Shia vs Sunni Mosques: Difference and Comparison

People are more likely to follow principles that allow them to justify their faith. No one else can speak for you when it comes to religious beliefs.

We have a system to ensure that we continue to practice the religion our family has practised for generations. However, we still have the freedom to make our own decisions.

Shia and Sunni are two groups of people who originally belonged to Islam. The reasons for the division and the motivations that led to it are made explicit.

Key Takeaways

  1. Shia mosques have a separate section for women to pray, while Sunni mosques do not have a separate section for women.
  2. Shia mosques have a pulpit made of stone, while Sunni mosques have a wooden pulpit.
  3. In Shia mosques, the congregational prayer is performed with the Imam standing alone, while in Sunni mosques, the Imam is joined by the congregation in the prayer.

Shia vs Sunni Mosques

Shia mosques have a separate area for women. The mosques also have multiple mihrabs which is a niche in the wall that indicates the direction of Mecca. Sunni mosques have either a screened-off area within the prayer hall or a separate area for women and have only one mihrab.

Shia vs Sunni Mosques

Shia mosques belong to Shias, a group of people who believe Ali, the prophet’s cousin and son-in-law, is the throne’s ancestor. They believed that, according to tradition, they should be led forward by someone who had the master’s blood.

According to this, they were dubbed Shiat Ali or Ali’s followers.

Sunni mosques are Sunni mosques. On the contrary, they believed that the leader should be chosen by consensus rather than by the successors. They chose Abu Bakr as their leader.

Ali ascended to the throne after the assassination of two of Abu Bakr’s successors. They followed the sunnah or the tradition of the master.

Comparison Table

Parameters of comparison ShiaSunni mosques 
Leader Ali, son-in-lawAbu Bakr, a close friend
Belief They believed it was his son-in-right-law’s to sit on the throne after the master died.They believed that the throne leader should be chosen with the consent of the people.
Motto They are known for their selflessness.In a materialistic world, they believe in god’s power.
Percentage 1585
Countries Shias can be found in Iraq, Iran, Bahrain, Azerbaijan, and Lebanon.They are found in the majority in more than forty countries around the world, from Morocco to Indonesia.

What is Shia?

With Mohammad’s death and no one to succeed him on the throne, huge disunity arose among his followers. This Shia sect believed that Ali, Mohammad’s cousin and son-in-law, should be the next in line for the throne.

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Nearly fourteen centuries ago, a schism occurred.

The Shias revere Ali and his successors; there was a line of 12 Imams. While it is widely assumed that the last Imam, a young boy, died after his father was murdered, this is not the case. They believe that their long-lost messiah will return.

Shias are known for their martyrdom and selflessness. Ali was assassinated in 661 as a result of ongoing conflicts between the Shia and Sunni sects.

As a result of this incident, the Shia mark this day as a day of mourning every year to remember their master. Hasen and Hussain, Ali’s sons, were assassinated as well.

The Shia community, which is found in Iran, Iraq, Azerbaijan, and parts of Lebanon, accounts for 15% of all Muslims.

In 1979, Iran experienced an Islamic revolution, which resulted in the rise of a group of Shia Muslims who were deeply offended by their Sunni counterparts.

Aside from religious beliefs, disagreements arose as a result of various political issues and the mood of power.


What are Sunni Mosques?

Sunni mosques, on the other hand, are built by Sunni Muslims. Their beliefs differed from those of the Shias in that they believed that the throne should be awarded to Ali, the master’s blood relative, only with the approval of other important clan members.

The Sunnis chose Abu Bakr, a close friend of the prophet, to be the throne’s master. Abu Bakr was assassinated, followed by his sons, in order for Ali to ascend to the throne.

Since their master did not formally appoint a natural heir, there was a lot of debate in the Islam community about this. It had been 14 centuries previously.

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At this time, the Sunni sect’s principles are followed by more than 85 percent of the Muslim community. They can be found in the majority of over forty countries, including India and Pakistan, as well as Morocco and Indonesia.

Unlike their counterpart sect, they believe that god’s power is manifested in the physical world, and they have faith in it. They face even more aggressive political disagreements than religious disagreements.

It’s about money and power; people fund a group that goes by the name of Islam, and the imposition of money and power throughout the realm has led to more conflicts between the groups.

sunni mosques

Main Differences Between Shia and Sunni Mosques

  1. Ali, Ali’s cousin and son-in-law, is the Shia leader, whereas Alu Bakr is the Sunni leader, and Sunnis visit Sunni mosques.
  2. After the master died, the Shias believed it was his son-in-right-law’s to sit on the throne, whereas the Sunni mosque people believed the throne leader should be chosen with the people’s consent.
  3. The Shias are known for their selflessness, whereas Sunni mosquegoers believe in god’s power in a materialistic world.
  4. The Shia sect makes up 15% of the total Islam community, while the Sunni sect makes up the other 85%.
  5. Shias can be found in Iraq, Iran, Bahrain, Azerbaijan, and Lebanon, while Sunnis are the majority in more than half of the world’s countries.
Difference Between Shia and Sunni Mosques

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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