a lightly coated pan for perfect dishes. Sauteing methods make even cooking of food by tossing and turning the pan. The sauteing method uses the pan wisely for cooking the dishes.

It makes the pan turn into different sides for cooking, resulting in a perfect dish. The ingredients used must be mixed well in a proper manner for a better taste. The sauteing takes more time for large vegetables and gives perfect flavors.

What is Stir Fry?

The stir fry technique first originated in China. Stir fry affords a large amount of oil for frying. In the 20th century, people were addicted to stir fry foods. Stir fry has become one of the most used cooking techniques in recent years.

Stir fry dominated the other cooking techniques by its flavor taste. From China, the stir fry technique gets popular worldwide. Stir-frying and Chinese food have a good relationship that shows the flavors of the dishes.

The vegetables and meats used in cooking get perfect flavors in stir-frying, and people are addicted to that taste. The calories are maintained at a balanced level.

Yuen Ren Chao is the one who invented the term stir fry in his book called “How to cook and eat in Chinese.” The first time the term stir fry was mentioned in the sixth century to denote the dish made of scrambled eggs.

The stir-frying method refers to toasting tea leaves in the Tang dynasty. In the Song dynasty, stir-frying come back as a cooking method.

Stir-frying is not a technique of boiling and steaming, instead it is deep frying. The oil used for stir-frying is quite expensive in restaurants.

In the Ming dynasty, stir-frying got its popularity and became the popular method in Chinese cooking techniques. Stir-frying has been commonly used in street food in recent years. The innovation happens in street food using this stir-frying technique.

Main Differences Between Saute Fry and Stir Fry

  1. Saute is a low, medium heat cooking method, and stir fry is a high-flame cooking method.
  2. Saute needs less heat, and stir fry needs a large amount of heat.
  3. Pan shaking happens in saute, and pan shaking is not happening in stir fry.
  4. Sauteing uses large pieces of ingredients, and stir-frying uses small pieces of ingredients.
  5. Saute needs less amount of smoke, and stir fry needs a large amount of smoke.
Difference Between Saute Fry and Stir Fry
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