Difference Between Articles of Confederation and Constitution

Articles of Confederation and Constitution are two known documents that note the changes that American Revolution made. The regulations of the Articles of Confederation were accepted and signed by the 13 states of the United States of America. 


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The Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union was the agreement that the 13 states of the United States agreed to follow. This was considered as their earliest constitution.

The constitution in India is the longest one containing 444 articles, making it the largest democracy. Constitutions can also be implemented by individual institutions to prescribe the rules for them.

Articles of Confederation vs Constitution

The difference between the Articles of Confederation and Constitution is that the Articles of Confederation are the rules that were agreed by the United States of America in the 18th century whereas the constitution is the rules that democratic countries and other legalized institutions develop to implement law and order in their body.

Articles of Confederation vs Constitution


Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonArticles of ConfederationConstitution
Codification of lawIt followed the unicameralism, which is having a single chamber in the parliament.The constitution follows bicameralism, that is the parliament is divided into two chambers.
Voting powerEach state had a single vote according to the Article of Confederation.Each legislative representative has a vote in the parliament according to the constitution.
Distribution of powerThe Articles of Confederation distributed the power between many unions.The constitution divides the power between subordinates but the ultimate power resides with the central authority.
Bill of rightsThe citizens were not able to claim the Bill of Rights under the Articles of Confederation.The Constitution considers everybody equally and hence the Bill of Rights can be claimed by the citizens.
Law enforcement9 out of 13 states should have supported the law to enforce it everywhere.Both the houses in the parliament have to support the law to amend it in a country.


What are Articles of Confederation?

The Articles of Confederation and the Perpetual Union was a bond that was signed between 13 states in the United States of America. It consisted of the rules that were to be followed by these states in the 18th century.

The Articles of Confederation was a written document that embellished the idea of introducing a friendly bond between the states.  This process was a long one.

The committee included 13 people to finalize the draft. John Dickinson was the head of the committee and he presented the final draft of Articles of Confederation on 12th July 1776.

Virginia ratified the Articles of Confederation and was followed by the others in the early 1779’s. But these articles gave minimum power to the central government and hence there it was headed by an unstructured central government.


What is Constitution?

The Constitution of a country is the collection of all the rules and regulations that a citizen has to obey in the country. This is made by a group of people who are trusted by the government because of their social knowledge.

This is a written document where the principles are written by considering the behavior of the entity. If the constitution is written in a single comprehensive unit, then it is known as a codified constitution.

Anybody who intends for a systematic and organized working structure can create a constitution that they need. A constitution is the backbone of a democratic country and hence the power is divided among different departments.

The constitution considers the central government as the epitome of powers. The central government can decide or nullify the laws that the state government implied.

Main Differences Between Articles of Confederation and Constitution

  1. The individual citizens were not allowed to claim the Bill of Rights according to the Articles of Confederation. Anyone can claim their rights according to the constitution.
  2. If 9 out of 13 states accepted a law, then it was brought to act by the Articles of Confederation. The constitution demands that both the houses have to pass the law for enforcing it on the public.


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