Zion National Park vs Moab: Difference and Comparison

Zion national park and Moab are both very beautiful places to visit for a fun adventure or sightseeing. Zion national park has many exciting activities inside the area. Moab is a small city in Utah with many places to visit, like arches, canyonlands, dead horse points, museums, the Colorado River, and others.


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Both the places are different from one another and worth having a visit.

Key Takeaways

  1. Zion National Park is characterized by towering sandstone cliffs and narrow canyons, while Moab features a variety of red rock formations and arches.
  2. Zion offers hiking and rock climbing opportunities, while Moab is known for its off-road trails and mountain biking.
  3. While Zion is a popular destination for nature enthusiasts, Moab is also a hub for outdoor adventure sports.

Zion National Park vs Moab

Zion National Park is located in southern Utah and is known for its towering red sandstone cliffs, narrow slot canyons, and lush greenery. Moab is situated in eastern Utah, characterized by its vast expanses of red rock formations, and is ideal for those looking to explore the desert terrain.

Zion National Park vs Moab

Zion national park is a largely spread huge national park located in the Utah state of the US. It is a very beautiful setup that looks exciting for a vacation trip. It is open all around the year with different timings for different seasons.

It is 330 miles away from Salt Lake City. Moab is a small ancient city and home to two popular national parks located in the eastern part of Utah State. It has a wide variety of places like rivers, museums, arches, and many others.

Moab is a very beautiful city to visit on vacation, and it offers a wide variety of exciting activities with different sights to visitors.

Comparison Table

Parameters of comparisonZion National ParkMoab
DefinitionZion national park is a national park located in southwestern Utah.Moab is an ancient city and home to two national parks.
ActivitiesFewer activities are available besides hiking.More activity options are available besides hiking.
Date of EstablishmentIt was established on 19 November 1919.It became incorporated in 1902.
Land area coveredIt covers a land area of 593.3 km sq.It covers a land area of 12.42 km sq.
Distance from park cityIt is 314 miles away from park city.It is 239.7 miles away from park city

What is Zion National Park?

Zion national park is an appealing setup for fun activities and visits which is located in the southwestern part of Utah city in the US. It covers a large area of 593.3 square km.

The park is open all around the year. It has two visitor centres which are always open, and all the information, maps, brochures, and books are available that help the visitors to get a full guide throughout their visit.

The visitors can stay in the hotels of Springdale or can even stay in the in-park Zion Lodge. Zion national park has the best hiking points, some of which are Angel’s Landing, where the sight is very beautiful from the top, observation points, and emerald pools.

Aside from the best hikes, Zion national park offers a vast range of activities like AVT, bicycling, backpacking, camping, canyoneering, horseback riding, climbing, and tours.

It is a very famous and most visited park in the country and thus the parking lot is rushed with the crowd, but the visitors can leave early in the morning and beat the rush of the crowd.

There are some mind-melting enticing sites near Zion that are known as Zion’s scenic siblings, like Kolob Canyon, Coral pink sand dunes state park, and Snow Canyon state park.

zion national park

What is Moab?

Moab is a very magnificent ancient city on the eastern side of Utah, US. It has a ton of beautiful sights to visit during vacation. It is home to unique massive red rock formations, one of which is the famous arches of the arches national park.

The city has the perfect climate, which makes it an attractive place to visit throughout the year around. This small yet beautiful city is surrounded by popular and scenic rivers, forests, museums, and state parks.

The breathtaking sites like dead horse point and Canyonlands are must-visit places when visiting Moab.

There is a wide range of fun and adventurous activities to do while in the city, like hiking, winter sports, 4WD tours, jet boating, rafting, biking trails, stand-up paddleboarding, and many other exciting activities.

It is a land full of massive red rocks and arches which can be found at every small distance. In Moab, Dinosaur tracks are also found in places like Bull Canyon overlook and Copper Ridge.

The Moab giants also have life-size dinosaurs with a little museum to go for it. The museum displays dinosaur bones and archaeological artefacts. This place is a total worth of time and money for a perfect and exciting vacation trip.


Main Differences Between Zion National Park and Moab

  1. Zion national park is an American national park, and specifically, it is located in southwestern Utah, on the other hand, Moab is an ancient city located in eastern Utah, and it has two national parks along with many other beautiful sights to visit.
  2. Zion provides fewer activities besides hiking as compared to the national parks in Moab. Zion offers activities like AVT, bicycling, camping, canyoneering, horseback riding, climbing, and tours besides hiking, and on the other hand, Moab provides biking, jeeping, rafting, sightseeing, and many more activities other than hiking.
  3. Zion national park was established on 19th November 1919, whereas Moab became an incorporated city in 1902 but was recognized by the Utah State in 1937.
  4. Zion national park is spread across an area of 593.3 km square, and on the other hand, Moab is a small city in Utah covering a land area of 12.42 km square.
  5. Zion national park is 314 miles away from the Park City of Utah, taking around 4 hours 56 minutes to reach the destination, whereas on the other hand, Moab is 239.7 miles away from the Park City of Utah, and it takes around 4 hours 4 minutes to reach the destination.
Difference Between Zion National Park and Moab
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