This vs Those: Difference and Comparison

This and those are demonstratives, which implies that they represent a particular noun in a phrase. Demonstratives are terms that we utilize to signify the nouns in a sentence.

Key Takeaways

  1. “This” is a singular demonstrative pronoun that indicates a specific item or person close in proximity or time. At the same time, “those” is the plural form used to indicate multiple specific items or people.
  2. “This” is used with singular nouns, whereas “those” is used with plural nouns.
  3. Both “this” and “those” can function as pronouns or determiners, depending on their usage in a sentence.

This vs Those

“This” is a singular pronoun that is used to refer to an object that is near or close to the speaker and is used to draw attention to something specific and to emphasize its importance. “Those” is a plural pronoun that is used to refer to objects that are further away from the speaker.

This vs Those

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This is in singular form, while those are the plural version, and they act similarly. This is used as a determiner to describe a particular individual or event similar to or being encountered.


Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonThisThose
FormBest version of “these.”The plural version of “that.”
DistanceThey are utilized when speaking about items or individuals around him.They are utilized when speaking about items or people far away from them.
ContextUsed to speak about issues that the speaker feels good about.They are utilized when someone speaks about things they do not like.
IntroductionUsed to introduce individuals in real life and a story.Used to indicate the second set of items or individuals (when there are two sets of objects adjacent to one another) the speaker is speaking about.
MeaningThis is a pronoun and determiner used to describe somebody or something close to the speaker.Those pronouns and determiners describe individuals or items far from the speaker.
Refers toAn individual or an item that has just been mentioned.Individuals or items that had been mentioned earlier.


When to Use This?

Generally, we utilize the term ‘this’ to demonstrate or point out an item, individual, thought, period, etc., that is right here with or near to you or that has recently been discussed, encountered, or is intended to be comprehended. Nevertheless, it may be utilized in other instances in English, as mentioned in the following points:

To refer someone or something:

  1. James teaches in this school.
  2. This sausage is excellent.
  3. Her friend repaired this computer herself.
  4. Where shall I leave this bucket?

To refer to something near in time or space to the speaker:

  1. Jeff joined the military in March of this year.
  2. I have seen him in the local coffee shop this morning.

I’m heading to my grandma’s home this holiday.

To talk about degrees:

  1. The pickup truck was this close to him.
  2. Kevin never responded like this to a stupid joke.

Uncountable nouns

We sometimes utilize this for the uncountable nouns that we regard as singular. The following noun should be put down as a singular noun.

  1. This cookie is tasty. (singular noun)
  2. I need this bracelet for dinner. (singular noun)
  3. What is this song you listen to? (singular uncountable noun)
  4. Get hold of all this hatred. (singular uncountable noun)

When talking about time

It’s also used to speak about time. It could be utilized to communicate about time in the present, near past, or present.

  1. My grandmother called me this evening. (near past)
  2. What’s for breakfast this morning? (near future)
  3. I had four meetings this week. (present)
  4. This month has been challenging for my father. (present)

When to Use Those?

When we speak about specific items, concepts, or individuals discussed or suggested before, we use the term those.’ Besides, it sometimes refers to entities or individuals far from the speaker.

To indicate individuals or items distant in time or space from the speaker:

  1. Those problems need to be fixed first.
  2. Who are those guys speaking to, Jane?
  3. Those tragedies occurred some years back.

To refer to items that were formerly discussed or you already have an idea of them:

  1. Kate quit working on those tasks after returning from Canada.
  2. They’re always organizing parties at those restaurants.

Main Differences Between This and Those

  1. This is utilized when the object (individuals or items) is in the singular form and is close to the speaker, while those are used when the thing (individuals or entities) is in the plural form and is far from the speaker.
  2. This is utilized when introducing an individual to another individual, while when the speaker refers to two sets of items next to one another.

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Last Updated : 11 June, 2023

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