SFTP vs SCP: Difference and Comparison

SFTP and SCP are two different protocols used in securing and accessing the files in our systems. The collection of network devices is simply called a network.

Their primary work of them is to exchange the data between them. Protocols are essential in exchanging data because they help to communicate with another device.

Key Takeaways

  1. SFTP is more secure than SCP because it encrypts all data before transmission.
  2. SCP is faster than SFTP because it has less overhead.
  3. SFTP allows more functionality than SCP, such as file management and remote editing.


The difference between SFTP and SCP is their process. The SFTP protocol helps you to access files, transfer files, and also to manage files, whereas SCP protocol helps you to transfer your files securely. The SFTP protocol works over a reliable data stream, whereas the SCP protocol works over two remote hosts.


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SFTP is a protocol that helps to transfer files over the internet. The combination of File Transfer Protocol(FTP) and Secure Shell (SSH) is called Secure File Transfer Protocol(SFTP).

The security for the files is provided by Secure Shell. It is a cryptographic component. Internet Engineering Task Force(IETF) designed the Secure File Transfer Protocol and Secure Shell.

The files are transferred by SSH and FTP commands in SFTP. SCP is a command and communication type protocol.

The primary task of SCP is to transfer the files between two local or remote hosts. Secure Copy Protocol is similar to File Transfer Protocol.

But the difference between them is the Secure Copy Protocol can add security and authentication to the files. Port 22 is used by the Secure Copy protocol. In simple the combination of BSD RCP and SSH is called Secure Copy Protocol.

Comparison Table

Parameters of comparisonSFTPSCP
Stands forSFTP stands for Secure File Transfer ProtocolSCP stands for Secure Copy Protocol
ResumeSFTP protocol allows resuming the interrupted fileSCP does not allow resuming the interrupted file
SpeedSFTP is slower than SCPSCP is faster than SFTP
FunctionalitySFTP perform better than SCPSCP has low performance
OperationsSFTP do file transfer, remove and locateSCP do only file transfer

What is SFTP?

SFTP is nothing but an SSH file transfer protocol. The transfer of files over the internet.

The transfer of files happened through the File Transfer Protocol and Secure Shell. The Secure Shell will encrypt your files since it is a cryptographic component.

It contains encrypted FTP commands and avoids exposing sensitive information to your files. The man-in-middle attacks are also avoided by Secure File Transfer Protocol.

It makes sure the authentication of the files of the user. Secure File Transfer Protocol can handle difficult situations.

The primary task of the secure file transfer protocol is to protect your files. It acts as a cover for your data. Business users must use SFTP to secure their important and sensitive files while transferring them through the internet.

Even private persons also use SFTP to protect their personal information. The Secure File Transfer protocol is also known as Secure Shell File Transfer Pot.

In simple secure file transfer protocol is a client-server protocol. By command line or GUI, you can launch the Secure File Transfer Protocol.

Only when the SSH is initiated, the user can use the Secure File Transfer Protocol. Both the communicating parties are needed in Secure File Transfer Protocol to authenticate ID and password.

The successor of File Transfer Protocol is Secure File Transfer Protocol. SFTP is the first option to secure your data while transferring via the internet.

What is SCP?

Open SSH Project is the developer of SCP. The Secure Copy Protocol uses port number 22. It works with RCP and SSH.

The RCP will transfer files to another device, whereas the SSH will secure the files. The SSH provides security to the files.

The data that transfers through SCP protocol is remain in SSH so that it avoids packet sniffers. It steals your data without your knowledge.

You can add timestamps to your files in Secure Copy Protocol using Secure Shell. The Secure Copy Protocol can be used easily.

The Secure Copy Protocol can request the Secure Shell for uploading the files, after this request the secure shell allows the file to upload after checking the security of the data. The server sends the uploaded files to another device to download.

The malicious attacks can be avoided by server controls. Sometimes the user can unintentionally be linked to malicious sites that can also be avoided by the server controls of SSH.

Operating systems like Windows, Mac OS, and Linux have the Secure Copy Protocol as their native protocol. You can directly find the protocol by typing SCP in the common terminal line.

File transfer applications like PuTTy also have the Secure Copy Protocol. In Secure Copy Protocol you need not worry about managing the server.

It transmits the files easily and quickly. In simple, Secure Copy Protocol is a straightforward and powerful command.

Main Differences Between SFTP and SCP

  1. When compared to SFTP, SCP protocol is less platform-independent.
  2. When compared to STFP, SCP is implemented most frequently in Unix platforms.
  3. When compared to SFTP, SCP is working faster.
  4. When compared to SFTP, SCP has very low performance in functions.
  5. SFTP can transfer files, locate them and also remove them at times, but SCP can only transfer files.
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Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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