Difference Between Top flite bomb and Hammer

Top flite bomb and hammer are both famous golf balls that are highly used by professionals and normal golf players.

Though they belong to the same trajectory, they are quite different from each other. The top flit bomb has good reach but a weak grip and the hammer can take long shots and has a good grip.

Top flite bomb vs Hammer

The main difference between the Top flite bomber and the Hammer is that the top flite bomb has a lower greenside grip and has a low pitching wedge shot. On the other hand, the Hammer has a better greenside grip and higher pitching wedge shots. Top flite bombs are practically more suited for slow swinging while the hammer is practically suited for strong swings.

Top flite bomb vs Hammer

The top flite bomb is a golf ball that was initially made for covering a great deal of distance. Though it has been reported that it does not cover the same distance as that said, it can reach a given target if hit normally.

It is an impressive golf ball for its pricing. Hammer has been designed with the composition of perfect construction for having an adequate lift as well as greenside control.

It can provide golf ball swings for the players. It also benefits the players as it has self-correction to cover the consequences of the golf ball and can also support backspin.

Comparative Table Between Top flite bomb and Hammer

Parameters for comparisonTop flite bombHammer
Content  The appearance of the top flite bomb has a lack of finishing and appears to have a mediocre design compared to other golf balls.The construction of the golf ball is developed with the aerodynamics of dimple in the dimple on the ionomer cover to make it soft.
DurabilityIt is supposed to have high durability. Though the majority of people agreed that other golfs are just as durable as top flite bomb.It has good durability even for swings exceeding 100 mph along with better spins as compared to top flite bomb.
BenefitsThe golf ball can hit its aim without difficulties. It can go for its aim until the clubhead is kept straight.It benefits the player to make dynamic distance and has good control of greenside. It is good for high ball speeds and flight distances.
ConstructionThe top flite bomb golf ball was developed for exceeding the limit of the distance covered by the ball up to 11 yards.It is constructed with an aerodynamics feature for elevating the distance of the long shot and lift of the golf ball.
DrawbacksIt does not have an adequate greenside grip and pitching wedge shots. Backspin cannot be done with this golf ball. It has no self-correction.Though it covers long shots, it was not designed to cover as great distance as a top flite bomb which promises to exceed 11 yards.

What is Top flite bomb?

The ball of top flite bomb will head straight to any given aim as long as the clubhead remains straight. It is supposed to make expand up to 11 yards marking it to be a far-hitting golf ball.

Though these balls are considered to be durable other balls can be more durable for high swinging speed. In some cases, people find the ball to possess no own correction and are eligible for slow speed of swinging.

With a clean hit, the ball can reach its chosen aim but in case of overswing, the aim can get hampered. In case of a bad swing, the player should not expect the ball to fix the consequences.

It has a good grip of the ground and is as good as it has been advertised in the media. These are sold for $ 24.99 for 24 golf balls. It feels soft although it has huge durability.

Considering the price, the golf ball is considered to be decent and remarkable. The cover appears to be made cheaply with cheap finishing.

The golf balls have difficulties in grabbing the green. Backspin can rarely be seen as it will roll slightly later on a 50-yard pitch too. It has lower pitching wedge shots.

What is Hammer?

These golf balls are designed for hitting enormous strikes. It can also endure massive drives. It has a powerful duo of taking long shots and also huge strikes which makes it even more special.

It is designed for making the player feel soft yet make the player hit the golf ball with an outrageous will. It has the capacity of covering a huge distance and is affiliated with adequate control of greenside.

The golf ball is associated with the aerodynamics of dimple in dimple in the ionomer cover. This feature helps the golf ball to optimize lift and go through a long distance. Long shots can be taken by the player.

This is affiliated with superior tough of greenside control and grip. The core construction of the product enables a higher-level performance with compression in a softer manner.

It can generate a maximum carry. The flight of the ball is due to the two-piece construction. The two-piece construction helps the golf ball to make a sweet swing and also helps it take long shots.

It has fine swing qualities to benefit professional golfers. It also has a good reach in terms of distance and can take speedy shots.

Main Differences Between Top flite bomb and Hammer

  1. The top flit bomb appears to have blunt finishing with no extraordinary showcase. On the other hand, the hammer is designed with a dimple in dimple aerodynamics tool on the ionomer cover.
  2. Top flite bomb has slightly more durability than other golf balls. Hammer has high durability as it was designed for making long shots.
  3. Top flite bomb can hit the target with its clubhead straight and the hammer has good greenside control along with flight distances.
  4. The top flite bomb golf ball was designed for exceeding a distance over 11 yards. Hammer was designed for a long shot and lift.
  5. Top flite bomb golf ball has drawbacks in backspin and greenside. Hammer cannot exceed up to 11 yards of distance.


Thus, it can be concluded by saying that the top flite bomb and hammer are different from each other considering several parameters.

The top flite bomb does not have the special feature of aerodynamic construction. On the other hand, the hammer contains special construction featured with an aerodynamic tool for long shots.

The former is as durable as other golf balls but can hesitate to take speed swings. The latter has the durability for intaking long shots. The top flite bomb does not have high compression capacity as that of the hammer.


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