Difference Between SDHC and SDXC

Data can be collected in many forms, if the amount of Data is large then obviously a person would need a large place to store them. The same goes with digital data, such as PDFs, images, videos, etc. When the quality gets better, they require more space. That’s when memory cards like SDHC and SDXC come in handy.


The main difference between SDHC and SDXC is that the storage capacity of SDHC is 4 GB to 34 GB while the storage capacity of SDXC is 34 GB to 2 TB (terabyte). Both are manufactured by the same company and have the same dimensions. They are used in devices that are compatible with them.

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SDHC is a secure digital flash memory card that is used to store data. SDHC cards have a high capacity for data storage. They have replaced SD cards. The services provided by SDHC cards are very different than standard SD cards. It comes with the SDA 2.0 specification and now has countless users.

SDXC card is an enhanced version of SDHC. It is a memory card used in multiple portable devices to store data. It was manufactured especially for video cameras or camcorders. Camcorders need a high-capacity storage card because they record videos in high resolutions. SDXC can be installed on any device, it is made for specific devices.

Comparison Table Between SDHC and SDXC

Parameters Of ComparisonSDHCSDXC
Full formThe complete name of SDHC is Standard Digital High Capacity.The complete name of SDXC is Standard Digital Extended Capacity.
CapacityThe SDHC card has a capacity of 4 GB to 34 GB.The SDXC card has a capacity of 64 GB to 2 TB.
UsageThe SDHC cards are usually used in a smartphone, digital camera, eBook, etc.The SDXC card is mostly used in camcorders and other professional cameras.
ResolutionThe SDHC card can store videos and pictures of Full HD.The SDXC card can store pictures and videos in 4k.
Transfer speedThe SDHC card provides up to 10mb/s data transferring speed.The SDXC card provides up to 300mb/s data transferring speed.

What is SDHC?

The long term for SDHC is Secure Digital High Capacity. It is an enhanced version of SD cards. It provides storage up to 32 GB. The workflow of an SDHC card is far different than an SD card. There are 3 types of these cards; the first is SDHC with the dimension of 32*24*2.1mm, the second is Mini SDHC with the dimension of 21.5*20.1.4mm, and the third is Micro SDHC with the dimension of 15*11*1.0mm.

It can be used in portable devices such as smartphones and cameras. If the device is designed keeping in mind the sd card then there is a possibility that the SDHC card will not work in these devices. While an SD card can work in an SDHC device, though, its performance might be low. The range of capacities provided by the SDHC card is 4 GB, 8 GB 16 GB, and 32 GB.

It was launched to fulfill the increasing demand for high-definition videos. Modern cameras capture or record video in high resolution, so the need for larger storage is increasing. SDHC cards are the best solution to this problem. Any SD card which has a storage capacity of more than 4 GB is considered an SDHC card.

What is SDXC?

SDXC card is known to be the largest flash memory card. It was launched in 2010. It is a short term for Secure Digital Extended Capacity. The main feature of the SDXC card is that it has the same dimensions as SDHC and SD card but the facilities it provides are more.

The speed of recording and storing high-resolution videos and pictures if quite higher is the SDXC card being used. But because of its structure, it is only compatible with those devices that are only focused on this card. The speed it provides is almost 104/s to 300/s. The storage capacity in SDXC cards begins from 64 GB that can be extended up to 2 TB.

It can also be used in portable devices such as eBooks, digital cameras, smartphones, camcorders, etc. The DTR ( data transferring rate) has been upgraded in SDXC cards. It was mainly launched for camcorders because they record HD videos and require more space than other devices. Yet it can be used in particular devices.

These memory cards are manufactured by the SD association, the same company that makes standard SD cards. The file system used by SDXC cards is called exFAT. Unlike SDHC, these cards are based on the specification which is SDA 3.0.

Main Differences Between SDHC and SDXC

  1. The file format system in SDHC is read as FAT32. On the other hand, SDXC has an exFAT file format system.
  2. The SDHC card comes with the 2.0 specifications while the enhanced version SDXC card comes with the 3.0 specifications.
  3. The SDHC card can provide storage up to 32 GB while SDXC provides up to 2 TB storage for data storing.
  4. 10 Mbps is the maximum data transferring speed in SDHC while SDXC provides 300 Mbps data transferring speed to the users.
  5. The SDHC card can hold Full HD videos and pictures of JPEG format while SDXC can store 4k videos and pictures along with RAW and JPEG.


Memory cards are so small yet they can store thousands of pictures and hundreds of videos. When a person transfers his data to a memory card it gets stored in it and through other necessary electronic mediums, he can simply get access to his data. These cards are used by almost every. They are affordable and easy to operate.

Memory cards are being sold in the market since 1999. Memory cards are getting more advanced day by day since. Their storage capacity has expanded up to terabytes now while their size is still tiny. They are like a little magic box filled with lots of memories and documents a person makes.


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