Difference Between Sneakers and Trainers

In modern times, people are more aware of their physical health and appearance more than ever. In urban areas, almost everyone does some sort of exercise.


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The attire used while exercising is as important as the techniques of the workout. Sneakers and Trainers are a very important part of workout attire.

Sneakers vs Trainers

The difference between sneakers and Trainers is the material that is used to make them. To make sneakers materials like rubber, foam, textile are used whereas to make trainers synthetic leather and thicker fabric are used. Sneakers provide space for movement while trainers focus on the tighter grip. Both types of shoes are used for exercise.

Sneakers vs Trainers

Sneakers are a type of shoe specially made for athletic activities. Sneakers come in various designs which give an awesome look to the person wearing them.

Sneakers are very trendy among teenagers and mostly worn to hit the gym and run. People use Sneakers in the place of sports shoes.

Trainers are generally used for athletic pursuits. A person can wear trainers to go to the gym or other fitness classes. Trainers are also referred to as training shoes.

Trainers are the best option when it comes to sports. Trainers can be easily mistaken for sneakers since both are used for physical exercise but there is a difference between them.

Comparison Table

Parameters Of ComparisonSneakersTrainers
ExercisesThe sneakers are used for running, jogging, climbing, it covers mostly those activities that involve running exercises. Trainers aren’t ideal for running since there are better options available for running exercises but it doesn’t have to be.
ShapeSneakers come in narrow and tall shapes that provide more space for feet to make movement and breathe. Trainers come in a wide and flat shape that is used to make a tighter grip for the feet.
MaterialThe material used to make sneakers are lightweight and made of breathable fabric so the feet don’t sweat. The material used to make trainers is thick synthetic leather. Which becomes suitable for exercise with dynamic movements.
CushioningThere is more Cushioning in sneakers since they are used for running exercises more frequently by people. There is not so much cushioning in Trainers because the type of material they used doesn’t need cushions.
WeightSneakers are very light in weight which becomes very comfortable for cardio exercises.The material which is used to manufacture trainers makes them heavy but this is required for certain exercises.

What is Sneakers?

The sneakers are also known as runners, athletic shoes, kicks, flats, etc. Sneakers are very unique shoes primarily designed for exercise, sports, and running.

People also like to wear sneakers for casual occasions. The main feature of a Sneaker is its rubber sole. People can assume that each shoe with a rubber sole is a sneaker but that’s not the case.

The reason these shoes are called sneakers is that they make no noise while a person walks wearing them. The brands such as Nike, Spalding, and Converse have made a remarkable contribution to the popularization of sneakers.

The global market is dominated by sneakers. Although these shoes can be addressed with many names, in the United States they are well known by the term sneakers.

In some European countries, sneakers are considered running shoes or runners. In South Africa Sneakers are known as tennies, takkies, sneaks, rubber shoes, etc.

Before the 1900s, sneakers were famous as Plimsoll. Plimsoll became the first choice for vacationers due to their flexibility and comfort. In the mid-1900s, sneakers were worn by teenagers and students.

They became part of the school uniform. By the arrival of the twenty-first century, designers made many upgrades in sneakers and perfected their looks. Now sneakers are worn by every age group for daily use.

What is Trainers?

Trainers are used to enhance the exercise performance of people. Trainers can wear to the fitness classes such as Zumba or body pump.

Trainers are used to protecting feet and improvising exercise techniques. These shoes can be very useful to maintain stability while exercising.

When a person exercises, he is supposed to shift body weight to multiple directions by making various movements, and when he landed on the ground that’s when Trainers come in handy.

Trainers help the person to land his feet evenly on the ground to protect them from any strain.

When running, Trainers are liable to observe shock which is a huge benefit to avoid pressure on the joints, this becomes possible due to their durability and flexibility.

Trainers are mostly worn by a person when he is about to hit the gym or other fitness classes. They are not suitable for other occasions.

They are designed in such a way where they make exercising easy and simple. When a person exercises with a piece of Gym equipment, training makes the process smoother.

Trainers should be avoided when going out and they aren’t supposed to be mixed with another type of shoes. Trainers are also called sneakers in some cases.

Main Differences Between Sneakers and Trainers

  1. The size of sneakers from heel to toe is around 6 mm to 12mm while there are no such measurements given in trainers.
  2. Sneakers are more focused on frontal support for feet. On the other hand, trainers are more focused on lateral support for the feet.
  3. The sneakers are narrow and taller in shape while trainers are more wide and flat.
  4. A very light weighted and thin material is used to make sneakers while trainers are heavier and thicker than sneakers.
  5. Sneakers are more suitable for exercises like jogging and running while trainers are commonly used for exercises like jump rope and Cross-Fit.
Difference Between Sneakers and Trainers


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