Software vs Web Development: Difference and Comparison

With the world now getting modern-day after day with new inventions and technologies being tested and added, we have come to a pretty simple world compared to the earlier centuries.

These innovations have created human living a very easy one. Two of these creations are Software and Web development.

Key Takeaways

  1. Software development refers to creating applications that run on a computer or mobile device, while web development is the creation of websites and web applications.
  2. Software development can be done for a specific operating system or device, while web development is platform-independent and can be accessed through a web browser.
  3. Software development involves programming in a specific language, while web development requires HTML, CSS, and JavaScript knowledge.

Software vs Web Development

A Web developer must be well-versed in complex JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap to develop websites. They must also comprehend the fundamentals of user experience. While a software developer creates codes that are reusable, testable, and easy to understand, according to the customer’s needs.

Software vs Web Development

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The software comprises almost everything we see today, from an ATM machine to a mobile phone. In layman’s terms, it is simply a collection of programs that is a nonphysical object.

Web Development is the process of creating and maintain the website that we see on the Internet. It consists of everything starting from designing the outlook of the website, how fast and proficient it is, to how it should be regularly updated with the newest trends.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonSoftwareWeb Development
Another name ApplicationWebsite development
Main useTo generate programs and complete tasks.To create, search and use old and new sites.
Discovered byAlan TuringSir Tim Berners-Lee
Year of Discovery19351989
ExamplesMS Word, ATM MachineHTML, XML

What is Software?

Software, one of the best innovations from the ”Information age,” is also known as “the “Computer age” or “Digital age” that shows a rapid growth of changing to Information technology from traditional industrial uses. The term ”Software” was first used by statistician John W. Turkey in 1958 in an article he published.

There are mainly two types of software: Applications and Systems but a third one, Utility Software, is also used.

Application Software: It is software that does the complete work Examples include: M.S Office, Browser

System Software: Software operated by the computer’s hardware is called System Software. It fulfils the gap between a human being and the hardware (ex, computer) since both the bodies are users of different languages.

Utility Software: They are those types of software that help in completing a particular task, not complete it but help. They don’t fully complete a task; rather, just like a real-life utility, they are there to assist in achieving a program.


What is Web Development?

These are sites that run on Web browsers. All the interfaces we see, texts, images and blogs, etc., are all made using Web Development.

Next year, in 1992, the web improved more and images could now be seen on the same page as the text. It was then and now; it has changed, and the world is literally at your fingertips.

There are two categories of Web development now:

Back-end Development: Server-side programming is also a name that can be used for back-end development. It is the central part where the coding of the website takes place.

Front-end Development: It converts the data we have to get from the back-end design into a graphical one. It is the thing that a user first looks upon when they open a particular website.

Often, people who want to hire somebody to make a website for them have a person or a team for front-end development and another for back-end development.

Some common examples of Web Development are known languages, including HTML, XML and JavaScript.

web development

Main Differences Between Software and Web Development

  1. There are no types of Web Development. It consists of all the sites that we see around the web. On the other hand, the software has many kinds, with Application and System Software being the most common.
  2. The software has been used since 1935; it is a much older process than Web Development, which came about approx—50 years after it.
  3. Software is a more complex concept compared to Website Development.
  4. Website Development requires internet use for everything, while Software does not always require hosting.
  5. It is easier in Website Development to update and customize, while once the software is ready, it is more complicated than in Website Development.
Difference Between Software and Web Development



Last Updated : 11 June, 2023

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