Tricycle vs Bicycle: Difference and Comparison

Tricycle and Bicycle sound the same but are different in many ways. As the name tricycle means 3 and bicycle means 2 both are vehicles made to ease our transport.

Both the vehicles are engine free except for some. Both of them are used by children as well as adults. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Tricycles have three wheels, providing stability and balance for riders, while bicycles have two wheels, requiring balance and coordination.
  2. Tricycles are better suited for young children, seniors, or individuals with mobility challenges, while bicycles cater to various age groups and fitness levels.
  3. Tricycles are slower and bulkier than bicycles, making them less suitable for long distances or competitive cycling.

Tricycle vs Bicycle

Bicycles are used for recreation, commuting, and exercise. Tricycles are commonly used for transportation, hauling cargo, and providing additional stability and support, such as for elderly or disabled individuals. A tricycle can carry more weight and cargo than a bicycle.

Tricycle vs Bicycle

The tricycle was invented even before the very 1st bicycle. People are becoming more environmentally agreeable and so preferring such transports.

It is very easy to ride a tricycle, some come with pedals and a few come with motors. The concept of the tricycle came long back in the 17th century. 

Bicycles are the easiest transport nowadays. From children to adults everyone can ride it. It comes with lots of benefits. Very demanding among small children.

Bicycles are very convenient in areas where there are fewer automobile facilities. Also used to carry goods at nearby places for work and others.

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison Tricycle Bicycle
DefinitionA tricycle is a cycle made with 3 wheels. A bicycle is a cycle made with 2 wheels.
InventionThe tricycle was invented in 1680.The bicycle was invented in 1817.
UsageUsed for transportation mainly for passengers like rickshaws and autos. Used for transportation mainly for self travel and also used for carrying goods. 
PriceTricycles are very expensive.Bicycles are budget-friendly, too less than any other vehicle.
FuelSome tricycles use fuels while others without motors and engines don’t need fuels.Bicycles don’t require fuel.

What is Tricycle?

Made up of 3 wheels two at the back and one in the front, is what we call a tricycle. There are several types of tricycles available in the market.

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Some are daily used as passenger transport like rickshaws, autorickshaws, e rickshaws etc. Tricycles are also known as trikes. Some come with motors, engines and batteries as well. It is quite expensive. 

It was discovered in the late 17th century by a watchmaker. He was disabled and due to not being able to walk he made this three-wheeler tricycle. His name was Stephan Farffler and was German. It was made with hand cranks and gears.

The discovery of tricycles with pedals was done by 2 men Frenchmen- Blanchard and Maguire in 1789. A tricycle not only helps you to travel but also can accommodate more people. 

It is easy to ride a tricycle and also is very good for prevention from injuries as there are fewer chances of falling from it. Tricycle offers you more space, as it is bigger than a bicycle having more seats as well.

Mostly it is used in Africa and Asia. When you ride a tricycle you are more prone to be noticed publicly. 


What is Bicycle?

It is a 2 wheeled vehicle, one wheel at the back and the other in the front. It is the easiest one to ride almost everywhere. We all have ridden it in our childhood as well.

It comes without any motor or engine. Over 1 billion bicycles are currently being used worldwide. There are a few types of bicycles like gear and suspension. 

Bicycles are also used for sports. Cycling is considered as the best time pass and is also a very good source of exercise. It is recommended to cycle 30 minutes a day.

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It helps you with weight loss and keeping in shape. When you ride a bicycle pedalling involves all your muscles which increases strength and flexibility. Posture and coordination are highly improved. 

There are 13 different types of bicycles present for different uses. Hybrid bicycles, road bicycles, mountain bikes, folding bicycles are some of them. It doesn’t require much space and so can be taken to places as well.

In the Netherlands, more than 30%of  people are bicycle travellers. It is so convenient that it is used for delivery systems too. And it’s affordable to every person. Thus, it is the cheapest form of transportation. 


Main Differences Between Tricycle and Bicycle

  1. Tricycles aren’t much more popular than a bicycle is. Bicycles are very popular in every country.
  2. Tricycles tend to be more expensive while a bicycle is the cheapest mode of transport. 
  3. Tricycles are also made up of motors and engines but bicycles are made up of only pedals.
  4. Tricycles are accessible to more people. On the other hand, bicycles have just one seat other than the rider’s seat.
  5. Tricycles can merely help in saving you from injuries but a bicycle doesn’t have much support and can go unbalanced.
  6. Tricycles are a good carrier for goods and materials as compared to bicycles because bicycles don’t have much space so they carry less.
Difference Between Tricycle and Bicycle

Last Updated : 16 July, 2023

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