Treadmill vs Curved Treadmill: Difference and Comparison

Treadmill and Curved Treadmill are 2 types of gymming equipment for balancing health. They both have the same purpose to resolve but differently. One has a feature of a power supply other does not.

One mange speed manually and the other is based upon automatic technology. They sound similar but have different modes of operation. There are various tools for cardio exercise in the market and we are differentiating two out of them. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Curved treadmills provide a more natural running experience than traditional treadmills, as they rely on the runner’s body movements.
  2. Traditional treadmills consume more energy, whereas curved treadmills are eco-friendly and require no electricity.
  3. Curved treadmills can offer more effective workouts, targeting different muscle groups and promoting better running form.

Treadmill vs Curved Treadmill

A traditional treadmill is powered by electricity, has a continuous belt, adjustable incline levels, and maybe high-impact on the joints. A curved treadmill is powered by the user’s movement, has a curved belt with a natural incline, is low-impact on the joints, and provides a challenging workout.

Treadmill vs Curved Treadmill

The term Treadmill is a piece of equipment that works on energy for reducing calories. It is a convenient tool used for muscle exercise where one can manage speed, time automatically.

High care and maintenance are required to keep it working in a long run. Being an automatic machine sometimes results in unsafe usage. 

The term Curved Treadmill is an exercising tool that works manually to burn calories in the human body. Unlike conventional Treadmills, it has no motor machinery in it which makes it safe to use.

It requires very low maintenance and care. The shelf-life of a Curved Treadmill is good if used regularly. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonTreadmillCurved Treadmill
Calorie CountA Treadmill burns fewer calories in comparison to Curved Treadmill.Curved treadmills can burn 30% more calories in comparison to traditional Treadmills.
Muscular ImpactTreadmill leaves less impact on muscles. Curved Treadmill engages all muscles of the human body. 
MotorThe Treadmill has an electric motor in it.Curved Treadmill works without any electric motor.
OperationThe Treadmill operates on a power supplyCurved Treadmill operates solely on human legs similar to walking on the road.
AffordableBased upon old technology the standard Treadmill is inexpensive.Based upon the ancient method of running, Curved Treadmill is expensive.

What is Treadmill?

The treadmill is a well-known running machine for workouts. It works on the power supply and cannot be installed outside if no power plug is there.

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One can walk miles by staying at the same place with the help of a Treadmill device. Post-launch of modern Curved Treadmills, it is considered as old technology for a workout. 

Besides Running, People can use it for jogging, walking as per the device setting of the machinery. William Staub was the inventor of the Standard Treadmill for domestic use. Initially, it was experienced by athletes, sportspersons.

Later on, it becomes a part of everyday exercise as an alternative to a long morning walk. 

The purpose of the Treadmill is the physical fitness of the human body for a sustainable life. In the year 1913, the US was the first country to patent, Traditional Treadmill device as an exercise tool.

People prefer it for exceptional cardiovascular workouts. Some prominent health benefits of Treadmills are Tonned Muscules, Weight loss, and good heart health. 

Regular Treadmills do not allow self-pacing and aerobics testings. It requires continuous efforts and money for the maintenance in long run. If used outdoor, it carries the risk of harsh sunlight and rain. 


What is a Curved Treadmill?

Curved Treadmill is a no electricity running equipment used for health fitness. It is supplied by various global companies but IN10CT Health Runner comes on first ranking worldwide.

Unlike Standard Treadmill, it is not budget-friendly. It has a low risk of heart attacks since it is not energy operated.

It allows you to run on the balls of your feet naturally with muscular energy. With multiple health benefits, it burns ample calories in the human body. It can be maintained by applying regular oil to the screws.

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It can be used outside as well since no power plugs are required to operate its machinery. 

It is a modern era technology to live a fat-free life in conventional mode. No complex devices are installed in it, one can use it simply without spending hours on user-manual.

It can be installed in the garden or balcony of a house to enjoy nature along with exercise for dual health benefits. 

It has no separate feature for a jog or running, one can walk as per the demand of calorie expenditure. There is no heat generation or friction between the belt, unlike standard Treadmills.

Gyms are moving toward the Curved Treadmills to save electricity and serve nature. 

curved treadmill

Main Differences Between Treadmill and Curved Treadmill

  1. Natural walking: The Treadmill will not give a feel of natural walking whereas Curved Treadmill will give all the toils and boils of natural walking. 
  2. Health Benefits: The Health Benefits of Traditional Treadmills are very few in comparison to Curved Treadmills.
  3. Joints impact: Treadmill uses few muscles for running on the other hand Curved treadmill engages more muscles for running. 
  4. Propelled: Treadmill works on power and is not self-propelled in contrast the Curved Treadmill is manual and self-propelled.
  5. Shelf-life: The life expectancy of a Treadmill is less whereas the life expectancy of a Curved Treadmill is more than conventional treadmills. 
Difference Between Treadmill and Curved Treadmill

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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